The real and the flippant nature of science

The real and the flippant nature of science

The dangers of confusing the two

I believe that real science is an honest and dedicated pursuit of facts and theories. Such facts and theories should be specifically related to the real environment within which we all live and interact with each other, as well as the wider [holistic] universe.

I see flippant science as being the converse of these words. I see flippant science as being dishonest in both its intent and practice. I see the unnecessarily derogatory statements and behaviour made by flippant scientists against mainstream science and scientists as culturally mischievous.

I see investigative science and practice as having no specific boundaries or limits. Scientific thinking and practices apply to all things whether it be to the highest realms of existence [and its meaning] or to the lowest nooks and crannies of existence, such as that of a single grain of sand on a beach. I also include the various fields of thoughts that take place prior to our embarking on an act of behaviour in some way.

As an analogy to what I am talking about, consider a five year-old-boy who has accidentally come across the breeding ground of albino ladybird beetles. Can we call such a child a scientist? The child stops to witness the habits and experiences of these ladybirds day after day until such time as he informs his mother of his scientifically unique discovery. I see such a child as a dedicated investigative scientist.

I see no limit to the extent by which we can describe the word ‘scientist’. I see honest scientists as being implicit [holistic] and those that are not inclined this way as being flippant. By the word flippant I mean of an explicit nature and behaviour. This is especially so if they act in a manner that is not conducive to wholesome and constructive scientific practice over all, i.e. holistic reality science.

In summary I see us all as being scientists. I also see that it is our choice whether we choose to be implicit or explicit scientists. Furthermore I believe that we should all see our planet and the wider universe as being of both an implicit and explicit nature. I believe that it is only when we seriously acknowledge this intimate [entangled] relationship that I feel we can live and exist at peace with both it and one another – and perhaps this includes reality too?