New Socio-Social, Social Science Methodology*

Testing the model in relation to the great gender expression (sex) debate

I have developed a socio-social methodological tool that I feel has universal applications for use in a wide range of social science field survey projects. This includes predictions relating to the nature and extent of such phenomena as demographic change, and the incidence of suicide. I also see the socio-social model as being flexible enough to be adapted to what many social scientists would probably see as the most difficult phenomena of all to accurately identify, understand and statistically analyze, and this is the area relating to gender expression, more commonly referred to as individual sexual orientation.

This deals with whether individuals are purely heterosexual, bisexual or gay. I slightly modified my new socio-social methodology model to incorporate an older socio-sexual (sex survey) methodology and have retained it with the same name. This name is the Socio-Sexual model “which for all intents and purposes is exactly the same as its parallel brother, the Socio-Social model”. I have introduced you to the socio-social model and from here on in it has no major role to play in this presentation. My socio-sexual model will dominate my debate in conjunction with my new Awareness model.

I believe that my original social-sexual survey model (that I developed in 2005) is a sound model that fairly well addresses the problem that social scientists have been plagued with for so many years, in their attempts to try and unravel the same gender (gay) expression community. I have submitted material today that I feel adds substance to this claim, for you to peruse. You will also find how I have embraced my older socio-sexual model into my more contemporary cosmological (science) Awareness model that I developed in early 2014. I feel this melding of different methodologies has allowed me to provide you with a very interesting paper. I also feel it is unlikely that you will have ever read any paper quite like it before. More especially, the degree of thoroughness and statistical accuracy the combined research methodology has provided better understanding of the same-sex expression subculture in Australia, more particularly South Australia. This work is philosophically driven, and I do not claim to be a professional social scientist.

*Socio-Social is a concept statement that means the social relationship between individuals with culture at large. The methodology itself is a new methodological concept that has been designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of contemporary social science research data collection and analysis. The Socio-Social methodology is a subset to my wider (cosmological science) Awareness model, which in turn is molded around the Process Information model of Jeroen B.J. van Dijk. I have embraced key aspects of the Process Information model because it looks at data as what is there, including its history, rather than how it is represented. In other words it is looking at the inner workings and meaning of data, rather than the data itself.

I draw your attention to a recently posted blog titled Your sense of “I” is different to your physical body. Although this new blog has been written in support of my ideas about consciousness and awareness I believe it has implications for this topic as well. This is because I suggest every decision we make has already been pre-decided six seconds prior to us consciously recognizing that it has been made. I think this  phenomena has implications for gender expression as well. You will find this blog is supported by medical experiments that can be replicated and furthermore physics science seems to suggest the same idea has important relevance as well.

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The great gender expression (sex) debate