Where I am right now

A letter from me with respect to my future relationship with my website and my readers

Dear readers,

My regular readers will have noticed that I have not posted many new blogs for several months now. The reason for this is that complications with my health and other domestic matters have necessitated that I switch off for a time in my own interests.

For my new readers, I hope that you find my blogs and ideas in my interesting and valuable. I like to think my retirement hobby will inspire you to think deeply about past and present life and events.

I have decided that the day has arrived for me to seriously walk away from my website because of my age (my memory system is not as reliable as I would like it to be these days which does not help either). No new major works will be posted, but for the time being shorter blogs of interest will be. I also intend to either rewrite or amend some science related documents. Some original material will remain because of its originality of thought and the intent I had with respect to the contents in the first place.

This is regardless of whether such material in them is scientifically correct or makes widespread sense or not. I believe that all information has different meaning and values to different people and therefore this feature in our culture needs respecting.

With respect to my science related projects, with the benefit of hindsight I see some of my works as being significantly more meaningful and reliable than others. Reader feedback confirms this. I have always thought and written about science as I “sense” it should be for the benefit of everyday readers.

Often I have made my own interpretation of such material, and on different occasions I now know that it has been significantly incorrect, but I am sorry if I have distressed you by taking such an approach. I have consistently done my best to support my efforts from primary and secondary sources.

I think that it is worth noting that truly professional scientists say that theirs are valid theories until other better ones come along. As a concept scientist [a philosophical scientist] I can identify with such scientific thinking. I say this because the informational world of sub-quantum mechanics is in my opinion wide open for philosophical scientific interpretation. For such reasons I feel it can be open to be outrageously innovative and different from all that of all other scientific research. [This is because of what Quantum Physics reveals about how things work at a sub-atomic level. My recent blog “Is this a simpler way of understanding reality physics?” is an example of this].

For some time the click meter on my website has shown that each day, on average, seven hundred of you click on my blog ideas and associated presentations. I thank all of my readers for this unexpected and ongoing level of interest  and support. I feel humbled by this!

My website will continue to be supported by my family for at least a decade after my departure from this world. I especially apologise for my website’s present day untidy and unruly condition. Over coming months I will do my best to improve it.

I hope that my efforts on my website over the last six years remain an interesting feature of your present and future life.

Thank you all again and good luck to you all in your own lives.


Is there something that we are missing?

A fanciful little presentation about nothing

In early 2013 I wrote a pocket-sized booklet entitled “Big-Picture Reality – Is there something we are missing?” I referred to the work as being a fanciful presentation about nothing. The booklet was 48 pages in length and its contents were about reality as I “sensed” it might be at that time. There were very few references in the presentation and it was written in a rambling undisciplined style.

When I recently rediscovered this work on my computer, I noticed that I had made it clear at the time that I saw it as being pseudo-scientific and that I just make guesses with my ideas. Furthermore I was not a scientist. In other words there was no pretence on my part that the document was any more than a story and it should be read accordingly. I also made it clear that I was not seeking to prove anything. I never circulated the booklet because I belatedly decided it was a bit of a joke and therefore it was worthless.

Today, however I think that I was a little too harsh on myself for making such an arbitrary decision. With the benefit of hindsight I see my effort at that time contained many of the beginnings of my science related line of thinking and activities today. This includes what I believe in about science.

I am posting the original text in a blog today exactly as I wrote it. This is because I feel that it might contain material and ideas that could provoke students of science to look beyond [over the horizon] the content type and style of science that they might be commonly exposed to in educational institutions today. Other readers may find it to have interesting content as well. The link to a refined PDF version with the same information of the document immediately follows:

Big-picture reality

The importance of the Lockwood memoirs in respect to understanding Australian Labor Party [ALP] politics

Gary Lockwood’s political memoirs offer deep insight into the “raw” nature of the Australian Labor Party “machine” at probably a deeper and more revealing level than any other political historian ever has.

Gary became a member of the Shop Assistants Union at the age of 15 in early 1950’s. From those early days in his political life he has been both a witness and a player in some of the greatest upheavals and changes in Australian Labor party history. This is more so in respect to South Australian ALP politics.

I believe that you will find Mr. Lockwood’s 2011 speech to be both historically fascinating and politically compelling.

Speech to Flory Sub Branch in 2011