My favorite philosophical quotation

Profound Einstein quote

I enjoy thinking and writing about philosophy. I also know I am not particularly professional at it. I feel most readers would agree with me this particular verse is written by Albert Einstein would have to rank amongst the most beautiful words that have ever been written in human history. Furthermore it is written in a manner most people are likely to understand.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. It was the experience of mystery — even if mixed with fear — that engendered religion. A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, our perceptions of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which only in their most primitive forms are accessible to our minds: it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute true religiosity. In this sense, and only this sense, I am a deeply religious man… I am satisfied with the mystery of life’s eternity and with a knowledge, a sense, of the marvelous structure of existence — as well as the humble attempt to understand even a tiny portion of the Reason that manifests itself in nature.”

The inherent nature and qualities of the All Seasons Particle

I see this a a defining blog in relationship to my [sub-quantum] Awareness model of physics

I will not talk about the origins of my concept of an All Seasons Particle (A.S.P.). Because I have already discussed it at length in various parts of my website and this includes on pages one and two of my blog titled “The finer aspects of reality – a secular argument”. I have argued that my A.S.P. has two inherent properties. These are primordial awareness (the implicit characteristics relating to my Awareness model of physics) and explicit characteristics which are thoughts. I argue that these two properties operate in a seamless conjunctional relationship with each other and as such I say it is a cosmic field.

I also argue that in a super-luminal (beyond the speed of light), “c” environment, that the property of a thought/s are imaginary particles and in a luminal 3D environment that they are both particles and virtual particles interacting with each other across the perimeter of my concept of a timeless fourth dimension [primordial awareness] and 3D space. For purposes of descriptive convenience I suggest that the boundary between my fourth dimension and space time is an arbitrary Planck length. However, I know that this is not exactly the case at all. I argue that both of these space features are in a concurrent relationship with each other, and from a practical perspective, Einstein’s clock time and Lorentz absolute time, are, for all intents and purposes in both a concurrent, but interacting, relationship with other. My blog Two dimensional big picture reality is indicative of these words. Also see Important note about the formation of the virtual version of the SMUT particle. This blog provides information about the formation of the SMUT particle, which is used in an experiment entitled “The static mass universe tracking particle experiment” that helps establish the existence of the All Seasons Particle.

I will now quote extracts from my blog titled: “The finer aspects of reality – a secular argument” which will serve the purpose of introducing my readers to the inherent nature and qualities (properties) of my concept of an A.S.P.


“…I argue that before the Big Bang, there existed a 4D dimension along the lines that I have just discussed. I believe that there existed a universal cosmic particle that informationally created the Big Bang in the first place, and that this particle has universal cosmic properties by which it can transverse all other dimensions and universes. An experiment has been devised by my associate that may assist in establishing the truth of this statement. …”

“…I suggest that not only did my concept of a universal particle create the characteristics that caused the Big Bang in the first place at a virtual and implicit level, but it also created the implicit phenomena that constitute 3D space as well. By this I mean that the elements of primordial awareness (embracing the universal particle/s) can be seen as a type of cosmic space foam that manifests itself as a wave throughout our universe. In a broader sense I am suggesting the following:-

The universal particle took upon itself both implicit and explicit characteristics. The implicit characteristics are the virtual (metaphysical and massless) characteristics that existed in my concept of a fourth dimension in the first place. The explicit characteristics it bought with it I see as being a molten plasma of quarks, leptons (sub-quarks) and gluons (particle binders necessary to create material atoms). I believe that this cocktail of activity that was taking place at the time of the Big Bang, once the plasma cooled, was like minute strings of material elements of my concept of a universal particle. I believe that these same strings account for the creation of tachyon fields which are a prerequisite for the creation of all Higgs particles, including us. …”

I argue that the same universal properties of my A.S.P. are naturally the essential features of all phenomena whatsoever. And, as I suggested earlier this is both in an implicit and explicit environment. This also means the Higgs Particle could be seen as merely one of an unlimited number of possibilities to do something (explicitly or implicitly). My A.S.P, because of its dualistic properties and thought/s (thoughts could be virtual particles waiting to do something) this phenomena has not only its own inherent awareness but also it has memory. The A.S.P. can remain in a fixed state in which circumstances it does not decay i.e. has mass and if it so elects to, can render its properties of energy and speed to mass only (other properties being virtual/imaginary in the physics sense). This also means it could covert itself into an allied particle altogether (such as a Higgs Particle or a Tachyon).

The difference between the Grant SMUT Particle and my concept A.S.P. Particle and any sub-particles thereto (such as Grant’s SMUT Particle) is that my A.S.P. can travel instantly at will between all other dimensions and universes. Sub-particle variants to my A.S.P. cannot do this. I argue that sub-particles are restricted in movement to space-time activity or to an adjacent anti-matter universe or the inter-universe bulk. In my wider writings about this subject I suggest at the time of the Big Bang my (imaginary above c, A.S.P.) moved from an imaginary state to an ever dynamic virtual status. By this I mean like patterns of virtual particles (implicit thoughts) that formed sub-quark like properties, properties that progressively processed themselves around one or more of the twenty cosmic numbers (cosmic constants) that all directly influence and control the whole of our 3D universe reality. This includes all allied characteristics (for example variances of colour) as well. This not only includes our 3D universe but also us along the way.

I will close this blog by quoting from the same paper that I cited above. I have written up additional ideas that I have about the A.S.P. in hardcopy. Readers should note that I am quoting was written nearly three years ago and as such the science terminology I used then does vary to that I employ today. However, I believe will my readers will be able to identify with the parallel nature of the language that I use between both.


“…These strings (embryonic virtual particles) are derivative of thought, mass (possibilities to do something) self awareness and instantaneous velocity. The strings are the embryo of future particle properties. From this a wave pattern is created amongst this chaos and eventually packets of strings come together that fluctuate in unison. These blocks begin to resonate, themselves (as blocks) and doing so create their own energy field and associated wave. In essence these blocks symbolise the fact that what was once single properties have been slowly converted into a single possibility that has identifiable scientific meaning. The process of connection is referred to by standard model physicists as the Brownian motion. In short I claim CP particles (All Seasons Particle) are the single phenomena that emerges from the volcanic tunnel and with its universal properties (imaginary mass, energy and speed) can do all things in all manner of ways. This is why I have nominated it as being an all seasons particle. This includes imaginative intention because it can both think and is aware and it still retains the same properties of all knowing total awareness. This is because it was derivative of my fourth dimensional home in the first place. This includes all possibilities to do something after it has melded with thought. …”

“…For purposes of this explanation I shall refer call my CP particle (All Seasons Particle) as being in a space time frame traveling just under the speed of light. I shall call its essential properties of energy (thought), mass (all possibilities) and speed (which can in this instance be variable) as not being real at all, but virtual. This position best suits my purposes to better explain things along the way. This means while the particle can be seen as virtual in real terms it is not they really exist. I argue the CP particle created another particle similar to itself but a particle with mass only, with the characteristics of energy and speed, not virtual but imaginary. I argue it is this rearranged state of the CP particle is what is commonly referred to as a tachyon field. This tachyon field is able to lower its own energy. As such it forms a particle, a particle in the form of a condensate. I argue this condensate has positive energy characteristics but whilst in its uncondensed state (field) form it has negative energy characteristics. It is generally excepted in the standard model of physics it is the positive field that is referred to as a Higgs particle whilst residual negative tachyon fields remain exactly as that – a simple tachyon (even though it is scientifically still a field).

I sum up my position in the following way. I see how the condensated characteristics of a tachyon become the embryo of a Higgs particle and the negative components of the uncondensed field remains important for the conveying of individual strings of the sub-CP particle (SMUT particle) to involve itself being entangled in all manner of new phenomena (converting possibilities into what we commonly refer to as every day reality). However, this creation process remains below the speed of light. As far as the Higgs particle is concerned (with positive energy properties). I feel it can be argued that once it has been fully developed, it has a tachyon type of engorged mass and characteristics, which in turn evolve into specific atoms and molecules (something scientifically real) to do something. In other words, incorporating some ideas from others, (such as Grant), my CP particle (all seasons) type of particle is the instigator of all that we commonly refer to as reality. …”