News about news especially for you!

My readers may have noticed that recently I decided to no longer post new blogs with individual news stories. This decision does not mean that the old unique stories that I used to post on your behalf no longer exist, in fact the opposite is true! If you care to read about highly interesting and sometimes controversial events that are usually not covered by the Australian media you will find a good range of articles in my four blogs entitled:

1] Out of the ordinary news of the times

3] Unusual stories that I feel are likely to interest you

4] Archival entertainment

Out of the ordinary news of the times

A continuum of news stories from around the world that I feel have the potential to impact upon all of our lives

I have views relating to the great diversity of change that is currently taking place around the world. I regularly read overseas news items. I feel that many of these stories have not been given due attention in the Australian media. I have created this blog in order to post different overseas stories that I feel may interest you as much as they have interested me.

1] Not just ‘containment’: America’s real goal may be to undermine China’s Communist Party

2] Are China and Japan attempting to become friends again?

3] It Trump fearing the potential consequences of defeat at the November polls?

4] Why Russians now trust the army more

5] Japan is Back on the World Stage

6] Why China-Russia relations are warming up in the Arctic

7] How Trump walked into Putins web

8] The Germans are making contingency plans for the collapse of Europe

9] Many people seem to be questioning President Trumps erratic bahaviour and his associated mental stability

10] There seems to be a question mark about the claim that the Tienanmen Square crisis in China was really a bloodbath

11] Mao Zedong and the roots of the North Korea nuclear crisis