The inescapable duality of all “things”

Why recent physics experiments with respect to non-locality are likely to change the nature and style of scientific research forever


There can now be little doubt that our space-time universe is “swimming” in a sea of without time metaphysical non-locality. The world of physics continues to largely ignore this reality. Yet this dilemma in science has persisted for more than fifty years. The phenomenon of quantum entanglement has been widely accepted in quantum theory by scientists. Quantum entanglement means that something, like a particle, can influence something on the other side of the universe instantly. Albert Einstein referred to this non-physical action as being “spooky action at a distance”. This spooky action is in violation of both Einstein’s special and general relativity theories. However, what has been left unresolved in physics is a similarly spooky phenomenon entitled non-locality.

Non-locality theory demonstrates that “all things” in the universe act in a coordinated way, even though no force passes through the space between them. This active coordination in the universe, when combined with quantum entanglement theory, points to the fact that the universe seems to have a mind of its own, and at the same time is aware of not only itself but of all things taking place within it as well.

What is important for this presentation is that as recently as August 2018 two highly respected experiments [see below] have demonstrated that not only is entanglement spooky, but non-locality is as well. This means that space-time is both physically real [local] as well as being non-physical [non-local]. This non-locality is metaphysical because it is beyond physics, and therefore cannot be measured. Non-locality simply “IS” and so it is not provable by means of normal verifiable lab testing methods. However, both non-locality and entanglement have for many decades been mathematically testable theories, as are mathematical predictions made therefrom.

In summary, both local and non-local phenomena in the universe [even before the Big Bang] are in a state of concurrent correlation. Furthermore the possibilities of there being reasons why such correlations exist [loopholes] have now been permanently defined by the two experiments that I have cited. The implications of these two experiments are profound.

The implications

1] Both Einstein relativity models are incomplete. The single neo-Lorentzian physics model might be a more pertinent model because it is without time [a prerequisite] and the mathematics relating to both models is very similar in each case.

2] Faster-than-light influences are possible.

3] Nature is non-local and by means of both Quantum Entanglement and Non-Locality theories, “all things” are possible in the universe.

4] Nature violates local [physical] causality. The common cause of all that “IS” is non-local.

5] As a result of point 4 above, physicists must now consider a theory of common cause of reality.

6] Physicists must now consider that causal influences are not limited to the speed of light in the universe, or alternatively, that events can be correlated for no observable reason.

7] Physicists should ask themselves if correlations do not imply a cause, then ask themselves if they should look for other causes of events.

8] Implicit measurements and outcomes can be known before they can be explicitly known.

9] The theory of Quantum Mechanics is incomplete.

10] Entanglement and Non-Locality theories can jointly make the impossible happen in the universe.

11] Physicists must look again at reality and decide if they think it is irreducibly random, or alternatively whether it is without knowable cause and is non-local. This means how the settings of one measuring device can influence the readings of another instrument irrespective of distance, location or time.

12] Non-local correlations demonstrate that in any laboratory, nature can mathematically answer any question without knowing which questions are being put to it from another laboratory in another location.

13] Simultaneity in physics can be demonstrated and can be shown to not only be related to the speed of light.

14] Non-Locality theory addresses the following inexplicable type of phenomena in physics, as follows:

14.1] Consciousness and awareness

14.2] Where the properties of particles come from.

14.3] Where charge and mass come from.

14.4] How metaphysical out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance, intuition, telekinesis and suchlike might occur non-locally and manifest themselves in the manner that they do.

14.5] Demonstrate how non-locality is always lurking beneath the surface and events. This includes all things we think about and do.

14.6] All things are possible in physics at the Quantum level [possibilities to do “something”, whatever they might be].

What follows is a descriptive answer as to how the mystery of non-locality can be better understood in physics

The following quotation is from an article written by Howard Wiseman in the 19 June 2014 edition of Nature magazine entitled “Physics: Bell’s theorem still reverberates”.


“Two shady characters, Rowan and Colin, approach you, claiming to have a large supply of these impossible squares. When you ask to see one, Rowan says: “No, it doesn’t work like that. For each of our squares, I will reveal one row, and Colin one column. But you can choose which row and which column you want to know.” You reply: “Do you think I was born yesterday? In each instance, Rowan can say any of his four possible answers (001, 010, 100 or 111) and Colin can choose whichever of his (000, 011, 101 or 110) do not conflict with Rowan’s. For example, if I ask for the second row and the third column, and Rowan says ‘001’, then Colin just has to choose an answer with 1 as the middle entry, either 011 or 110.”

But Colin persists: “What if you prevent me from hearing not only Rowan’s answer, but even the question put to Rowan? Take us far apart, and lock us in rooms that shield all forms of communication. We will still give consistent answers 100% of the time.” You think to yourself: “In this case, their best strategy would be to each carry (or memorize) a predetermined list of answers to all possible questions. In a given trial, the respective answers that Rowan and Colin carry would have to correspond to squares that differ in at least one of the nine entries, because of the constraints on the rows and columns. If I conduct enough trials, choosing the questions at random, I will catch them with inconsistent answers soon enough.”

So you agree to the trial as suggested; you ask questions in one room and an assistant in the other. To your consternation, Colin and Rowan give consistent answers every time. How is this possible? Are they communicating, despite all your efforts? No, they are using pairs of ‘entangled’ quantum particles — each pair of particles was jointly prepared in the same way, and then one kept by Rowan and one by Colin. With each trial, Rowan picks the next particle in his store, measures one of three different properties (depending on which row you ask for), and gives you one of his four possible answers based on the result of his measurement. Colin similarly processes his next particle, the one paired with Rowan’s. By the ‘magic’ of quantum entanglement, their results are correlated precisely so as to simulate an impossible square.”


Remarkable evidence that non-locality in physics is real

These two experiments demonstrate that all “things” in the universe act in a coordinated way even though no force passes through the space between them. These words strongly imply that the universe is aware of itself and furthermore the conditions at the time of the Big Bang were without time and non-local as well.

Experiment 1:

Cosmic Bell Test using Random Measurement Settings from High-Redshift Quasars

Published by the American Physical Society on the 20th of August 2018

Dominik Rauch,1,2,∗ Johannes Handsteiner,1,2 Armin Hochrainer,1,2 Jason Gallicchio,3 Andrew S. Friedman,4 Calvin Leung,1,2,3,5 Bo Liu,6 Lukas Bulla,1,2 Sebastian Ecker,1,2 Fabian Steinlechner,1,2 Rupert Ursin,1,2 Beili Hu,3 David Leon,4 Chris Benn,7 Adriano Ghedina,8 Massimo Cecconi,8 Alan H. Guth,5 David I. Kaiser,5,† Thomas Scheidl,1,2 and Anton Zeilinger1,2,‡

Conclusion for this experiment:


“Conclusions. For each Cosmic Bell test reported here, we assume fair sampling and close the locality loophole. We also constrain the freedom-of-choice loophole with detector settings determined by extragalactic events, such that any local-realist mechanism would need to have acted no more recently than 7.78Gyr or 3.22Gyr ago for pairs 1 and 2, respectively—more than six orders of magnitude deeper into cosmic history than the experiments reported in Ref. [38]. This corresponds to excluding such local-realist mechanisms from 96.0% (pair 1) and 63.5% (pair 2) of the relevant space-time regions, compared to ∼ 10−5% of the relevant space-time region as in Ref. [38] (see Supplemental Materials [45]). We have therefore dramatically limited the space-time regions from which local-realist mechanisms could have affected the outcome of our experiment to early in the history of our universe. To constrain such models further, one could use other physical signals to set detector settings, such as patches of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), or even primordial neutrinos or gravitational waves, thereby constraining such models all the way back to the big bang—or perhaps even earlier, into a phase of early-universe inflation [31, 38]. Such extreme tests might ultimately prove relevant to the question of whether quantum entanglement undergirds the emergence of space-time itself. (For a recent review, see Ref. [58]).”

Experiment 2:

Testing Local Realism into the Past without Detection and Locality Loopholes

Ming-Han Li,1,2 Cheng Wu,1,2 Yanbao Zhang,3 Wen-Zhao Liu,1,2 Bing Bai,1,2 Yang Liu,1,2 Weijun Zhang,4 Qi Zhao,5 Hao Li,4 Zhen Wang,4 Lixing You,4 W. J. Munro,3 Juan Yin,1,2 Jun Zhang,1,2 Cheng-Zhi Peng,1,2 Xiongfeng Ma,5 Qiang Zhang,1,2 Jingyun Fan,1,2 and Jian-Wei Pan1,2

Conclusion for this experiment:


“In conclusion, we perform a null hypothesis test which rejects local hidden variable models taking place as early as 11 years before the experiment with high confidence. Looking into the future, our experiment may serve as a benchmark to progressively rule out local hidden variable models deep into the cosmic history by utilizing the randomness in quasars of high redshift or even cosmic microwave backgroud in future experiments. Further, we may find interesting applications in device-independent quantum information processing [21, 32, 59–65]. Scaling up the spacetime extension in the local realism test is being actively pursued [66, 67]. The same system may also help to examine the hypothesis for human free choice [3, 6, 8, 52, 68–71] and gravitational effect [72, 73] and to address collapse locality loophole [74–77].”

Readers should especially note that the majority of my science writings are focused upon the concept of physics non-locality theory. Physics relating to non-locality and entanglement can be mathematically proven, but cannot currently be measured in a laboratory. This means that my ideas about physics employing concepts of non-locality and entanglement are statements rather than theories. The mathematics relating to both the experiments above have been proven. Because of this, the onus is on unbelievers of beyond physical physics to disprove my statements. An extension to this blog is The words implicit and explicit seem to describe all that “IS”


Ref. 1]

What the theory of Quantum Entanglement is and what does it mean in science.

Ref. 2]

A significant amount of information in this blog is derived from Wiseman’s writings as well as from the Scientific American article entitled: How Einstein Revealed the Universe’s Strange “Nonlocality”, by George Musser on 1 November 2015.