I believe that you will find my website to be an unusual and perhaps confronting experience. I have especially selected the nine introductory topics above in order to demonstrate this. I am a man in my mid-seventies. Apart from being my retirement hobby, I see my website as being a posterity effort on behalf of my two grandchildren and I hope that my readers will find my website to be an interesting and entertaining experience. I also hope that you find it to be an instrument through which you may be able to learn a little bit more about me, and what I believe in about life and science. I see myself as being a person who pursues truth and fair play at all levels of life. You will see that these values exist within my writing efforts as well.

If my writings provoke you to think a little bit more deeply about the wider events taking place around our collective lives, then I feel that my mission with my website has been accomplished.

You will discover that I have created numerous wide-ranging categories in order to assist me to convey my overall website message. As I said above these categories range across many different disciplines relating to our daily life experiences but at the present time it is dominated by science related blogs. This is likely to change over time. You will also find that I am not afraid to talk about my ideas relating to any topic, no matter how confrontational such a topic may be. I think you will find that I try hard to present you with information that is both to the point and in a thoughtful and well considered manner. This includes information that may be critical of contemporary scientific practice. These hypotheses  range from how thrilled a ‘five’ year old child might be if it accidentally discovered a nest of rare albino ladybirds in its backyard and then became known as a clever scientist to what I see as being contradictions and anomalies within the contemporary Lorentz electron (ether) debate in physics.

I see myself as having a clear mind with respect to what the most important frames of reference may be in relation to understanding and philosophically describing my concept of reality. I am not a physicist. This is why I have entitled this front page ‘Awareness with Science’. My work is driven largely by intuition.

For readers who may wish to more fully understand my scientific beliefs and theories I suggest that you visit my blog entitled “Seven examples of implicit information“. This blog  is an example of what I mean when I talk about my blogs being planned and written mostly by intuition.

I am fascinated by the distinction between what consciousness and awareness may be. You will find that I write extensively about both these subjects as well. My hypothesis in this area seems to be soundly supported by reputable international physicists. I believe that the analogical backdrop to reality is what I have nominated as being primordial awareness (once again why I have employed the word awareness in this home page). My readers may also be interested in an audio presentation that I have introduced into my website relating to the subject of reality physics. Carlo Rovelli reflects many of my ideas about the subject of reality.

As far as I am able to I will continue to create new blogs for the remainder of my life.


1] As I stated above my website is philosophically driven. This is why I have entitled my website ‘Awareness with Science’. Science related blogs dominate my site. I seek to primarily entertain laypersons. I also hope that a few of my ideas in science may be found to have merit within the wider scientific community as well.

2] The topics that I have introduced into my blogs incorporate ideas and learning ranging across the disciplines of philosophy, matters relating to the human condition and matter relating to sub-quantum/metaphysical [cosmological] phenomena. Readers will also note that within my blogs I have talked about paranormal-experiences such as-near death experiences [NDE’s]. You will also discover that I love satire and discovering new and unusual things that I feel will interest you. I have assembled numerous articles and video presentations that I feel may please and humour you. I am also fascinated by war history, and I have posted a number of blogs and videos relating to it, more especially those from World War Two.* I have also shared with you ‘Why I love Dachshunds’.

3] With respect to the physical sciences readers should keep in mind that in the realm of quality physics no physicists ever claim that their theories regarding science are absolutely correct. Such physicists publish their works on behalf of their peers in order for them to assess if their hypotheses seem to be valid ones or not. If their peers agree with certain works then such works remain tabled in the public domain until such time as better theories may be introduced. In other words in the world of professional science there is no such thing as an absolute fact. Common courtesy amongst such scientists dictates that this remains the case. Einstein was no different to this. Furthermore there are numerous models of reality physics with the Standard model being the most dominant and widely accepted one.

My readers may also not know that there are at least eighteen different interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. Not all these different models can be correct. Some physicists believe that the general approach by physicists to the understanding and practising of physics needs to be reconsidered and restructured and some physical theorists and commentators believe that physics is in a state of crisis in contemporary times. I mention these things in order to encourage my readers to keep an open mind about physical sciences when they are attempting to more objectively learn about it. Different physics models may not always be representative of the wider (holistic) world around us. For students who are embarking upon a challenging new learning curve in relation to physics I do not feel it is in their interests to be taught science as though it related to one single and universally accepted science model, that is, as a single model belief system applicable to all scientists and students alike. I urge my readers to read this New Scientist magazine which talks about mysterious quantum wonders in physics that no one understands. 

I affirm this collective advice by quoting Albert Einstein as follows:

Quote from Einsteins book “Physics and Reality”:

“It has often been said, and certainly not without justification, that the man of science is a poor philosopher. Why then should it not be the right thing for the physicist to let the philosopher do the philosophizing? Such might indeed be the right thing at a time when the physicist believes he has at his disposal a rigid system of fundamental concepts and fundamental laws which are so well established that waves of doubt can not reach them; but it can not be right at a time when the very foundations of physics itself have become problematic as they are now. At a time like the present, when experience forces us to seek a newer and more solid foundation, the physicist cannot simply surrender to the philosopher the critical contemplation of the theoretical foundations; for, he himself knows best, and feels more surely where the shoe pinches. In looking for a new foundation, he must try to make clear in his own mind just how far the concepts which he uses are justified, and are necessities. (Einstein 1936, 349)”

4] Some of my early writings relating to science are not as comprehensive and accurate as I feel that I am capable of writing today. I have not removed these older writings from my website and they range as far back as 2008. I have left them for posterity reasons. I feel that they provide a good example as to how my ideas and knowledge base have evolved over time. Readers will find that the majority of my older writings are in my category of blogs entitled “Works and ideas of yesteryear” As you would expect, my attitude and beliefs about many things have changed over the years and they will continue to do so.

5] My diverse work history has been a colourful and adventurous one. My first job in 1959 was pumping up footballs in a sports shop. I have structured and owned several small businesses over the years and some were within the building industry. Just prior to my retirement I was a tertiary student of mental health. I earned professional mental health qualifications, but these days I am not practising. Health related issues (including a declining memory) are dominating my life activities in these times.

6] Because my website has evolved in a completely different manner from what I had originally intended, it has grown under its own weight. It is for this reason that my website is both untidy and at times inconsistent. For example, I never expected to be writing about physics-related subjects eight years ago. Some blogs remain incomplete and some need to be modified  or removed. I am progressively working on this.

7] Because of the great diversity of material that I have assembled in my website I have created a separate index category blog that I hope will make it easier for you to locate particular topics that may interest you.

8] I am fortunate to have friends who are more knowledgeable than I am about different topics. They  help me along the way, including assisting in my use of language and punctuation, which is not really good anymore. It is not unusual for my friends to disagree with my lines of thinking but we remain great mates and laugh about it.

9] I urge you to periodically refer to my News and Communication blog in order to keep abreast of information that I feel may be helpful to you better understanding and following where I am coming from and going with my philosophical and science related ideas. This includes the administration of my website.


Thank you


* I have a great fear that there could be another international war. I think that as time passes, and those that have already experienced the horrors of massive  international carnage will be no longer with us there is a real risk that the younger generation may be inclined to support the concept of an international war once again (like against North Korea).