Firing at meaning. My views about life and people reflected in verse

Let’s be honest about our existence

Firing at (understanding) meaning. It is a challenge to do so

The words above are an example of the style of  text that you will find in my verse presentation.

What follows is an extensive series of verse that I created twenty years ago. At the time I was recovering from a complex surgical procedure, a period in which I had an ample opportunity to think not only about life but also what life may mean. I originally structured the verse in order to encourage people, including myself, to think about their everyday lives and what life really means to them. I also created them in order to encourage people to look more closely at themselves and others around them. You will discover that my verse are generally cryptic. Often they have different meanings. Occasionally I picked up on the ideas of others and remodeled their views into a form that I felt was complimentary to the broader style and nature of my own effort. Some of my readers may find some sort of deeper meaning in parts of my work. In summary I have done my best to encourage people like you and me to scratch a little deeper beyond the superficial gloss that we have so successfully draped across our culture and associated way of life. I never completed this project. One day I abruptly compelled myself to give it away. The untidy conclusion of my presentation is a reflection of this sudden decision. (You will also find another brief introduction to the verse presentation itself)

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