News and communication

This blog is the means through which I will be posting administrative information from time to time.

1] A short message 30/August/17

Following domestic difficulties I have recommenced restoring my website to a higher standard of presentation. It is my intention to progressively post wide-ranging new blogs into my website that I hope you will find both interesting and entertaining. Some existing blogs will be either removed or modified. This refurbishment process will continue into the foreseeable future. I also wish to remind you that for health reasons (including non-remedial blindness) I am compelled to rely on outside assistance to both assemble and then help  me to present my ideas to you (including grammar and punctuation corrections). This also  includes those people assisting  me with the  web posting process . Because of this unwieldy management and control mechanism it is inevitable that there have been and will continue to be unnoticed posting glitches along the way. I apologise for this inconvenience to my readers.

2] Another short message 3/September/2017

Thanks to my readers the month of August just passed has been an all-time record. The number of clicks on my website for the month was 36, 252. I also notice that some of my readers regularly return to my site in order to keep abreast of any new material that I may have posted since their last visit. Thank you for your continued interest and loyalty!

Readers will also note that I have created a new blog entitled ‘Works and ideas of yesteryear’. I have done this in order to clearly separate my earlier scientific writings from my contemporary work. The assessment and transfer process has begun. Regarding some of my earlier science blogs, I find that I would not necessarily agree with all of their contents today. I am better informed and more wider read these days. I will continue to keep my older blogs posted for posterity purposes ie as discussed in my welcome page.

3] Another short message 24/September 2017

My efforts to tidy up my web site are continuing but I still have some way to go.  You may have noticed that I have recently posted several new scientific blogs. You may have also noticed that I have commenced interconnecting blogs into a loose-knit essay style format and I will continue to do this. I feel that this will render my science related ideas to be more reader friendly and understandable. In my opinion the most important blog within this new group is entitled ‘Seven examples of implicit information’. I designed this  blog in order to help take my readers into the heart of most of my most important scientific beliefs.

4. Another short message 23/October 2017

I have upgraded my Welcome page and have re-titled it. Over time I plan to make this website almost purely a science related one but this is likely to be a long way off just now. I feel that the quality and style of my blog presentations are beginning to improve as well, that is, I am rendering them as being more reader friendly and interesting. I am also trying harder to find information that it is unlikely you have ever heard about before. This is especially so in relation to matters dealing with the environment. I feel very concerned about environmental issues and if we are not careful the planet will eventually metaphorically ‘tip us off’. This includes the effects of wars.