The scientific arguments in favour of us understanding Transpersonalism

The little appreciated (indivisible) properties of important ‘things’ and events that play important roles both in our universe and in our daily lives

I believe that all ‘things’ in the universe are either irreducible (implicit) or reducible (explicit). I also believe that it is the irreducible properties (characteristics) of the universe that ‘dominate’ the universe as a whole.

It is for this reason that I postulate that the concept of Transpersonalism should be more widely known about and understood by the wider community. I suggest that if this were to happen then people might be able to better appreciate and understand their mental health status at any given time and from this point more effectively manage it accordingly. Especially trained Transpersonal Psychiatrists and Psychologist exist in the mental health community to help patients to better understand many of these types of mysterious universal concepts as well as to provide beneficial Transpersonal (mental health) Therapy.

(Also see the three points cited in the note below)

The scientific matters you might elect to consider with respect to my alleged (dominant) irreducible ‘things’ in the universe are:-

Quarks. Quarks are a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. They can be changed into other particles but not destroyed. In this sense as a particular energy condition (energy) they are indivisible. #

Gluons. Gluons bind quarks. They are indivisible #

# Tiny particles called quarks and gluons are the building blocks for larger particles such as protons and neutrons, which in turn form atoms. Gluon particles can be seen to be like some sort of analogical ‘glue’ which holds the universe together.

Electrons. Free electrons moving through space are fundamental and indivisible. Electrons are elementary particles that cannot be split into anything smaller.

Gravity. Gravity is an interaction force that changes an object’s motion. It is indivisible.

Universal Energy. ##

## Universal energy is a type of movement (say it is universal waves) or potential to move and change and is indivisible. It is the separate influences and effects of this universal energy that can be divisibly (explicitly) transformed or transferred in parts (these parts are also energy) but not the universal energy itself. All parts of this combined energy act as though they were one

Nature. Nature’s laws can change but nature itself remains indivisible.

Consciousness. Consciousness is without clock time so it is indivisible ^.

Instinct (awareness). Instinct is without clock time and is indivisible ^.

A single thought. A single thought is without time is indivisible ^.

A package of thoughts. A package of thoughts are without time and are indivisible^.

^ Also relates to non-locality described below that is indivisible.


Non-locality in quantum physics (entanglement theory) can be likened to there being an analogically indivisible field of ‘metaphysical-nothing’ (is non materialist) in the universe. Non-locality in quantum physics has been demonstrated by repeated experiments* that there is some sort of universal entanglement of all ‘things’ and events in the universe. This universal entanglement means that all things and events are somehow connected to each other as though the universe has its own neural network. Also many physicist believe that the universe has its own consciousness.

Indivisible ‘things’ (influences) exist in their own (unknowable and without clock time) reference frame. The energy types, influences and effects (things and events) somehow emanating from such indivisible things do relate to clock time.


What do these words all mean? Do they mean that divisible things and events in the universe (including our lives) are all somehow related to (without time) indivisible things and events? Is there a dependency relationship between all that is divisible to all that is indivisible in the universe?

How do we fit into this holistic picture and how best can we comprehend it? Is it this complex arrangement of all the different parts of the wider world around us tell us that Transpersonalism should be seen as being part and parcel of the every day norms of our lives? Does Transpersonal mental health teachings and therapy have a role to play in this complex and mysterious world in order to help us to better understand and context such complex and mysterious relationships? These include our lives and sometimes make the types of decisions that we do.

* Three replicateable non-local physics experiments that demonstrate my physics science related position.

Experiment one

Experiment two

Experiment three

As you read this blog you  may also care to consider the following five supporting blogs below as well (I suggest that you treat them as supporting references). In one way or another they all relate to non-locality in the wider universe around us ie as they have been demonstrated by quantum entanglement theory as I cited in the three experiments above. They also demonstrate that our non-local (irreducible-metaphysical) selves are also part and parcel of the wider non-local conditions and properties of the universe. My readers may also care to consider that the all the indivisible influences (for convenience today say things) that exist in the universe might be the universal cosmic-life-energy-means that somehow influence all things and events in the universe to act in the implicit manner that they do. Furthermore explicit material ‘things’ always seem to remain ‘obedient’ to such implicit things. The highly regarded physicist David Bohm thinks along these similar (in my case conceptually) lines as well.

It is for these reasons that I postulate that the concept of Transpersonalism should be more widely known about and understood by the wider community. I also suggest that the medical profession should consider Transpersonal mental health therapy as being an important tool (amongst other theories they may elect to employ) in assisting people to be able to better cope with the rigors of every day life and be happier, more contented and meaningful with their lives in the process.

Blogs  one, two, three, four and five


1. Quote:

Transpersonalism is defined as “…experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos…”


2. My definition of indivisibility is defined as not being able to be divided into parts.

3. Classical philosophy has historically embraced quantum non-local theory in physics (entanglement) but  it has never historically been entitled in these contemporary terms.

February 21st 2019

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