Likely questions about the SMUT particle

Note: Written in the first person as a Q & A session, my associate in the SMUT particle project agrees with my answers below.

Could SMUT particles act as a stabilizer to the universe?

This is a question that is worth exploring, but I do not have an answer to it. If SMUT particles exist in the universe, and are motionless within it, they might act as some kind of support structure to the universe. Possibly even contribute to dark matter? I don’t know. Although this is an idea I do not have anyway to prove, I think it is worth further investigation. SMUT particles as dark matter and the universe’s support structure are not concepts I want to commit to one way or the other.

Could the SMUT particle be used as an anti-gravity device?

No, I am talking about sub-atomic particles, they would not have the mass to lift anything at a level that scales with our macroscopic world, even if it were used in vast numbers. Also, I clearly say it is not indestructible. If it were to go through a powerful gravitational field, but not fall into it, then it would lose energy just like any other particle, this process can get to a point where any particle could lose enough energy to become nothing but energy, and the SMUT particle is no exception.

Could the SMUT particle be used as a drilling device?

No, for the same reasons as it not being able to be used as an anti-gravity device. It is too small and has too lower mass to act as a drill, even if used in large numbers, and the process would convert the SMUT particles to energy it anyway. It would be like drilling with a flashlight, it doesn’t work because the photons from a flashlight beam would not interact with matter in a way that would drill through it like a power tool.

Could the SMUT particle be used as a laser?

No, laser beams are made from photons, SMUT particles and photons are not the same thing. A photon has a zero rest mass, meaning no mass while it is motionless. A SMUT particle must have a rest mass, being motionless it has to have a definable measurable mass while it is motionless or it would dissipate before it could ever form.

What causes the creation of virtual SMUT particles before they were bought to the “real” universe in the SMUT particle experiment?

I would say the Big Bang, or atomic and sub-atomic reactions would do this. Energies captured in the Casimir effect could also become SMUT particles. There is much about these sorts of sub-atomic and atomic reactions we are yet to discover. I would be willing to say that the SMUT particle could be created in some of those reactions, and created as virtual particles in the quantum foam in the vacuum of space.

Why did you come up with the SMUT particle experiment?

To be taken seriously a scientific hypothesis needs an experiment or mathematical formulae (preferably both). I came up with a hypothesis – particles with imaginary attributes exist. The SMUT particle experiment is a way of proving the hypothesis by putting a particle with imaginary attributes into a position where it can be observed and measured by detection technology that exists today.

Could the SMUT particle and SMUT particle experiment be use as a clock?

Yes, the SMUT particle could be used to measure time, by measuring the time it takes from when it was generated at the Casimir plates to when it gets to the detectors. However, this is totally redundant as the SMUT particle experiment apparatus already contains an atomic clock.

Can the SMUT particle experiment be used to detect cosmic motions we do not know about?

Yes, when the SMUT particles are measured in the main experiment calculations can be made that can factor in known motions like the Earth’s rotation, any ground movements, the motion of the Earth’s orbit, the gravitational effects of the moon and planets on the Earth and various other influences that may affect the experiment’s results. After deducting all the known influences, motion effects may be found that we currently do not know about. This information would be useful in the field of cosmology.

Are SMUT particles, or at least virtual SMUT particles, part of the quantum foam that makes up the vacuum of space?

Yes, virtual SMUT particles, and virtual All Seasons particles, are like all other types of virtual particles are part of the quantum foam. However, they are most likely not a significant part of the quantum foam.