Addendum to my welcome page

I see this blog as being an important statement for both my existing readers as well as my readers of the future

Welcome again to my website. I have decided to simplify the opening words to my website. I feel that the following words need to be said in context to my wider welcome message. You will find that over a five year period I have written several hundred blogs that are a reflection of my ideas regarding a wide range of subjects that I have felt the need to talk about at different times throughout this period. Most of these older blogs remain in my website for posterity reasons for the benefit of later generations of my family. This is so that they may better appreciate not only the types of topics I like to talk about most, but also how my views about certain topics have changed as I have grown older. I believe that one of my blogs relating to gender expression in the community is a good example of this. It relates to the international gender equality debate. I see this blog as being an example of not only how my views about the subject have changed since I wrote the document in 2014 but those of much of the international community has as well. In this sense my website, in its present form, can be seen as an instrument for recording my views about different topics over different time frames. This includes the contents of any associated web links that may be attached.

A few things about my website

My website has grown under its own weight since it was created in 2013. Because of my attempt to retain most of my original blogs for posterity reasons this has meant that my website at different points has become disjointed in its presentation. At this stage I intend to do nothing more about this, but I probably will in due course. However, I will soon complete blogs that were inefficiently incomplete at the outset, and I will also re-establish appropriate hyperlinks that have either been inadvertently removed or have lapsed over time. I apologise to my readers for this inconvenience. Hopefully, a recently established improved category index will help you to more effectively navigate around my blog posts.

My website is my retirement hobby. Notwithstanding my words above, I do my best to keep my blog creation techniques and administration as professionally presented as I can. I am a man in my mid-seventies who does not enjoy good health, so having outside help with my website work is especially important to me. I am not naturally computer friendly, so this does not help either. Fortunately I have three great friends who help me along the way. Without their assistance this website would not exist. My two sons help me as well. The function I like most about my retirement hobby is conducting online research and the bringing together of new ideas and unusual posts. I do my best to approach my work conscientiously and fair-mindedly with all blog topics. I do not fear writing about any issue that comes to mind to share my ideas with you. I am a person who is strongly focused upon social justice and environmental protection issues. I have posted a number of blogs wherein I demonstrate that I feel the international environment has been severely compromised, and continues to be, by nation states, corporations and individuals who seem to have no sense of duty of environmental care. This greatly distresses me.

My employment history and a few other things about me.

With respect to my wide-ranging work history, there are four principal areas of employment that have dominated most of my working life and that may interest you. These are my managerial association within the retail industry for fifteen years from the early 1970s; my creation of a new building maintenance business that I managed and operated for five years; a new corporate business I created that acted on behalf of prospective new home buyers seeking assistance to develop floor plans; and then assistance for them to locate reliable builders to build their new homes which were principally within country areas. In my latter years I enrolled in tertiary training for a professional mental health analyst and therapist. (I completed this study, as well as undertaking additional post- graduate studies to further enhance my specialised area of mental health expertise). I was accepted to complete a law degree at Adelaide university in the late 1990’s.

My new profession in mental health practice was cut short because of intrusive neuro-surgery through which I completely lost sight in one eye. My remaining eye remains potentially compromised for failure as well. (The medical conditions relating to this threatened new blindness remain, and this is a reason why sometimes I need assistance with the creation of text for my website. It also creates the impetus for me to act with a greater sense of urgency to develop my website than might otherwise be the case).

My relationship with reality science

I love studying and writing about reality science. By reality science I mean not only the ideas and beliefs of contemporary mainstream physicists, but also the works and ideas of trained, widely known and respected ‘fringe’ physicists as well. It is my opinion that there is room for both temporal as well as serious atemporal ontological research in science. These days I see myself as being a philosopher of science, and these are two of the reasons why I want to talk to you about scientific matters today. I see myself as being prepared to look at reality science from a wide perspective and then attempting to make some sort of sense of it all. Hence, over time I have developed my own theoretical scientific model that I feel is representative of science-reality as I now conceive it to be. I have entitled it The Awareness model of theoretical physics (or The Awareness Model).

Introduction to my science-related ideas, and blogs relating to them

I am not a physicist. However, in my website I talk about wide-ranging science-related concepts that I have incorporated into my Awareness model. At times I incorporate into it my conceptual views of reality science, my own interpretation of mainstream physics language, and associated information relating thereto. I do this because it makes it easier for me to describe my own use of language within reality science, so that it makes better descriptive sense to me, and is more likely to resonate with lay readers as well. I feel sure my avid science readers would probably have a good idea of what my line of reasoning is anyway. My words relate to what I consider to be the incomplete and misleading information that often flows from the physics community, with regard to the accuracy of statements it makes about the contemporary status of international physics. It has been published in different scientific journals and essays of respected physicists that international physics is in a state of confusion and crisis at the present time. I think that this is something that you should know about.

I believe that mainstream physics, as a single unit of scientific discovery and investigation, is not fulfilling what I consider to be its duty of care to either itself or the wider population. This is one of the reasons why I make the following statement. Physical science as a single unit of discovery and testing does not include predictive mathematical information (originating from Quantum Mechanics) into its wider modelling process. I acknowledge that this would be a difficult exercise to achieve. However, I believe it is the principle that counts in this instance. Thus I think that the media should play a role in the wider scientific education of the community as well. It should be asserting that the metaphysical aspect is an important part of science, and a tool in understanding wider reality science. The Standard Model of physics itself accepts that metaphysical information from predictive Quantum Mechanics mathematics has been found to be demonstrably real in labs. Furthermore, I see that mysterious metaphysical phenomena probably play a significant part in all of our lives as well. This means that we can assume that metaphysical phenomena are both real and valid science, and not voodoo science, as many critics claim it to be. This is the mystery theory which Albert Einstein could not believe existed, because it could not be explained within his special relativity model. These words are significant with respect to my newly amended Awareness concept model.

My complaint against the scientific community

Quantum entanglement is a theory that has been proved by replicable and reliable experiments. A particle on one side of the universe can influence a particle on the other side of the universe instantly by altering its spin. This means that somehow, every part of the universe is somehow connected to every other part. We, too, are part of this inter-connection and it is conceivable that we can indirectly influence each other at a distance as well. If this is the case, you will probably see why I feel that there needs to be some sort of external review as to how professional science, as a single unit discipline of knowledge and investigative endeavour, can reasonably avoid it. I hope that, over time, metaphysical knowledge in science will become the norm in the media, and teaching intuitions as well. Entanglement theory no longer remains a theory in science. It was finally proven to be so as recently as 2016. The idea was established as early as the 1960s in Bell’s experiment.

A statement from me about this complaint

It is because of this type of widespread incomplete misinformation in professional science that I do not feel uncomfortable in redefining scientific language, and its associated interpretation and meaning, within my written work as I just stated. I see big picture reality science as not needing to be too fussed in order to describe its wider mission. Wider picture reality embraces all that ‘is’ and this includes metaphysical reality as well. My Awareness model seeks to demonstrate that the mysterious metaphysical world is the sub-quantum world where I research and describe unusual phenomena such as consciousness, intuition, the possibility there may be ghosts and what happens when people have near death experiences (NDEs). There are many other instances like it as well, including morphogenic field theory, and my strong belief is that we have two different forms of consciousness. From these latter words, you will probably see why I find such deep level science so fascinating. It also thrills me that perhaps I may be able to enthuse you as well through the information I am sharing with you today.

I will now share with you what I consider to be the most important points to be aware of in reference to my Awareness model. In due course I will remove the following words and rewrite them in a new, more descriptive blog. Today it is important to me that you are made aware of its contents, so that you may get a better grasp of the new blogs that I have recently posted. Keep this in mind, because it is only recently that I introduced Aquinas’ ideas to my work (described below) and because of this, my use of the phrase Awareness model remains sketchy in these new blogs.

The history of my story

It was as recently as late October 2017 that I discovered from my readings that the thirteenth century theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas wrote about his views of reality. He described reality as being irreducible and reducible quantities of all that ‘is’ in relation to there being a Deity, a heavenly afterlife, and all that related to our earthly existence. I do not claim to have read this text at length. What follows is not a religious story. It was not long after I read Aquinas’s theosophical ideas that I began to realise that they may also be relevant to us, in being able to help us to better understand the fundamental and multi-layer quantity [conditions influences and effects] of our holistic universe. Although I had already commenced writing about this new material, I felt it was necessary to attempt to include divisibility and indivisibility influences into my informational Awareness model as well. I felt that both these two new words completed the describable nexus of four tools that I needed if I were to realistically describe my concept of reality. More importantly, to describe how such a reality may be the dominant condition within our universe and how it may concurrently work within it. The four tools again are irreducible, reducible, indivisible and divisible conditions, influences and effects all manifested within the same concurrent relationship. This is in all reference frames.

I began to write additional notes, and I then attempted to consider what the inherent difficulties might be if I were to continue pursuing Aquinas’s concept of indivisible and divisible pertinent to reality within my own model. My problem was how I would go about employing this new concept in explaining what the inherent nature of reality might be, and how this same reality condition (energy) may become the same energy type and condition that exists in our universe. Furthermore I then had to work through the issues relating to how the universe may work in relation to this reality energy, which I had by then entitled Primordial Awareness. It was early in December in 2017 that I completed the first draft of the paper. This remains a draft at this time. I may decide to rewrite it one day. At the present time my primary object is to assemble my ideas into some sort of a more coherent and readable and understandable condition. It is extracts from this draft, including most sections of its introduction, that have been included in my blog entitled “The fundamental universe revisited“.

What do all my words mean in an everyday sense?

You may consider that my revised approach to writing about reality science could possibly incorporate every conceivable reality related condition, influence and effect possible within any reference frame. It is only the condition of the observer that may otherwise change the nature of the observation, such as if they were outer space observer visitors. If you consider that if there is only one universal irreducible and describable energy (this is with indivisible and divisible units of energy influences concurrent with it). and it is from this informational energy that all other energy types, influences and effects flow, this means that all these sub-energy types are all that is (‘is’). By this I mean both reality itself as well as universal conditions relating to our universe, but in different ratios, averages and densities to each other rather than in the single quantity of reality energy that I talked about above. In other words I mean that holistic reality energy (My Awareness model concept) exists in two separate reference frames. One is within itself and the other is within the quantity, conditions and effects of our universe from which sub-units of energy influences emerge.

I point out in my extended paper that it is my opinion that Einstein’s special and general relativity theories are not wholly incorrect in relation to the wider universal quantities and conditions that I have just discussed. However, his Special Relativity model would need a describable continuum inertia in order to support it along the lines I have just outlined with my Awareness model (and other models of a similar type .) Furthermore Einstein’s General Relativity model would need to have its existing ether continuum changed to this same continuum inertia as the Special Relativity model that I just talked about. Whilst I have ideas as to how this may occur, I am not capable of doing so in a professional scientific manner. I am more interested in bigger modelling from a philosopher’s point of view.

My words today, as well as those within my blog “The fundamental universe revisited” do not negate the relevance and meaning of all of my existing science related blogs in my website. It just means that the information within them should be conceptually interpreted in a different and more inclusive manner of a type I have been talking about today. Over time I will add text to these existing blogs stating that the contents of the blog “The fundamental universe revisited” are the primary reference frame for all of my scientific beliefs. These beliefs include our cultural environment, our living conditions, how and why we make the types of decisions that we do, and subsequently behave in the manner that we do.

May you enjoy the contents of my website