Review of Non-local correlations between Electromagnetically Isolated Neural Networks

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This paper seems to have long term important implications for us all

The implications of the attachment are scientifically significant. I present to you both the abstract as well as a section of the conclusions of this document. What they effectively mean is that our consciousness rests outside of our bodies and this in turn opens the door for the possibility that paranormal phenomena can be explained.



Evidence presented by R. Pizzi from the University of Milan Italy in papers[1,2,3] and derived from personal correspondence [4] suggest that neural network colonies grown from a single cell with identical DNA are able to communicate when they are electromagnetically isolated from each other. If true, the implications of this discovery for brain research, cognitive science, the role of DNA medical applications, and the development of quantum computers are highly significant. This report presents the evidence I have been able to gather to support the veracity of this discovery. Our intention is to determine whether sufficient evidence supports the reality of this effect and whether or not verification experiments and further exploration of these phenomena is warranted.”

Quote drawn from the conclusion of this document:

“…3) What is the correct explanation? If the signals are related and electromagnetic communication can be ruled out what then is the mechanism that connects the two living neurons?

ANSWER: Some form of [metaphysical] quantum entanglement appear likely candidates however we recommend treating this experiment as an empirical phenomena for which a theory is still to be evolved.

In conclusion we feel the implications of this discovery for brain research, cognitive science, the role of DNA in medical applications, and the development of quantum physics is extremely significant. Furthermore the evidence outlined in this report is compelling enough to justify both further investigation and efforts for organizing verification experiments in an independent laboratory.”

You will find the original online document here

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Important note about the formation of the virtual version of the SMUT particle

When virtual forms of SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particles form they do so just like any other virtual particle

Readers without physics knowledge will find it difficult to fully understand and appreciate the series of drawings that follow. For such readers this blog has been posted so that you know such an experiment exist and furthermore it is detailed in both scope and nature. For readers with a science background you will find an extended description of the experiment if you click to The static mass universe tracking particle experiment. If the SMUT particle experiments can be validated in a laboratory it would confirm the scientific merit of the Awareness model of physics. Please be advised that new SMUT particle text has been added to the blog A closer look at the SMUT particle on 25/Nov/14.

When other virtual particles are formed they form with an anti-particle equivalent. This is in accordance with the laws of physics. The same is true for the SMUT particle when it forms as a virtual particle. It to is created with an anti-SMUT particle equivalent. Once again, this conforms to the laws of physics. However, there is a difference: Because the SMUT particle and anti-SMUT particle cannot move back towards each other they cannot annihilate each other to form energy. This has implications for The static mass universe tracking particle experiment. It means that the SMUT particle will not be destroyed before it can be detected. It would also be easy to detect because it has an anti-particle opposite number with it. Also, other sub-atomic particles would be created in the experiment and some of them may reach the particle detectors as well.

Here is a simplified explanation of the static mass universe tracking particle experiment:

SMUT particle experiment a short explanation