News of the times

A continuum of news stories from around the world that I feel have the potential to impact upon all of our lives

I have views relating to the great diversity of change that is currently taking place around the world. I regularly read overseas news items. I feel that that many of these stories have not been given due attention in the Australian media. I have created this blog in order to post different overseas stories that I feel may interest you as much as they have interested me.

The stories are as follows:

1] Japan is Back on the World Stage

2] Why China-Russia relations are warming up in the Arctic

3] Welcome to the Post-Text Future

4] How Trump walked into Putins web

5] The Germans are making contingency plans for the collapse of Europe

6] What Explains US Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggests an Answer

7] It seems that men with curved penises are at a greater risk of cancer

8] Harvard Scientists claim that thousands of civilizations could be flying on interstellar sails

9] Many people seem to be questioning President Trumps erratic bahaviour and his associated mental stability

10] There seems to be a question mark about the claim that the Tienanmen Square crisis in China was really a bloodbath

11] Mao Zedong and the roots of the North Korea nuclear crisis

12] Is the world climate change situation becoming more serious?

Professionally taken photographs of less fortunate Londoners in the 1870s

I can imagine people wanting to emigrate away from such conditions. Here is a small range of (17) professionally taken photographs

I think all are great in their own right (highly revealing of the times). If you are interested in this type of history I think you will find it fascinating.