Non-commutative Geometry, the Bohm Interpretation and the Mind-Matter Relationship

I introduce you to an esteemed mathematician who talks about this intriguing subject


It is argued that in order to address the mind/matter relationship, we will have to
radically  change  the  conceptual  structure  normally  assumed  in  physics.    Rather
than  fields  and/or  particles-in-interaction  described  in  the  traditional  Cartesian
order  based  a  local  evolution  in  spacetime,  we  need  to  introduce  a  more  general
notion of process described by a non-commutative algebra.  This will have radical
implications  for  both  for  physical  processes  and  for  geometry.  By  showing  how
the  Bohm  interpretation  of  quantum  mechanics  can  be  understood  within  a  non-
commutative structure, we can give a much clearer meaning to the implicate order
introduced by Bohm.  It is through this implicate order that mind and matter can
be seen as different aspects of the same general process.

Why I think David Bohm is a hero of science

Bohm cared to get to the bottom of all things, including reality

It is no secret that I feel David Bohm is amongst the deepest thinking and cleverest scientists of all time. Bohm dared to think about and explain what many other scientists of his generation thought was ludicrous, and was prepared to embrace the most profound ideas of Eastern philosophy into his scientific theories as well.

If you take time to look more closely at the life and times of David Bohm in the attachments, I think you will see the man to be scientifically very insightful and gifted, and a person with a deep sense of personal and social morality as well. He said that each individual in his life is in total contact with all other things (phenomena), including us with each other (his implicate order model). Furthermore, if mankind takes the time to recognize this connectedness then the problems of the world would sort themselves out.

I think if you can understand where Bohm is coming from with his views about science and life in general, you will understand my instinctual views as well, together with the reasons why. I have incorporated two secondary works about the life, times and beliefs of David Bohm. I feel you will find them reasonably straightforward to read and his words gripping and challenging, even if you do not agree with them.

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