Quarks and creation

‘Perfect’ Liquid Hot Enough to be Quark Soup; Protons, neutrons melt to produce ‘quark-gluon plasma’ at RHIC

This seems to be an amazing story about scientists having created a new form of matter.


“This research offers significant insight into the fundamental structure of matter and the early universe, highlighting the merits of long-term investment in large-scale, basic research programs at our national laboratories,” said Dr. William F. Brinkman, Director of the DOE Office of Science. “I commend the careful approach RHIC scientists have used to gather detailed evidence for their claim of creating a truly remarkable new form of matter.”


Is it possible to convert information into energy?

A laboratory conducted experiment in Japan has established that a 150 year old scientific belief is valid

The background to this Japanese experiment is that, using real time feed back control, it is possible to to make particles climb a spiral stair-case like potential exerted by an electric field and gain free energy larger than the amount of work done on it. You will find the original experiment is presented in Nature Physics 6, 988-922 (2010)

It is my opinion that this experiment has enormous relevance to all divisions of science. I include in these words science relating to sub-quantum phenomena such as I that am promoting with my sub quantum Awareness model of physics.

Maxwell’s Demon Converts Information into Energy

What travels at 10,000 times the speed of light?

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It is demonstrated such an idea is not inconceivable

It is generally believed in physics that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Physics is now beginning to be challenged by this point of view. A cosmic phenomena known as the EPR paradox has strongly suggestion this is exactly what is happening. It has been scientifically proven by experiment that a particle on one side of the universe can instantly influence another on the opposite side of the universe. In my Awareness model I am postulating that such phenomena is possible because instant communication is occurring outside Relativity space time and is in fact travelling in an adjacent dimension in Absolute time. I have nominated this dimension as being a timeless fourth dimension, a dimension that is concurrent to space time but at the same time there is incessant interaction between both via the medium of virtual activity. The quote below has been extracted from an on line article that explains what is happening quite well and furthermore a laboratory experiment has been cited in order to add additional merit to the claim that I am postulating.


“The minimum speed of the entanglement influence is just the one divided by the other, or 144,500 times the speed of light. However, a number of factors go into the interpretation of the results, which reduce the lower limit of the speed of entanglement influence to about 10,000 times the speed of light.

Notice that this result does not eliminate the possibility that the influence of entanglement actually is instantaneous – it merely sets a limit saying how close the influence must be to infinitely fast. Another possibility that is gaining credence is that entanglement dynamics may operate external to time, or at least may ignore time as it ignores distance”. The experiment that supports this hypothesis can be found here: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1303.0614.pdf