Welcome to my website

I hope that you find my website to be an interesting and entertaining experience. You will find a wide range of categories and blogs. These blogs include humour, unusual philosophy, stories about extraordinary human endeavour, gender expression, science, history and more, a whole lot more. There are over three hundred blogs that I have created on your behalf. So then, if you ever feel down in the dumps, I feel that my website may help make your day. You are bound to discover blogs that provoke your emotions one way or another.

I am also certain that there is material which you have never heard about, or have never seriously considered before. I see this is as being what might set my website apart from all other domestically created websites in the world, but I am not sure about this. For example, consider these types of topics. If you care to learn about near-death experiences you will find information about this metaphysical phenomenon and why we should seriously consider such a phenomenon is possible. Have you ever considered why flowers and other vegetation have almost identical fractal patterns in their respective petal spread and stems? Or how is it that most of our body organs have this same pattern arrangement and shape as well? Are there still untold stories about the sinking of the Titanic that we do not know about? Have you ever heard about an aircraft in World War Two that was made of wood and could fly faster than any other existing aircraft, and was an outstanding fighter plane as well?

There are scores of stories like these tucked away in my blogs. I have recorded them in order to give you some idea of what is going on in the world around us that may impact upon us at some time, what serious mistakes we have made in the world over time, and what the meaning of life is in this world, and what are some of the great mysteries of the world.

I have a keen interest in science and I love researching both new and old ideas relating to physics and what wider reality might be. My latest blog “The fundamental universe revisited” may interest you. Here I talk about what I consider to be a describable reality, the universe, and how it might be that reality and the universe are somehow connected to each other, and include you and me as well. I believe that we have two consciousnesses which are different from each other and it seems likely that one of these consciousnesses is outside of us. I have also constructed a blog in which I consider the topic of the human mind and how I believe that our minds are irreducible and are therefore metaphysical. I also feel that our minds never die.

I have created an addendum blog that supplements the information in this welcome page. It contains added information about myself, my beliefs about life and culture, my life values and why I think that science may be moving down the wrong path in respect to understanding reality. This implies that we scientifically understand much more about life than what is occurring around us in our daily lives.