Is this a simpler way of considering reality physics?

A simple physics description of universal reality and how it might theoretically work in the manner that it does

A] The Planck line separates quantum from sub-quantum phenomena. It represents the smallest material phenomena that physicists can detect and measure.

B] Below the Planck line is where Quantum Mechanics theory steps in [all the weird things that are known to happen in physics such as that all things and events are somehow connected to each other and acts as though the Universe has its own consciousness and can think].

C] The dotted lines below Quantum Mechanics [B as illustrated above] are representational of things and events that are more weird than those things happening in the universe than those occurring at the Quantum Mechanics level. This lower level physics is the deepest level of physics and is sometimes referred to by Physicists as being informational physics. Human consciousness and intuition might be seen to be as examples of phenomena at this level.

D] Above the Planck line (A) is the quantum and the atomic levels of physics where things and events can be observed and measured. These levels embrace materialist [meaning observable and testable] objects and movement. For example these include various effects of movement as described in Einstein’s theories.

E] Quantum theory includes phenomena entitled non-locality [entanglement theory]. Non-locality embraces and influences and effects all things and events in both the quantum [D level in the above diagram] as well as those at the B and C level in the same diagram. [The C level might be considered to be the “home” of non-locality].

At least three models of unity physics are thought by physicists to work along the lines of what I have described (Cahill, Hiley-Bohm and Freeman).

Is there something that we are missing?

A fanciful little presentation about nothing

In early 2013 I wrote a pocket-sized booklet entitled “Big-Picture Reality – Is there something we are missing?” I referred to the work as being a fanciful presentation about nothing. The booklet was 48 pages in length and its contents were about reality as I “sensed” it might be at that time. There were very few references in the presentation and it was written in a rambling undisciplined style.

When I recently rediscovered this work on my computer, I noticed that I had made it clear at the time that I saw it as being pseudo-scientific and that I just make guesses with my ideas. Furthermore I was not a scientist. In other words there was no pretence on my part that the document was any more than a story and it should be read accordingly. I also made it clear that I was not seeking to prove anything. I never circulated the booklet because I belatedly decided it was a bit of a joke and therefore it was worthless.

Today, however I think that I was a little too harsh on myself for making such an arbitrary decision. With the benefit of hindsight I see my effort at that time contained many of the beginnings of my science related line of thinking and activities today. This includes what I believe in about science.

I am posting the original text in a blog today exactly as I wrote it. This is because I feel that it might contain material and ideas that could provoke students of science to look beyond [over the horizon] the content type and style of science that they might be commonly exposed to in educational institutions today. Other readers may find it to have interesting content as well. The link to a refined PDF version with the same information of the document immediately follows:

Big-picture reality

The SMUT particle’s relationship with gravity and time

How the SMUT particle can demonstrate that there are various types of gravity as well as various types of time

The SMUT particle is a particle with seemingly impossible attributes that can be proven to exist via the SMUT particle experiment. A shorter explanation of the SMUT particle experiment can be found here.

In proving the existence of the SMUT particle we demonstrate the existence of the All Seasons particle. The All Seasons particle is also a particle with seemingly impossible attributes. This also demonstrates that the SMUT and All Seasons particles conform to the laws of physics. If they could not do this they could not exist in the first place.

In proving the All Seasons particle’s existence we also demonstrate the existence of the Gravity particle [called a Graviton] because the gravity particle is also a particle with seemingly impossible attributes.

In showing that gravity is a particle we open up various possibilities with respect to new science. If gravity is controlled by graviton particles then they must conform to Standard Model of particle physics as well as the E8 theory.

Both the Standard Model of particle physics and E8 theory state that particles have variants. For example, neutrinos have the tau, muon and electron neutrino variants. Quarks have variants like the top, charm and up quarks. The same goes for other particles in Standard Model of particle physics and E8 theory.

What we are proposing is that if these particles have variants in accordance with the Standard Model of particle physics as well as E8 theory then gravity particles must have variant particles. The SMUT particle experiment demonstrates that particles with seemingly impossible attributes can exist, therefore variants of the gravity particles must exist too.

It follows that because there are different types of gravity particles [Gravitons] there must be different types of gravity. What is most important is how gravity relates to time! Gravity has a direct and close relationship to time, proven by the effect of gravity time dilation.

If there are variant types of gravity, there must be variant types of time. This is the focus of some of the ideas discussed on this website, notably the Awareness model of physics theory and how it relates to the SMUT particle experiment. This is important to our understanding of the universe, especially if we take into account that there are different types of gravity and time.

Another look at the Planck length

I refer to it as the Planck line

The definition of Plank length below is a very elementary one, which can be found in Wikipedia. However, it can be broadly described as follows:


“Physicists primarily use the Planck length to talk about things that are ridiculously tiny.  Specifically; too tiny to matter.  By the time you get to (anywhere near) the Planck length it stops making much sense to talk about the difference between two points in any reasonable situation.  Basically, because of the uncertainty principle, there’s no (physically relevant) difference between the positions of things separated by small enough distances, and the Planck length certainly qualifies. Nothing fundamentally changes at the Planck scale, and there’s nothing special about the physics there, it’s just that there’s no point trying to deal with things that small. Part of why nobody bothers is that the smallest particle, the electron, is about 1020 times larger (that’s the difference between a single hair and a large galaxy). Rather than being a specific scale, The Planck scale is just an easy to remember line-in-the-sand (the words “Planck length” are easier to remember than a number).”

The Planck length has a more formal meaning as well:

Importance of Planck


“… The idea of a fifth dimension is not new (our fourth dimension including time, plus one other)” “… extra dimensions needn’t be curled up as small as the Planck scale, their effects could be felt by particles at lower energy” “… unification happened when the forces were still weak enough to be handled by conventional mathematical techniques” “… researchers were amazed because unification at a such low energy was supposed to be impossible” “… Fortunately, a fifth dimension comes to the rescue” “… The implications of being able to observe events on the GUT (grand united theory), string and Planck scales are truly mind boggling. We would for the first time be able to see strings, the ultimate foundation stones of reality. And with the Planck scale lowered, experimental tests of quantum gravity-the long sought unification of Einstein’s theory of gravity with quantum theory-might just be around the corner” “… For physics however, the consequences are huge” “… Suddenly, people are seeing extra dimensions as not just a theoretical theory but as every day things whose consequences we could actually measure” “… If (unification) occurs at lower energy, it would change everything, including our picture of evolution of the Universe from the big bang” “… Even simpler laws of physics would change …” “… the discovery (of a timeless fourth dimension) is simply another vital piece of the cosmic jigsaw”

New Scientist, Volume 2157, page 28

You will notice that this latter Planck article also talks about the possible discovery of other dimensions, including where I noted the possible discovery of a timeless fourth dimension within this process. I argue that the fourth dimension can be located at the Planck length. This blog is also very relevant to my blog: The awareness model of physics. A new understanding about reality science. You will see where I mention other universes and dimensions in that blog.

The awareness model of physics

A new understanding about reality science

The Awareness Model of Physics [Primordial-Awareness, i.e. PA] considers the concept of physical reality at its deepest level. It presents ideas that are considered mostly without merit in the wider physics community. This is because such ideas cannot be tested by conventional scientific experiments. I focus my attention by looking at reality science as being one that is informational because it removes the need for me to be unduly prescriptive and descriptive with my use of language. Furthermore I think that by doing so my readers are likely to better follow my line of thinking even though they may not fully understand the wider message that I am attempting to convey to them.

I have written numerous articles with respect to my beliefs about informational science. Because of this I will not go into undue informational detail in this blog today. My position is that I have firm ideas about what scientific reality may look and feel like and so it can be described and discussed as such. The following chart provides scientific insight into the deepest levels of my thinking with respect to holistic Awareness physics. It provides a platform for the short and more informative discussion that follows it.

My discussion about this chart is in two parts. These are:

1] Informational matters that relate to the pre Big Bang epoch

2] Informational matters that relate to the post Big Bang epoch

Part 1: Informational matters that relate to the pre Big Bang epoch

The sub-quantum level of informational reality is Primordial-Awareness (PA). PA is without time. PA has a self organising property that lead to a neural-network type of structure. This organising property was influenced by means of the effect of a thought. [Thought] Thoughts are influences that are not bound by the laws of quantum theory. For purposes of descriptive simplicity they can be best described as being an undetectable effect emanating from a neutral charge that informationally means something. This something might be the symbol of i that science commonly recognises as being the “something” [matrix] within all “things” that might exist. It is from this thought that the condition of patterns of thoughts emerged that became both effects [something that exists] and the effects of thoughts.

These affects and effects were also influenced by the self organising properties of PA. Both single thoughts and patterns of thoughts mean something in with relation to PA. This is because each thought has a short-term memory that causes them to have a minimal intuitive sense of self-awareness and self-guidance. This is in respect to themselves as well as PA. This also means self meaning, relevance and embryonic self-importance. In other words the PA and thought nexus became an ever increasingly semantic process of self referential informational construction.

In this process weaker thoughts that the system itself did not feel were conducive to the well being and further development of the wider system were discarded and allowed to die. This includes branches emanating from such weak thoughts. This is more particularly so because such weak thoughts had no further meaning to the system as a whole. As the thought neural network system began to further evolve and grow the system began to intuitively sense that it was not only just a condition that could effect itself but it also had its own energy type. When the system realised this it then morphologically [relating to the form or structure of things] learned to not only understand itself by means of its own energy but also adapt itself to speculate about its own sense of purpose and wider ability to do “things”. The word speculate here means to test new and safer growth enhancement opportunities and potential on behalf of itself. It remains intuitive as it had been all along since it separated from the effect of the neutral charge. Each wider system-effect of speculation became a junction-point [node] of new opportunities and growth to do something.

These new opportunities and growth became not only new nodes of informational action relating to growth and the stunting and destruction of existing growth in order to keep itself “healthy”. This is in line with what I said earlier. This is as though it were a human neural network system. Each node can be seen as though it were a neuron maintaining and expanding its own infinitesimally small ‘patch’ of the wider reality PA system. These nodes can also be seen as cells. These cells are influenced by means of the wider inherent energy within the system itself. These cells also have their own meaning of some type. They also have meaning with respect to their being differing energy types, influences and effects. This means that the PA neural network system is informationally dynamic. This means it has the capacity to influence a great number of types of structure and also the diverse range of ever-growing energy types that helps it to be innovative and informationally constructive. This also means becoming ever more aware of its own holistic self as a single matrix of informational something.

This countless number of energy types (together with these same allied processes) morphologically manifested themselves as patterns of pixels but not observable ones. In other words the original node junctions I talked about are embryonic sub-quantum elementary particles. Each pixel, together with their own short lived memory also began self organisation themselves into patterns. These patterns in turn organise themselves into clusters and packages of self referential information that mean something with respect to the wider PA neural network system itself. This information, together with its inherent energy derived from within itself influences the employment of its own new wide range of energy types to influence the emergence of electrons of energy. These new electrons of energy became separately referential to the clusters and packages of pixels. In other words electrons became entangled with the pixels from which they were influenced and conditioned by in the first place.

It is this entangled relationship between pixels and electrons that became an ever growing and meaningful field of information with respect to PA that had become the continuum for the reality system. This new and ever growing entangled information system became more adventurous and creative with itself. This is to the extent that the combined natural energy of the system, together with the unknowable diversity of energy types that emerged from the primary energy condition in the first place, became entangled into a single system of a matrix of informational oneness. This informational oneness embraces all the inherent informational experiential knowledge that I have talked about within the wider PA system thus far.

You will notice that I have included the energy type of electrons as being a central player in my description of the ever expanding and ever greater diversity of the condition of informational reality. This is the reality that I have entangled with PA in order to give informational reality a descriptive meaning, purpose and some type of a without time future. It is this entangled relationship between PA and my description of informational reality that is the fundamental ether relating to all that ‘IS’ within the wider matrix of entangled reality. This matrix is motionless. All things and events are relational to the ether. This includes our 3D dimension. Our Earth moves through this same “sea” just as Einstein believed it would need to do in order to validate his theory of general relativity. It is this same ether type, but not necessarily the same type of condition, that is the inherent ether of our 3D universe. For purposes of convenience I have chosen to avoid widening the scope of this reality ether effect to include other universes and dimensions. However, it is because of this unknowable and monumental concentration of energy types and associated diversity of informational processes and event related thereto that influenced the wider condition of PA informational reality to be as randomly explosively as it is bound to be. By this I mean by means of influencing the conditions and effects for the evolution and creation of universes and dimensions.

Part 2: Informational matters that relate to the post Big Bang epoch

In the post Big Bang epoch the pre Big Bang ether ‘field’ retained its PA entangled relationship with electrons. This includes the short-lived informational memories brought forward by electrons in their relationship with the massive diversion of energy of the Big Bang. In the post Big Bang epoch new information was influenced to be created along the same lines as it was in the pre Big Bang epoch. All new different energy types, conditions, influences and effects were ‘born’ that related to a 3D geometric universe. These same energy types and their associated conditions then became related to objects, events, movement, velocity and time as it relates to clocks and the speed of light. It is the ‘natural’ ether of PA (like a sea) that became the ‘motor’ that ‘fired-up’ the universe as we understand it to be. The natural PA ether retained its entangled state with electrons. The PA ether retained its motionless state as it was in the pre Big Bang epoch. Furthermore conceptual pixels of knowledge and information then became the physical means through which the universe can be said to be both aware of itself as well as all ‘things’ and events that are taking place at any given time. Within this process PA remains without time but pixels of information are both with and without time as pixels were originally derived from PA by means of the original pre Big Bang entangled patterns of thoughts processes that I have discussed and explained.

It is from this informational ether energy type nexus that different energy types (including conditions) emerged that were relevant to a 3D geometric reference frame. The ether became the energy type and influence for all ‘things’ related to the new 3D geometric reference frame. This included the energy effect of magnetism that was one of the energy effects that emanated from the Big Bang explosion. It is the nexus relationship between electrons and their associated short term spin memories with magnetism that created the necessary energy field type for the effect of electrical energy fields (electricity) to emerge. This includes the conditions for negative, positive and (temporary) neutral charge that gives ‘dynamic- life’, meaning and purpose to the wider 3D universal system. This is a system centred upon and entangled with the concept of PA entangled informational ether. It is this wide ranging entangled form of informational 3D ether that is the informational link to the pre Big Bang type of reality PA ether. PA is the dynamic (essential) common link between the two. It is the common awareness between the two that has no boundaries. It is important for you to note that there is no precise dividing line between microscopic and macroscopic phenomena. This in turn further supports my idea that all “things” are somehow entangled with each other.

I urge you to peruse my blog entitled “Albert Einstein and the great ether debate” with respect to you better understanding the confusion that exists in the physics community as to whether historical Ether theory is a valid theory of not. Also with respect to Ether theory you are urged to review my statement concerning my views relating to why I think Ether theory should be incorporated into wider contemporary physics modeling.

The Awareness Model is supported by an experiment.

Readers should know that the major difference between the Awareness model and the Hiley-Bohm models of physics is that the Hiley-Bohm model has been mathematically constructed to be compatible with the Relativity model of physics whereas the Awareness model is validated by a described experiment. The Hiley-Bohm model also embraces all phenomena whatsoever in a single reality-frame. [The Process physics model does this as well].

Here is a summery of the key points in the immediate foregoing words as they relate to the 3D universe as well as the subsequent consequences they have in the universe.

1. The universe is undivided and is aware of itself and of all ‘things’ and events taking place within it.

2. All things and events are somehow connected to each other by means of physics quantum entanglement theory.

3. All things and events are both informational and have energy as well. This includes information that is a condition and effect of thoughts that include imagination.

4. The universe has intelligence and thus there are hidden geometric forms in the universe that help to not only understand the universe itself and what the rules of nature might be.

5. All things and events in the universe are in ever-changing densities, averages and ratios with each other and as thus they are representational of the holistic nature of the universe.

6. The natural backdrop to reality (inertia) is Primordial-Awareness.

7. There are two concurrent times in the universe. One is clock time and the other one is without time.

8. Forces are by-products of objects and events.

9. The principle energy force of the universe is unknowable but it is describable. It simply ‘IS’

10. Space is like a web of limitless interpenetrating fields that can be demonstrated to be functions, energy types with their associated conditions, influences and effects.

11. It is not known in physics science how electrons maintain their structural integrity and furthermore it does not yet know where mass or charge come from. (I say that they come from the dynamic nature of PA).

12. There is nothing smaller in physics than elementary particles like electrons. Electrons are structureless so they are not crushable because they have nothing to crush into. This is why elementary particles like electrons, quarks and gluons are the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Without them the ‘contents’ of the universe would largely not exist. This is why the short lived informational spins of electrons might be seen as the analogical father of all elementary particles in the 3D universe. They are without structure and uncrushable because they are the natural pixels of the matrix of informational PA reality. (They are called point particles in physics).

13.The electromagnetic field (fields within fields) can be seen to be something like analogical entangled fog particles that fill all of space. It exists in every reference frame of space and moment in time. The electromagnetic field can be seen to be stationary with respect to itself and only moves when fields of (from yet to be discovered scientifically sources) charge that ‘influence’ to move at different velocities. These velocities are related to the strength of the field of charge that mean something. This means the PA ether field.

14. Electricity might best be seen as an inert condition and influence relating to the stationary electromagnetic field. This is when this electricity condition and influence becomes an electrical field effect of its own (electricity). This is at the point when the electromagnetic field moves with respect to any nearby energy field of charge. The strength of the electrical field (electricity) is related to the speed of the electromagnetic field in relation to the charge of the field.

15. Electrons in the ether field have natural spin. This spin has a short-term memory. This stored information is transferred by electrical impulses to the nuclei of minerals like phosphorus that also have informational spin. The spin of the phosphorus nuclei have a much longer memory span that that of the spin of electrons. It is this entangled relationship between the PA ether fields that influence both the energy and types of energy that allows our mind and brains to think.

16. There is an inescapable duality of all “things” in the universe [and probably wider reality as well].


The relationship between the Awareness model of physics and a supporting experiment

I care to talk about entanglement

Albert Einstein and the great ether debate

Why is there no precise dividing line between microscopic and macroscopic phenomena?

The inescapable duality of all “things”

This blog forms a unit of information with respect to my conceptual unity theory.

How Mandelbrot’s fractals changed the world

Did you know that the whole universe is fractal?

I think that this article written by Jack Challoner will stir your imagination about he magical nature of fractals.

Challoner writes for BBC online news magazine


“In 1975, a new word came into use, when a maverick mathematician made an important discovery. So what are fractals? And why are they important?

During the 1980s, people became familiar with fractals through those weird, colourful patterns made by computers.

But few realise how the idea of fractals has revolutionised our understanding of the world, and how many fractal-based systems we depend upon.

On 14 October 2010, the genius who coined the word – Polish-born mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot – died, aged 85, from cancer.

Unfortunately, there is no definition of fractals that is both simple and accurate. Like so many things in modern science and mathematics, discussions of “fractal geometry” can quickly go over the heads of the non-mathematically-minded. This is a real shame, because there is profound beauty and power in the idea of fractals.

The best way to get a feeling for what fractals are is to consider some examples. Clouds, mountains, coastlines, cauliflowers and ferns are all natural fractals. These shapes have something in common – something intuitive, accessible and aesthetic.”

They are all complicated and irregular: the sort of shape that mathematicians used to shy away from in favour of regular ones, like spheres, which they could tame with equations.

Mandelbrot famously wrote: “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”

The chaos and irregularity of the world – Mandelbrot referred to it as “roughness” – is something to be celebrated. It would be a shame if clouds really were spheres, and mountains cones.

Look closely at a fractal, and you will find that the complexity is still present at a smaller scale. A small cloud is strikingly similar to the whole thing. A pine tree is composed of branches that are composed of branches – which in turn are composed of branches.

A tiny sand dune or a puddle in a mountain track have the same shapes as a huge sand dune and a lake in a mountain gully. This “self-similarity” at different scales is a defining characteristic of fractals.

The fractal mathematics Mandelbrot pioneered, together with the related field of chaos theory, lifts the veil on the hidden beauty of the world. It inspired scientists in many disciplines – including cosmology, medicine, engineering and genetics – and artists and musicians, too.

The whole universe is fractal, and so there is something joyfully quintessential about Mandelbrot’s insights.

Fractal mathematics has many practical uses, too – for example, in producing stunning and realistic computer graphics, in computer file compression systems, in the architecture of the networks that make up the internet and even in diagnosing some diseases.

Fractal geometry can also provide a way to understand complexity in “systems” as well as just in shapes. The timing and sizes of earthquakes and the variation in a person’s heartbeat and the prevalence of diseases are just three cases in which fractal geometry can describe the unpredictable.

Another is in the financial markets, where Mandelbrot first gained insight into the mathematics of complexity while working as a researcher for IBM during the 1960s.

Mandelbrot tried using fractal mathematics to describe the market – in terms of profits and losses traders made over time, and found it worked well.

In 2005, Mandelbrot turned again to the mathematics of the financial market, warning in his book The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets against the huge risks being taken by traders – who, he claimed, tend to act as if the market is inherently predictable, and immune to large swings.

Fractal mathematics cannot be used to predict the big events in chaotic systems – but it can tell us that such events will happen.

As such, it reminds us that the world is complex – and delightfully unpredictable.

More of Jack Challoner’s writings can be found at Explaining Science

A biography of Benoit Mandelbrot can be found here

Main stream science is dominantly event-orientated

Is this why main stream science seems to have some of the difficulties it does?

Event oriented thinking sees the world as a complex succession of events rather than as a system as a whole. An event is behavior that happened or will happen. Event oriented thinking assumes that each event has a cause and that changing the cause will correspondingly change the event. The rest of the system that produced the event need not be considered.


Structural thinking sees the world as a complex structure composed of nodes, relationships, and interacting feedback loops. Once the structure is modeled, simulated and understood the fundamental behavior of the system becomes plainly obvious, making the system’s response to solution efforts predictable.

The central tenant of structural thinking is that the behavior of a complex system cannot be correctly understood without thoughtful construction of a model of the key structure of the system, and computer simulation of that model.

Ideas quoted from subsections of:

The fundamental universe revisited

An exacting approach to the scientific understanding of cosmological reality

Note: [14th of March 2019] The contents of this blog were written before I wrote my blog entitled “The inescapable duality of all things“. There are commonalities between both blogs that I hope to explain in new work one day. I feel that you will find both these blogs interesting and thought challenging.


I have identified what appears to be the natural continuum force of the universe. This force is irreducible and experiential across all frames with the exception of those relating to electricity and magnetism. I have entitled this force “primordial gravitation”. Primordial gravitation has the condition and influence of ether, including the effects of ether. The concurrent relationship between the primordial gravitational force and ether influences the condition for the creation of particles. This means primordial energy also informationally influences the conditions for energy transfer into matter, as well as their associated units of fields. These fields can be explained and demonstrated.


Recently I completed writing a major science work relating to new ideas that I have created in respect to more efficiently, accurately and decisively describe cosmological reality at every possible level. I have selected different sections and topics from this work to share with you in order to give you a reasonable idea about my line of thinking with physics related material today. I have not changed many of my basic science related ideas over time and I have not done so at the present time either. What I have done is create a new scientific descriptive methodology that allows me to more effectively describe and conceptually justify my wide spread ideas relating to not only the universe but also the human condition. I feel far more confident in being able to introduce you to my wider ranging science and philosophical ideas via this new medium of information sharing that I have created. However, my new presentational methodology is more abstract than what you may be accustomed to. Unfortunately this is the down side of my new approach to understanding the wider world around us and what it may mean in all of our lives.

My original paper will not be posted online. The ideas that are contained in this blog today should be seen as superseding other science related material that I have posted otherwise you may become confused and disappointed. As I pointed out above generally speaking my fundamental ideas about reality have not changed. If you do elect to compare some of my original ideas with the content of this blog you may find them to be complimentary to each other but from a different approach. My primary paper is entitled ‘A fundamental description of the universe and its associated workings’. ‘The indivisible continuum’.

From this point onward I have incorporated text my original work into this blog.


I believe that most of contemporary physics theories are missing a critical factor as they attempt to develop a universal theory of everything. I suggest that many mainstream physicists have overlooked what I believe are the two dominating characteristics of the universe. It is my opinion that the universe (the absolute quantity of cosmological reality as we understand it to be) has two separate divisible (DIVIS) and indivisible (INDIV) energy type quantities as well as associated sub- units of energy influences relating to these quantities. I believe that these two fundamental quantities physically and metaphysically mean something with respect our being able to better understand the holistic universe around us and also assisting us to better understand ourselves as well. INDIV and DIVIS could be irreducible and reducible too. My hypothesis is loosely built upon the ideas of the twelfth century philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas but my blog today is not a religious story.

Chart one below demonstrates what I mean by these words:

Reality is in two distinguishable parts:


1: Symbolizes all units of information and influences in universal reality as being indivisible (INDIV).

2: Symbolizes all units of information and influences in universal reality as being divisible (DIVIS).

3: INDIV and DIVIS meet together to complete the three dimensional experiential reality within which we live our lives.

The quote immediately following the note below will provide you a guide to my wider ideas relating to reality physics as well as provide you with clues as to how best to approach different segments I have copied and posted into this blog. My principle intent today is to introduce you to what I believe is an important new tool for scientists to employ with respect to more effectively and efficiently approach their own scientific research methodologies. I apologise that because I have copied an pasted from my other work as I have not only is this work incomplete in respect to my other work but it does not follow a natural continuum either as I earlier mentioned.

Note: You will find throughout this presentation that my science related ideas and statements are not necessarily always in accordance with main stream science meaning and usage. This is because I am a philosopher of science and not a physicist. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to my readers.



 There is a single quantity of information (INDIV) that dominates cosmological reality which includes all life forms as we understand them to be. I also term this single quantity of information as primordial awareness. I refer to this title in many of my existing science blogs.

 There is an additional quantity of information that exists in a concurrent relationship with INDIV and this quantity is DIVIS. DIVIS cannot exist without INDIV.

 Cosmological reality can be explained by this concurrent relationship between INDIV and DIVIS.

 The INDIV and DIVIS quantities can be incorporated within any inertia continuum (foundation) provided their respective conditions and influences (forces) are interpreted, segregated and scientifically applied ethically and correctly in relationship to the stated conditions of the model itself.

 The concurrent relationship between INDIV and DIVIS is not only applicable to our universe but also seems to be pertinent to all other universes and dimensions as well.

Chart two below demonstrates what I mean by these words:

Ourselves and our behavior in relationship to primordial awareness (all that is)


1: Primordial awareness (wider INDIV reality).

2: The Big Bang.

3: Primordial universe (a quantity).

4: INDIV quantity relating to the wider universe.

5: DIVIS quantity relating to the wider universe.

6: The combined INDIV and DIVIS quantities of the universe from which inherent conditions and influences emerge to create change or otherwise do something of every conceivable nature. These possibilities to do something are units of possibilities as well as any resultant condition or influence resulting there from within the universe. These words mean all units of activity within the universe are connected to each other through different fields of quantum conditions and influences (entanglement).

7: Ourselves as units, including sub-units, to do something such as our body organs and INDIV units to think. Furthermore DIVIS consciousness does something that causes subsequent behavior. DIVIS consciousness can be considered and as such is divisible.

A summary of what I believe that the INDIV and DIVIS theory achieves

1. It is a story that appears to fundamentally and reliably bring together all the quantities, units, forces and influences that can conceivably exist within the universe. The story could conceivably also include the conditions and influences that existed before the Big Bang as well.

2. It describes not only how the universe works but also why it works in the manner that it does.

3. It demonstrates that there are two primary types of scientific causation.

4. It defines and describes a continuum that our universe could conceivably be built upon, and where the inherent energy of the universal system might internally emanate from.

5. It demonstrates how and why the universe is a random system.

6. It explains and describes the relationship between the smallest and the most trivial phenomena and the largest in the universe as well. This includes the method and means by which these quantities and units are interconnected, as well as their associated influences and effects.

7. It intimately describes the human condition at every conceivable level, including the manner in which we make decisions and subsequently behave.

8. It explains and describes why there is such a deep and irreconcilable division which persists to this day between the metaphysical scientific predictions of Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Special Relativity model.

9. It is an instrument of instruction that I believe most people could at least partly identify with and believe, in order to form their own views about cosmological reality and its relationship with the human condition, and perhaps wider culture as well.

10. It provides a wide and diverse range of philosophical and scientific information that can define the wider universe and provide the informational base upon which inestimable numbers of shorter investigative stories can be written about.

11. It seems to provide sound grounds for both scientists and philosophers to develop new ideas and theories regarding the nature and origins of the universe.

What my theory does not achieve

From a contemporary mainstream scientific perspective it proves nothing! It is a concept document. This does not mean that my ideas are wrong or phenomenon’s of the type that I have introduced herein do not exist or are worthy of reader consideration. I see my work in progress endeavour today as being a stand-alone fundamental reality theory that stands on its own merits until such time as others can demonstrate a more descriptive and compelling theory. Also see my notes at the end of this blog with respect to this subject.

1. General description

As I stated earlier, I believe that that cosmological reality exists in two parts. I have described these two parts as being quantities. I see these dual quantities as being divisible (DIVIS) and indivisible (INDIV), which not only mean something but also influence units of cosmological information within themselves and each other. Cosmological information is all information and influences that may be related to DIVIS and INDIV. I believe that it is this informational relationship that provides a comprehensive and meaningful understanding of the universe, and insight to into some of the great related scientific mysteries. The types of ideas that you will find include…

A. INDIV may be able to be considered as a cosmological constant because it never decays and so it is a constant everlasting cosmological effect. It provides energy for all phenomena in the universe and its associated effects is ether. We can only ever talk about INDIV as the universal continuum because it is also the force of nature. We can perceive DIVIS as the temporal continuum. We can only talk about INDIV and DIVIS together as information. Some is knowable and some is not, but this does not mean that it is not there.

B. Causation is not restricted to DIVIS units. It applies to INDIV units as well. The concurrent relationship between both is the life force of the universe as we can best perceive it to be.

C. Cosmological reality (the absolute quantity in physics) is about our understanding the relationship between INDIV and DIVIS influences on each other as well as themselves. This relationship relates to energy types, densities, averages and ratios with each other in every conceivable manner in an absolute time continuum.

At this stage, I feel that there are questions that you should consider

Do you think:-

I. That the universe can be separated into two clearly distinguishable quantities. What may I have missed by creating this hypothesis?

II. That the unit system which I have conceived, associated with these two quantities, are representative of universal phenomena at every conceivable level relative to both the INDIV and DIVIS quantities?

III. That I have appropriately nominated the INDIV quantity as being the dominant quantity because I incorporated important phenomena within it such as nature, gravity, the speed of light, intuition and the like into this quantity?

IV. That it makes a significant difference to the validity of my wider hypothesis if I have erred along the way by incorrectly appropriating units to either the INDIV or DIVIS quantity. Can the law of averages apply?

You will find a list of references pertinent to the contents of this blog at the conclusion of this presentation.

2. The relationship between quantities, units, influences and energy. This includes a description of the energy forces at play at the period in cosmic history of the Big Bang

I believe that the metaphorical connecting nodes of this universal relationship between DIVIS and INDIV and their associated units are timeless NOWs. But this is not always necessarily so. I discuss these NOWs in section three. The INDIV quantity may also be seen as metaphysical quantity. I see the DIVIS and INDIV quantities, together with their units of associated energy types, as being in a dynamically fluid concurrent relationship that is mostly unpredictable and random. This unpredictable and random behaviour within the ether effect of primordial gravity could be as is demonstrated in physics circles today. I argue that DIVIS and INDIV influences contain both knowable and unknowable information and so their combined influences of energy cannot be scientifically tested by observation or experiment. However, those that are dominantly DIVIS would need to allow for at least some degree of INDIV hidden entanglement (some physicists say hidden variables), or similar indeterminable universal interference. An example of universal interference is the cosmological influences affecting molecular contraction relating to movement of rods within time dilation theory.

This means that DIVIS and INDIV are representative of units of energy relating to both themselves individually as well as to each other. They mean something worthy of future understanding and investigation. This ‘something’ can also mean communication across the width of the universe in an instant. This force’s behaviour is similar to that in entanglement theory in particle physics, where it has been demonstrated by experiment that the spin of one particle can influence the spin of another particle on the other side of the universe instantly. In other words my INDIV and DIVIS theory means that it is possible for anything to happen across all units of the universe which includes our lives. This idea is similar to the phenomenon of wave particle collapse as a result of observation in particle physics theory. I feel that both phenomena are related.

This inter-relationship between DIVIS and INDIV can be likened to a neural network, and at points where DIVIS and INDIV meet or cross each other, these points can be seen as nodes that have specific informational meaning. Knowable and divisible information emanating from DIVIS includes time, patterns of light and associated densities of light, motion, consciousness (because it can be rationalised and contemplated) and the splitting of an apple into two separate halves. Unknowable but describable INDIV information includes units relating to the origins of electricity, the origins of magnetism, the speed of light (one way in a vacuum), intuition (awareness), thought, gravity and ether in General Relativity theory. These units are to be included with the all-important units of nature and life as we understand and experience them to be. This combined information of INDIV and DIVIS, with associated meaning and influences can then be described as being units of cosmological activity and process along the lines I talked about above. I believe that if DIVIS and INDIV and other related units of influence within the universe did not exist in a concurrent but mutually dependent relationship and ratio with each other, the universe as we understand it to be would not make sense. Furthermore it would probably not exist at all

I say that INDIV primordial gravity wave motion relating to this network (the analogical neural network) at some point, probably before the Big Bang, began to progressively generate DIVIS patterns of unit time of time relating to both DIVIS motion as well as the overall universal unit network which is our universe. This is the universe containing both INDIV and DIVIS units. I suggest it is from this absolute quantity (our universe) that this DIVIS unit of time became knowable and understandable and a unit to assist us, through our curiosity, to progressively context and plan all manner of human endeavour. Clocks that we devised then became the instruments to help us to recognise and explain our existence around cosmological DIVIS time. This is by way of units of time in relationship to movement of objects. Furthermore, I suggest it is from this position that the divisible DIVIS time that we are familiar with today (space/time) progressively became the time/motion reference frame that most physicists have adopted in their theories today. This is the reference frame that scientists tell us is the appropriate manner for us to context everyday reality. Because of this, we have become accustomed to planning and living our lives accordingly. (At the close of the nineteenth century, Lorentz absolute time ether theory was generally seen to be the appropriate continuum inertia frame. Object movement in timeless space was then recorded differently).

As I have indicated I also believe that these same INDIV and DIVIS influences supported the creation of a inertia (the continuum foundation of the universe itself) from which the development of the universe took place, then developed and evolved in the manner that it has and continues to do so. It also seems clear to me that both INDIV and DIVIS influences created the conditions for the Big Bang to occur. This is both before (in INDIV-virtual form) and after the Big Bang in real form. All forces involved collectively created the conditions of energy types, averages, densities and ratios between both DIVIS and INDIV conditions to occur at a particular timeless NOW to create such a Big Bang explosion. The word NOW is important. Remember we are talking about a period in reality space where clock units of time did not exist. Conditions relating to the explosion were simultaneous and as such the DIVIS explosion related only to its own explosion reference frame which included forces existing prior to the explosion itself as I mentioned above.

The creation of preon, quark and gluon particles took place about this period too. These three particle energies are the foundational forces that created DIVIS three-dimensional universal matter. At the indivisible point of explosion a separate and diverse range of electromagnetic field forces complimented these three energy forces of particles. When combined these combined forces contributed to the extent of the massive violence of the explosion by way of their respective DIVIS and INDIV unit energies. The initiating energy for the Big Bang was INDIV energy derivative from the forces, quantities and influences already existing prior to the Big Bang in a virtual DIVIS form in respect to a four dimensional (absolute time) random energy continuum. Keep in mind the respective ratios, densities and averages of these forces played a critical role in this Big Bang event as well. This is why such virtual-DIVIS energy prior to the Big Bang continues to manifest itself today as being primordial noise (cosmic background radiation). It is a four dimensional absolute continuum where nothing is relative except unto itself.

3. Nature and where we fit into this bigger picture

Nature embraces both DIVIS and INDIV units that are common for us all to experience, sense, and see. As I pointed out earlier, I see primordial gravity as being an informational INDIV unit of influence and so you may assume such energy exists relating to influences between both DIVIS and INDIV. I will later explain the concurrent relationship of primordial gravity with undetectable ether pixel energy. Major objects push and pull gravity waves are also INDIV. This is because they travel at C. My concept of their being primordial gravity waves travel beyond C. I believe that we are born with both DIVIS and INDIV features and influences and this means that we are no different from other influences as represented by animals, fish and birds. By this I mean influences that originated from nature (INDIV) in the first place. I argue that the only difference between our own twin influences of DIVIS and INDIV compared to other species is in respect of unit energy types, ratios, averages and densities (degrees of influence) between all of us. I also suggest from these words that as we age and become more widely experienced, the twin influences of DIVIS and INDIV in our lives change in relation to ratios, averages and densities as well, at every conceivable level.

I see the human brain and consciousness as being divisible DIVIS units which can sometimes be measured and tested. An example of this is the Global Consciousness Movement’s activities relating to global atmospheric disturbances (waves) emanating from events such as the collapse of the twin towers in New York and mass bombings that periodically take place somewhere in the world. I suggest that it is these types of both positive and negative influences that impact upon our mind, consciousness and brain relationship globally. These negative and positive influences are the same INDIV and DIVIS influences that cause us to think and act in the manner that we do, however subtle and influential they may be. It should be remembered that Sheldrake’s morphogenic field theory demonstrates the ability of plants and other organisms to influence each other as this ability is a natural part of INDIV nature and so is INDIV intuition as well.

Chart three below demonstrates what I mean by these words:

Our relationship with DIVIS and INDIV:

This illustration also demonstrates how we could not exist without the INDIV influence in our lives.


1: INDIV represents the dominant quantity of informational units of reality.

2: DIVIS is in a concurrent but junior partnership with INDIV informational units of reality.

3: DIVIS and INDIV come together to represent how we live in an experience that combined DIVIS and INDIV units of influences of reality.

4: Ourselves experiencing DIVIS and INDIV in reality.

4. NOWs and how they impact upon our everyday lives as well as the wider cosmological universe

I see both DIVIS and INDIV units of information as being an instantaneous successions of NOWs. NOWs are also units of INDIV influence. Because these NOWs are not related to clock time (they are related to INDIV absolute time) they are a collective representation of all that has ever been and will be with regard to DIVIS and INDIV units of influence within the universe. The universe can also be considered as being a NOW because ‘something’ brought about its existence in the first place and we can never know for certain whether this ‘something’ was a DIVIS influence, an INDIV influence or a combination of both as I have suggested above. These universal units of DIVIS and INDIV can then be seen as a collective representation of all that has historically been, is, or will ever be into the future via a timeless succession of here and now “NOWs”. These include historical [virtual] NOWs before the Big Bang.

When I talk about future NOWs I mean NOWs that are representative of life units of influences that we are either hopeful about, or neutral about, or fear completely. That is, future events may be positive and joyful family activities like Christmas time, or events like sitting by a lake fishing and relaxing, thinking about nothing in particular. NOWs also include negative events such as the imminent death of someone you care for. NOWs therefore are also a representation of their own history and also all conceivable possibilities to do something NOWs. These latter possibilities are NOWs which we may never experience or seek to exploit in respect to any given day or time NOW. These words are akin to Quantum Mechanics theory that says every conceivable for possible to happen is on the table can happen when it is observed. I suggest that this also means life experiences as well. This means that we can change our minds at random by no other means than a whim or a short term distraction whilst we are engaged in some sort of activity or another.

I believe that the naturally present DIVIS and INDIV influences, together with their subsequent effects relating to this infinite continuum of NOW’s in the universe also implies that the universe is not only aware (INDIV) of itself but it is also conscious (DIVIS) of itself. This is at every conceivable level as well. This idea then implies that the universe not only has its own mind (as seemingly represented in physics by entanglement theory) but it can also influence all manner of DIVIS and INDIV influences within itself too. This set of influences may explain the random nature of the universe and how it manifests itself to observers in the manner that it does. I also believe that the universe has its own separate INDIV and DIVIS memories, which could mean that when we die our INDIV selves (souls if you like) can reconnect with the INDIV souls of deceased persons. Because INDIV is also indivisible information, this idea seems to have merit for me. Both souls return to nature after experiencing their DIVIS (organic) earthly experience.

I also suggest that we live in both DIVIS time and INDIV time simultaneously, and that the metaphysical connection node for us between both times is a NOW unit too. As I have said earlier, DIVIS units exist in this same type of relationship. This means that all past, present and future are always connected to this inter-time node. So then, we move step by step with each other metaphorically either side of the connection node (but in reality simultaneously) at all times as though we are part of a timeless movie. Our DIVIS selves cannot of course know about or understand this but our intuitive INDIV selves can. I see this inability to do so as being no more than a inter dimensional one. By this I mean between separate DIVIS and INDIV conditions and influences respectively which could be between a third and fourth dimension. This ability can manifest itself in unusual and strange ways such as clairvoyance, alleged astral travel, out of body experiences, near death experiences, deep meditation and prayer. Other simple ways are knowing someone is looking at you when you are not looking at them, and knowing when someone has died before you have been told about it.

5. The role of observers within the DIVIS and INDIV model

I feel that observers cannot remove themselves from the act of observation and experiment because they are inseparably a part of the frame of reference they are observing, which is itself a NOW. Observers are not only a unit of NOWs, but they are also influenced by DIVIS’s and INDIV’s NOWs at any given event they are observing. These events that they are observing not only include participating individuals in any given event as NOWs but also these same individuals with their inherent and diverse personal NOWs as well. By this I mean that their own INDIV and DIVIS NOWs relating to their life history thus far. This NOW influence relationship at any given event, including lab experiments, also includes the wider universal NOW. I am suggesting that observers are merely an elementary line in the wider evolving analogical barcode of all possibilities to do something in the universe that I described a little earlier. Observers are therefore are an irremovable part of the DIVIS and INDIV universal cosmic whole, and so their act of observation could be prejudicial to the authenticity of the event itself. This seems to be in accord with the fact that when quantum wave collapse occurs when physicists observe an experiment such as if a cat is dead or alive or not. This is physicists Schrödinger’s analogy relating to his thought experiment involving a cat in a sealed box. Schrödinger devised this theory in order to explain the flawed interpretation of quantum superposition in physics as to at what point can it be scientifically determined if the cat in the sealed box is dead or not. As I discussed above from my physics DIVIS and INDIV perspective the analogical cat is always dead and alive at the same time but of course it does not know it. Nor do the observing physicists because they are all located in the same timeless NOW as the cat. Furthermore in my INDIV and DIVIS hypothesis they are all part of the universal continuum of NOW’S simultaneously in relation to clock unit measurement of time. These words imply that as individuals we are cosmologically INDIV’s and DIVIS’S at the same time but like the cat we do not know it.

6. Why the indivisible quantity is the dominant quantity within the universe

I believe that the universe relates to an INDIV inertia continuum that is, from a relativity theory perspective, an unknowable and therefore a metaphysical INDIV quantity. Relativity theory rejects metaphysical phenomena as part of its universal modelling. However, with INDIV, ether theory type models such as the Lorentz electron model is the continuum upon which the universe evolved in the first place, and how it seems to work in the manner that it does. I support ether type theories and my Awareness Model of Reality physics is loosely a representation of this. You will see where I discuss my theory in section six of this blog.

I believe that DIVIS quantities cannot exist without a pre-existing INDIV quantity. This INDIV quantity needs to influence itself and its associated DIVIS units. DIVIS units cannot influence INDIV units. It is for this reason at the outset of this presentation I stated that the universe has two quantities, which includes their associated units. For this reason the primary divisible quantity, manifesting itself via INDIV units of influence is the dominant influence in the universe. This is accentuated by the five points that I have outlined in the introduction.

7. Why the universe is nothing

A story about the Big Bang and what happened from there

In the first instance I will talk to you in general terms. This may help you to better context some of the more complex physics ideas that I will share with you a little later herein. I believe that it was, incomprehensibly to most people, an indivisible (INDIV) four dimensional Primordial Awareness condition that influenced the creation of the universe in indivisible absolute INDIV time. This is as I suggested a little earlier. Primordial Awareness is an abstract ether like state that I conceived that I believe influences all things in all places in INDIV holistic reality time circumstances. This includes other universes and dimensions as well. I believe that phenomena is created, maintained and destroyed by differing energy types, densities, averages and ratios. This same diverse energy relationship is also pertinent to quantum, sub-quantum metaphysical and unknowable cosmological information that is yet to be discovered. Unknowable and INDIV cosmological information conditions and influences include intuition, thoughts, out of body experiences, how did gravity come into existence and what is the origins of electricity and magnetism.

Gluon particles are an important INDIV particle information as well. You will soon find why this is the case. Gluons have no internal structure yet at the same time they hold the universe together. A more advanced science description of gluons can be found here. With regards to unknowable and indivisible information, such information can be considered to be imaginary and or virtual such as the existence of preon particles. Preon particles are also particles that mathematics say exist but they have not been detected yet. Preons are alleged to be one of the essential sub atomic particles related to the creation of quarks. This same mathematical mystery applies to tachyon and dybbuk particles that can allegedly travel beyond the speed of light which also have not been detected yet. There are many others as well. Divisible DIVIS cosmological information is related to phenomenon that can be reduced in its energy type influences in some way and would include such simple things as cutting and apple in half. What I am saying above is that if you have knowledge about sub quantum metaphysical physics these types of mysteries are not unusual at all. Metaphysical entanglement in particle physics is another such phenomenon as well. Often they are referred to as non-local conditions and influences.

I suggest that it is from this diverse range of cosmological information that the energy force type for the creation of the universe occurred. Only energy of some type existed at the immediate beginning of the Big Bang explosion. I refer to this energy as being virtual energy. I have cited intuition and thoughts as unknowable information above because I believe that the wider cosmological reality from which all universes and dimensions emerged is information that is not only aware of itself but it is also aware of all conditions and influences within itself as well. By this I mean in my concept of Primordial Awareness absolute-time. My ideas relating to primordial awareness energy is an INDIV energy type condition that can create INDIV effect conditions such as was needed to influence the Big Bang explosion. In respect to INDIV energy all conceivable possibilities to do something is conceivable. DIVIS effect relates to phenomenon that is not INDIV such as the cutting of the apple. This means that there are two different universal conditions that are capable of engendering conditions of influences of some kind throughout the universe.

I believe that the explosion of the Big Bang created not only quarks and gluons but also the absolute time conditions of primordial gravity. Primordial informational gravity is weak so it is very difficult to detect, sometimes not at all. I say that the primordial gravity, quark and gluon influences created the informational universal condition of a metaphorical carpet of ether across an ever expanding universe. In other words they created the effects of ether. I believe that all “things” in the universe have a particle nature and this includes gluons that have no internal structure. As I stated above the evolution of the universe needs gluons. There are eight different energy types related to gluons and six energy types in relating to quarks. Gluons and quarks are absolutely inseparable and this is why gluons are often referred to as universal cosmic glue. Furthermore gluons can exchange forces and influences within themselves as well. When one combines the inherent energy of primordial gravitation with these fourteen combined conditions of gluons and quark units of energy I suggest that this collective energy condition is the inherent energy condition of the universe. This collective energy manifests itself upon ever aspect of the universe in both DIVIS and INDIV ways as I discussed earlier. It influences itself in a DIVIS and INDIV manner as well. Particles can move between these conditions at will. This relationship is an entangled one in as much that it is a random relationship of units of energy of these combined fifteen different fields of energy (primordial gravity, gluons and quarks). These fields of energy are in an ever changing density, average and ratio with each other and this is why the universe is unpredictably random as physicists know it to be. You and I are beings that are being similarly affected by this dynamic primordial gravity ether condition. You would realise this if you stop to consider your own DIVIS and INDIV units of energy types and influences.

Also see additional information that I have provided at the end of this section relating to the above paragraph.

In respect to these words I see this ether effect as being both the defining force in nature but also as well as the inertia continuum of the universe as well. I see the informational primordial gravity as being the influence that created a second condition of push and pull gravity as related to larger objects such as planets and similar large objects in space. Electrical and magnetic forces also separately emanated from the Big Bang explosion to create a single electromagnetic field and associated radiation that concurrently travels at C with primordial gravity travelling faster than it beyond C. Over an indeterminable period the Big Bang electromagnetic field influenced the creation of immeasurable numbers of sub fields which included those in relationship to the creation of light and the two types of gravity that I have cited. I have discussed my concept of primordial gravity is an INDIV density wave condition that not only has a concurrent relationship with diverse numbers of electromagnetic fields but it influences the density, ratio and averages of light mass emanating there from these fields in relationship to different universal conditions at any given time and location across the universe. Keep these words in mind in respect to what follows.

You will see from my description of this diverse range of energy influences that primordial gravity, quarks, gluons and electromagnetic fields are additionally representative of the strong force in the universe as described by my concept of a universal and immobile ether. (The causal effect of primordial gravity). Metaphysical (structuralist INDIV) preons and INDIV gluons together with quarks and electromagnetic fields are the combinations of energy that make up protons, neutrons and electrons in different averages, densities and ratios with each other. These diverse conditions of energy can be seen as being like the foot print of all DIVIS conditions and influences across the universe. Because these DIVIS conditions and influences (units of energy) are derivative of the INDIV condition of primordial gravity influenced ether as discussed above, these combined conditions and influences describe the universal whole of the universe at every conceivable level. From these words I postulate that my concept of an ether field, that incorporates primordial gravity, detects the presence of individual planets and then guides push and pull gravity into the appropriate range and types of fields that maintain the universal stability of motion between objects that prevent undue universal chaos, but not its inherent wave randomness in respective to wide ranging inter acting fields of information.

I believe that the other allied important matter relating to these words about this guiding ether field is that it can be seen as the same guiding field that David Bohm postulated existed within his Holomovement pilot wave theory of particle physics. I also claim that this ether gravity field detects the gravity forces between two or more masses of objects which include planets hundreds of light years away from each other. The reason why this can occur is that because my concept of primordial gravity which is in a concurrently relationship to the ether, moves in absolute time. This implies that the relationship between the mass of all objects, at any absolute distance and at any distance in relationship to unit clock time, can be mathematical calculated in respect to their differing densities, ratios and averages.

I have discussed the powerful role that gluons play in respect to holding the building blocks of matter together and in turn demonstrate how they work as well. This is more especially so as they holds neutrons and protons together in a stable relationship in respect to its glue like relationship with quarks. This means that gluons are also conjunctional INDIV stabilisers of my primordial gravity ether system which I see as being critical for the stability and consistency of the universe generally but not its associated diverse range of electromagnetic fields which are an energy force unto themselves. As I suggested earlier I believe that gluons are the analogical life blood of the universe and if they did not exist with the energy and conditions type that they do the universe would not exist and nor would we within it as well. This is with the exception of electric and electromagnetic fields. Particles such as quarks would not exist either which are one of the foundational influences in respect to the creation of matter. The additional mystery about gluons is that although they are now accepted in physics as being elementary particles their microscopic structure remains unknown and furthermore it is considered to be indivisible but it can change influences within itself as I discussed earlier. The other interesting thing is that there is no maths to support gluons from its basic physic law but I have read that some of its properties can be calculated.

The influences and conditions of a diverse range of energy types that I have discussed above demonstrate what I consider to be the dynamic and experiential conditions of the universe as a whole. This includes us as well. This universe is what I term as being a primordial awareness quantity. The mysterious INDIV and DIVIS forces at play before the Big Bang took place in a separate and dynamic state of Primordial Awareness and time quantity. I suggest that this means that there is a continuum of primordial awareness across all reference frames of wider reality as well. I believe that the Euler’s equation in mathematics demonstrates why such a notion may make sense. This is because it embraces the transcendental square root of minus one (-1) as presented by i in this equation:

eiπ + 1 = 0 (I acknowledge that the i and the π should be elevated to represent “to the power of”)

This symbolic mathematical symbol represents all possibilities whatsoever within the frame of reference of reality (what ever this may mean) at any given time, place or circumstance.

You will see from my words that gluons are the life blood of the universe. In closing this section I remind you again that without gluons nothing relating to matter and its associated influences could exist in the universe. It is hard to imagine that electromagnetic fields could exist on their own somehow. The microscopic structure of gluons remains unknown. There is no maths physics to support gluons in relationship to physics laws. This means that gluons do not physically exist and as such they are are permanently INDIV (metaphysical) units of energy. However, this INDIV energy holds the universe together. This means that without gluons for all intents and purposes the universe would be nothing. This further means that the INDIV nothingness of gluons are also at least in part responsible for the creation of the universe as well as being almost fully responsible for its associated maintenance and seeming infinite cohesion and associated stability. Another way of saying this is that a physics influence of nothing created another universe of the same nothing and as such the universe can be physically described as being INDIV nothing.

Reference to item seven above.

The following quotation is an extract from my blog Reality with a matrix which was posted in July 2017. I would write these words differently today but never  the less I believe that my readers may better understand the debate that I am presenting to you above if you do. I also strongly urge you to read the associated links to this blog as well because my ideas are supported by credible physics theories.


“Within my blog I regularly talk about both entanglement and non-local phenomena. Non-locality in science has metaphysical characteristics as well, but physicists are prepared to accept this within their theoretical physical models. I have found that there is widespread disagreement within the scientific community as to what entanglement and non-locality really mean. In order to help authenticate this blog, I will clarify my position on these topics for you. You will find this discussion in the reference section of this blog.

Imagine ether to be a seamless parameter free three-dimensional tray of pure clear jelly. [Albeit it being an invisible and difficult to detect field of immobile gas. By this I mean that it is like non-local phenomena that from a layperson’s perspective may be seen as being imaginary]. The jelly is compressible and under certain conditions waves may occur. These waves then progressively move upwards to the surface of the jelly and in the process create their own independent energy along the way.

The jelly must not break the motion of material phenomena passing through it. The upper levels of the jelly are less dense than the lower levels of the jelly. This variation of density in the jelly creates pressure forces throughout the jelly that include the creation of velocity. It is these collective forces that not only permeate the holistic tray of jelly but also influence it as well.

These combined micro and macro phenomena [field forces] that at a distance create non-uniform contact behaviour [interaction] with each other. This is as though it is a neural network entangled within an analogical frame of reference of primordial self-awareness or ether. It is the compressible nature of the ether itself, in a static state, that causes this non-unified random behaviour. It is also because of this non-unified behaviour that the jelly [ether] has a preferred frame of reference. This means that the ether frame is one that collectively and randomly embraces time, motion, velocity, energy and particle size. It is from this non-unified contact behaviour that elementary particles emerge. Elementary electricity and magnetism also emerge. This also means that the holistic [macro] nature of space itself is also in a state of average at any given time and place as well. [Is in some sort of uniformity]. This means it is always fluctuating but not necessarily for the same reasons. Furthermore this means that the ether space has both predictable and non-predictable random characteristics.

These ideas seem consistent with the randomness theory associated with both Einstein’s special relativity theory and Lorentz’s 1904 ether/electron theory. These models are mathematically similar to each other, but they vary in terms of the question of the movement of objects respectively therein. In other words, I am suggesting that my words in this blog today may provide scientists with a few additional clues as to how both these physics models may be finally reconciled. By this I mean via a structurally different ether theory that may never have been considered before. [Albeit being an elementary one].

Furthermore, these differing characteristics of the ether, apart from creating the waves that create gravity, are also separate fields in their own right. Which means gravity itself is a field as well. This in turn, in a macro sense, attracts other wave sources of gravity to it. These words mean that gravity is not only part of the wider space average that I have previously talked about, but also embraces the combined space average of all the other characteristics of the ether frame of reference as a whole. This in turn makes it a new frame of reference in its own right too. By these words I mean this gravitation frame of reference can then conversely become the necessary frame of reference upon which to create alternative material relativity models of physics. These may also include the three models described on a separate hand sheet or information sharing device.

I will now further explain and clarify these words. Within my concept of an ether there exist imaginary [non-local] particles that become identifiable particles on the analogical surface of the ether in the form of surface waves which then interact with each other in relation to the movement embraced within the immobile ether itself. The compressed phenomena associated with the ether causes contractions and expansion of the ether, so that the ether is in a type of perpetual contraction and expansion from which the concept of ether local time originates.

It is the instantaneous momentum of the gravity, together with its inherent particles in a diverse field type and size format that creates identifiable and measurable energy for space itself, and for the associated creation of local matter with both mass and no mass. The gravitational effect then becomes, as I stated earlier, a new state of reference in itself, a state where physical relativity models can then be considered.”


My closing words:-

From the information that I have provided for you today, I believe that because of the all-inclusive nature of my INDIV and DIVIS hypothesis, scientists of the future need only to decide upon what respective unit types of energy are involved within universal cosmic reality. From this point, physicists can then decide in what ratios, densities and averages these energy types need to be appropriately melded into a single quantity of information. I think that this will then provide scientists with the necessary basis of a comprehensive theory of everything.

I believe that I have provided and perhaps demonstrated the fundamental structure of the universe and how it may work. It is also possible that I have provided the elementary information that describes the essential nature and associated effects of wider reality as well. This is by both my description of NOW, as I have demonstrated, as well as the associated Euler’s equation to go with it. By these words I mean the everyday conditions and influences that commonly apply to universal human life within the wider quantum universal experience together with its associated INDIV and DIVIS effects, conditions and influences.

I pay special tribute to the philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274). If I had not accidentally discovered a small section of Aquinas’s writings and ideas I would never had attempted to write such a comprehensive document as this is and be open to ridicule. Thank you Thomas Aquinas!”

Note: This work is a highly original way of describing and explaining universal reality. This is more especially so because it explains in great detail how we fit into this reality as part of the wider interconnectedness of all things at every conceivable level in the universe.

It is for these reasons that I request your support with my copyright interest in this project. Because this blog is a concept document, and because my theory [with exception to the DIVIS feature, which is not testable] I pass it back to my unbelievers to disprove my argument that in the final analysis, reality is an INDIV/DISIV universal reality. Furthermore the universal inertia continuum is indivisible (INDIV).

Existing blog references pertinent to the above

1] Is our universe being tugged from some external source?

This physics article claims that there seems to be movement of hundreds of galaxy clusters in the universe at about 2,000,000 miles per hour. Furthermore these galaxy clusters seem to have mysterious origins that may be beyond our cosmic horizon or perhaps another universe. In other words the article is suggesting that our space time universe is being tugged by some sort of mysterious dark force that may be linked between my idea of there being both INDIV and DIVIS forces working in conjunction with each other as described in my primary blog today.

2] Were the rules of motion in our 3D universe predetermined?

I believe that they are in respect to the INDIV and DIVIS forces that have evolved in absolute time rather than at the Big Bang. As I have suggested in my primary blog today I believe these forces are derivative between my concept of a primordial gravity field and it’s associated ether theory fields.

3] Why is there no precise dividing line between microscopic and macroscopic phenomena?

This blog features quotations by the eminent physicist Antony Valentini. Valentini argues that there is no precise dividing line between microscopic and macroscopic phenomena. I believe that INDIV [indivisible] forces relate to all things except for that relating to electricity and magnetism. Therefore it is correct to say that Valentini’s ideas are similar to my own in this area.


4] How David Bohm focused his (Gnostic) insight into the quantum world?

David Bohm created a Holomovement theory of physics. Bohm’s thesis includes what he refers to as the implicate order. His implicate order is a condition of influences and effects of a similar type to my INDIV hypothesis. Bohm says that elementary particles in the cosmos are amplifiers of information and that this information has no borders. These words also replicate my INDIV/DIVIS hypothesis.

5] Review of Non-local correlations between Electromagnetically Isolated Neural Networks

This very important article is profound in the sense that it shows that it is likely that our consciousness it seated outside of us and this has been proven by reputable physics experiments. Furthermore it demonstrates that metaphysical phenomena such as ghosts are feasible. In my work I refer to this alleged consciousness being outside of us is our own INDIV [indivisible] intuitive consciousness. I argue that our everyday consciousness is DIVIS [divisible] consciousness that is a consciousness that we can internally consider and rationalise, and with INDIV consciousness we cannot. It is a timeless intuition effect.

6] Morphogenic field theory, the great mystery in physics

This blog features a video presentation by Rupert Sheldrake as to how he feels that indivisible fields that can be observed exist. Sheldrake believes that these fields exist in the universe and they provide the conditions for plant, animal, and other life form species to somehow communicate with each other in a non-observable manner.



7] Defining and describing holistic cosmic influences and processes

This blog will be rewritten in the near future. I continue to support the contents of this blog but from within the frame of reference of my primary blog today.

8] Did you know that there is at least 18 different interpretations of Quantum Mechanics?

This is an important blog because it points to what is probably the most serious fundamental problem with mainstream physics today. Particle physics theory is taught as a theory aside from Einstein’s two relativity theories. I think that this is incorrect because all facets of physics should be conducting research theories within a common frame of reference such as my INDIV [indivisible]/DIVIS [divisible] model. By doing this physicists are trying to set aside metaphysical conditions in the universe in order to complete the whole of everything theories.

In contrast to these words quantum mechanics makes strange metaphysical predictions in physics which are akin to my notion of there being a single INDIV force throughout the universe. Physicists have developed at least 18 different predictive models in order to breach the gap between the mysterious metaphysical forces that quantum mechanics predicts against the known understood materialist objects and influences surrounding them which includes cosmologically.

In other words this is another reason why physicists can be seen to be continuing to delve into a bottomless hole with the search for a theory of everything. They are continuing to attempt to ignore the universal INDIV quantity in the universe and its associated force fields.

9] I care to talk about entanglement

Entanglement [with associated non-locality] are fields of metaphysical forces that are understood in physics but cannot be explained. I have prepared this extensive blog regarding entanglement as well as provide a well informed opinion about it. Entanglement is an INDIV [indivisible] force which is related to my concept of there being a primordial gravity. The effects of this gravity can carry INDIV influences across the universe in an instant and this includes reverse particle spin. Also see the blog reference entitled “What travels at 10,000 times the speed of light?” below.

10] What travels at 10,000 times the speed of light?

It is commonly believed that the maximum speed of entanglement influence is about 300,000 km/sec. However, it has been worked out by physicists that the speed of entanglement between particles within the universe is at least 10,000 times the speed of light and some scientists believe it could be up to as much as 144,500 times the speed of light. Furthermore there are other physicists who believe that entanglement may occur at an external time frame of influence where it could be instantaneous. I say that this later position is the case with my INDIV [indivisible]/DIVIS [divisible] theory. Also see the blog reference “I care to talk about entanglement” above.

11] I would like to introduce you to the pure beauty of fractals

Fractal patterns exist throughout all things across the universe and this includes our body organs. You will find by way of example within this blog a beautiful example of how the hidden influence of fractals are immersed within cosmological reality. Here is an example demonstrating how fractals manifest themselves within our body organs as well.

12] Can science create a visible quantum object?

This blog describes a breakthrough experiment that demonstrates that an object can be in two places at the same time. I suggest that this is what may be occurring within my DIVIS/INDIV theory.

13] Do some people think that science is a belief system?

The respected biologist Rupert Sheldrake made a speech relating to the necessity for physicists to combine both metaphysical and physical information into their science models. Sheldrake has made several prominent speeches about his views in this area and as a result of this some professional organisations have banned Sheldrake from lecturing in their institutions. What Sheldrake is really saying is that he supports my concept of a INDIV [indivisible]/DIVIS [divisible] theory.

14] The Future of Fundamental Physics

The respected physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed talks about why he feels that scientists should fundamentally change their thinking about physics. If you read this article it is the same as that I have been talking about in relation to my INDIV [indivisible]/DIVIS [divisible] model today.


15] Albert Einstein and the great ether debate

There is a great debate within the physics community as the whether traditional Lorentz ether theory is a valid theory or not. This is in lieu of the difficulties within the physics community at this time. I believe that ether theory makes a great deal of scientific sense and I have written about it accordingly. There is a little known Einstein lecture that Einstein delivered in Germany in the 1920s that strongly supports ether theory. I suggest that Einstein’s words should dominate this debate today. My INDIV [indivisible]/DIVIS [divisible] theory embraces Ether theory.

16] Comparison of three models of reality physics

The Process, Holomovement and Awareness models of physics are all built upon the condition of their being an INDIV [indivisible] frame of reference. This comparison chart demonstrates how this may be the case.