Developing the cosmology of a continuous (steady) state universe

A debate about a steady state universe presented in an introductory preliminary form by Richard L. Amoroso

I believe our 3D universe exists in a concurrent relationship with a separate field fourth dimension. I have introduced readers to the cosmological ideas of Richard Amoroso because they seem to indicate Amoroso – Noetic physics has similar characteristics to those I have outlined with my Awareness model. I draw reader attention to some of these similarities. I have underlined certain text to assist you to better follow my interpretation of Amoroso’s cosmological physics ideas.

Amoroso hypothesizes because of numerous unresolved problems in contemporary cosmological physics that it is time to think about a new standard model of cosmology, a cosmological theory Amoroso has titles a Continuous State Universe (CSU). The author believes it is only an extended dualistic – theory model that introduces an additional causal order (such as my fourth dimension) that will help resolve the dilemma. Those with a background in physics can peruse the essence of this duality (of dimensions) debate at the top of page two. Amoroso points out that although the notion of Newtonian absolute space (which I believe in) has been discarded by contemporary physics, one appears to already exist (see bottom of two and top of page three).

Amoroso believes his new CSU theory “represents the ground of all existence” and “resides beyond the observable Hubble universe” i.e. determinable outer reaches of the 3D universe. Amoroso proceeds to point out that “Einstein’s theories of relativity can be simplistically represented as a ‘virtual reality’ by interpreting CSU – AS (his physics model as a fundamental background space of the relative space fields referred to by Einstein). In my opinion this means that Amoroso is stating that his CSU – AS model is much akin to my Awareness model of physics notion of the existence of a cosmological backdrop of primordial awareness. The Author goes on to add “Space with boundary conditions or energy is fundamental to all forms of matter”. I suggest that the boundary conditions that Amoroso is talking about is akin to the arbitary boundary I frequently talk about between the sub-quantum and quantum levels, that is the Planck level.

In order for you to better appreciate the significance of the cosmic comparisons I am making I suggest you proceed to the lowest section of page three and read Einstein’s quote. The quote commences with the words “the victory over…” and concludes with the words “…space without a field”. You will note that Einstein refers to his new field theory as being dependant upon for space-time parameters which is exactly my position in my Awareness model.

From this quotation onwards in the text Amoroso supports his hypothesis with an extended argument embracing mathematics and concludes his paper by saying “Scientific theory, whether popular or unpopular at any point in history, must ultimately be based on description of natural law, not creative fantasies of scientists imaginations. Only by adequate determination of natural law can successfully model reality…” It is for these reasons I feel it is very important I introduce my readers to the cosmological ideas of Amoroso. His ideas compliment the already existing parallel nature of my Awareness model of physics with the Process and the Hiley-Bohm models as well. The Awareness model is supported by the SMUT particle experiment.

new steady state theory part 1

new steady state theory part 2

new steady state theory part 3