Different slants of scientific research

From my general  investigations I consider that there are four such slants.

All four seem to be in accordance with the British Science Council’s definition of science. These are:-

1] Positivist Science

Positivist science as promoted by mainstream science advocates that observed phenomena is the only phenomena that deserves scientific discussion and analysis, It ignores any underlying mechanism that is needed to support its position as being of no value or worth. This is more especially so phenomena that is commonly referred to as being metaphysical (not discovered or understood by science yet). This means that positivist science does not seek to prove abstract ideas, laws or principles that may exist beyond observable ‘facts’. Nature,  consciousness, telepathy and visually observable fractal patterns that exist in many things that surround us fall into this category too. They  also include many of our body organs. Positivist science does not attempt to give any significance to the human condition because it is a methodology of absolutism. What positivist scientists are really saying is that such phenomena cannot be incorporated into any scientific structure and as such is without value or worth and is therefore scientifically meaningless.

2] Instrumentalist Science

Instrumentalist science uses research methodologies that regard scientific theories as merely tools to interpret research experimental results with metaphysical phenomena being regarded as being of a limited value and therefore disposable. This means that instrumentalist science does not attempt to seriously consider the nature and workings of holistic reality as we might commonly understand and perceive it to be.

3] Realistic Science

Realistic science can be likened to positivist science but unlike in the case of  positive science with realistic science the act of observation exists independently of any individualised (narrow) form of observation i.e. such as observing an apple. This means that realistic science is postulating that we human beings are merely one type of phenomenon that is part of (say immeasurably entangled with) some sort of  wider holistic reality phenomena and therefore we are inseparable from this whole. This is holistic phenomena  that we cannot stand aside from in order to understand unless we incorporate ourselves within the research methodology (including associated experiments relating thereto ) as well.

4] Noetic Science

Noetic Science research regards scientific theories as tools to help identify and describe the inert metaphysical mysteries of holistic reality and therefore such research is led by imagination and intuition. Noetic science allows for a 4D tesseract (hypercube) construct that can cater for the more accurate description of how holistic reality works and what the mechanisms are that produce all things. * This means phenomena that cause the creation of a holistic network of all things that are implicit (experientially metaphysical and mechanically unknowable or measurable) as well as phenomena that is mechanically knowable and measurable. These include materialistic and mechanically related things and events that we take for granted as we go about our daily lives.

  • Broadly along the lines of my thought blog entitled ‘Consider this idea about thoughts’

I prefer to work with the Noetic model for reasons cited within this blog

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