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News about developments in modern military weapons and equipment

1] The U.S. Navy’s Worst Fear: How China Could ‘Kill’ an Aircraft Carrier

2] A Lockheed Martin executive hinted that the ultra-secret SR-72 ‘Son of Blackbird’ may already exist

3] See This Missile? It Might be the Navy’s Most Crucial Weapon in Years

4] Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane Caught on Camera (Photo)

5] Beijing conducts ‘concerning’ ballistic missile testing in contested South China Sea

6] You Sunk My Carrier: How the Navy Could Sink China’s New Aircraft Carriers

7] Study This Picture: It Might Be the Future of U.S. Navy Submarines

8] The U.S. Navy’s New Attack Submarine: The Most ‘Stealth’ Sub Ever?

9] No Bigger Secret: Why the New Mach 5 SR-72 Spy Plane Could Be Everything

10] Hypersonic Weapons Are Almost Here (And They Will Change War Forever)

11] Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances

12] China Likely Tested Missiles That Can Kill Aircraft Carriers in the South China Sea

13] Meet Russia’s Anchar—the Fastest Submarine Ever Built (Only One Made)

14] Is Russia Creating A Nazi-Style Army of Genetic Supersoldiers?

15] Stealth Surprise: Is Japan’s New Submarine a Game Changer? 

16] We Have the Emotional Video of the Very Last SR-71 Spy Plane Landing

17] How Chinese hypersonic missile advances are inspiring the US to dust off ‘Star Wars’, as the ‘great power competition’ resumes

18] How America Would Win a War Against Russia or China (Think F-35s and More)

19] The Secret Helmet that Turns the F-35 Into a Stealth War Machine

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My readers may have noticed that recently I decided to no longer post new blogs with individual news stories. This decision does not mean that the old unique stories that I used to post on your behalf no longer exist, in fact the opposite is true! If you care to read about highly interesting and sometimes controversial events that are usually not covered by the Australian media you will find a good range of articles in my four blogs entitled:

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Out of the ordinary news of the times

A continuum of news stories from around the world that I feel have the potential to impact upon all of our lives

I have views relating to the great diversity of change that is currently taking place around the world. I regularly read overseas news items. I feel that many of these stories have not been given due attention in the Australian media. I have created this blog in order to post different overseas stories that I feel may interest you as much as they have interested me.

1] Many people seem to be questioning President Trumps erratic bahaviour and his associated mental stability

2] There seems to be a question mark about the claim that the Tienanmen Square crisis in China was really a bloodbath

3] 5G signal could jam satellites that help with weather forecasting

4] The global Internet is disintegrating. What comes next?

5] Chinese industrial areas identified as a major source of illegal ozone-depleting CFC gas

6] #GenerationLockdown: Two Australians shake up America with viral anti-gun ad

7] Sleep disorder increases risk of post-surgery death

8] Explainer: China’s manufacturing outlook weakens showing economic slump is yet to hit bottom

9] Ultra-processed food link to disease and death grows — so do we need to shift our food policy?

10] In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

11] First total solar eclipse caught on film in 1900 brought back to life by British Film Institute

12] Photographer Shares Long-Hidden Photos of Tiananmen Protests

13] While Huawei will be bruised by tech war, some Chinese suppliers could suffer a knock-out blow

14] Why is US dollar access so restrained in China as trade war rages on?

15] Rob’s spent 10 years building a sustainable house, he says it cost him ‘less than $1,000’

16] The Pentagon is defying Donald Trump to protect its bases from climate change

17] How your mental health can affect your dog

18] Yes, sperm counts are way down: What does this say about men’s health?

19] More women are choosing not to have kids, and society can’t cope

20] The World’s Waves Are Getting Bigger, Scientists Say

21] The 10 most beautiful bicycles of 2016

22] Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are ‘Terrifying’ Video

23] America’s New Energy Coast

24] Why searching for the truth about Tiananmen is more important than ever

25] Why the Big Boy 4014 is Such a Badass Train

26] White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science

27] Cold War spy satellite images show Himalayan glaciers are melting fast

28] How China is trying to stop its deserts spreading

29] Why ageing China won’t overtake the US economy as the world’s biggest – now or in the future

30] China Says Its New Bullet Train Will Hit 373 mph

31] The U.S. Will Get the World’s First Exascale Computer in 2021

32] Get a Load of the World’s Most Efficient Electric Vehicle

33] Jakarta is sinking towards disaster

34] ‘No problem at all’ with China’s Three Gorges Dam as warping rumours denied

35] China’s robot makers are hooked on subsidies, highlighting another red line in US-China trade war

36] Donald Trump’s Outrageous 2020 Advantage

37] A Quarter of Humanity Faces Looming Water Crises

38] Circulating in China’s Financial System: More Than $200 Billion in I.O.U.s

39] ‘Bad enemies’ and ‘good enemies’: the slow march of political dissent in China

40] Damming the Mekong Basin to environmental hell

41] Vintage Soviet Cars Cruise Into Moscow

42] The true toll of the Chernobyl disaster

43] Is it right to use Nazi research if it can save lives?

44] Apollo 11 As They Shot It [on the moon]

45] Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations

46] The American left is seriously out of control. Now it is dangerous

47] ‘Gone With The Wind’ Star Olivia de Havilland Turns 103

48] Cricket’s laws were written long before the Ashes began, but are still a ‘work in progress’

49] Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Green Goddess’ Rolls-Royce on the Auction Block