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My readers may have noticed that recently I decided to no longer post new blogs with individual news stories. This decision does not mean that the old unique stories that I used to post on your behalf no longer exist, in fact the opposite is true! If you care to read about highly interesting and sometimes controversial events that are usually not covered by the Australian media you will find a good range of articles in my four blogs entitled:

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Geo-politics and the potential for war

Media stories about intrigue, deception, talking and maybe pretending to avoid war

1] INF treaty: Putin shrugs off Trump’s nuclear arms move

Original media story

2] Does Australia need a nuclear arsenal? And what would be the cost?

Original media story

3] Donald Trump meets the end of the Empire

Original media story

4] Japan, India negotiating military logistics pact in tightening of ties Are Australia and The USA going to become part of this pact as well?

Original media story

5] Trump is Forcing China to Reassess its Strategy

6] China’s financial crisis team goes into overdrive with 10th meeting in two months. Is China’s economy really in trouble?

7] Russia Government Works to Curb Dollar Use Amid Sanctions Fears

8] Is Vladimir Putin Is Losing Russia’s Far East?