Have you ever wondered what keeps you in organic and cosmic balance in tune with the wider universe?

Welcome to the wonderful world of fractals

Have you ever wondered what keeps you in organic and cosmic balance in tune with the wider universe? You may feel this is a fanciful story but it is not. This blog is about fractals, Fractal theories are not likely to be taught in schools because I have read it is impossible to reconcile phenomena of this type within Albert Einstein’s equations relating to the distribution of space matter. However, regardless of this possible difficulty I will discuss with you what I feel is the phenomena that not only holds us together but helps set directions in our lives as well. I am not ignoring the role gravity plays in organically stabilizing us but I am ignoring this phenomena for now as well. I think you will find the fractal story a fascinating one. It is far too big a story to relate in a few words but I will do my best by means of metaphors. The well illustrated file attached has been inserted to assist you in this respect.

I think it is true to say without fractals there would be no such thing as cosmic balance. This means all things appear to be fragmented and chaotic. This includes within and around you and me as well. Fractals are like a system of identifiable inward-order of all things, an order that is staring us all in the face if we care to look for it. This includes flowers in our garden, my lungs, the shapes of ram’s horns, the shape of a shell fish and nearly all phenomena that is imaginable, including behavioral aspects of the cosmos itself. I believe all things in life, including a mere thought are different in some way, however subtly. However, amongst these differences are entwined an invisible system that brings some sort of degree of similarity of these differences which eventually grows into patterns of differences. It could be said these differences make a difference to differences which in turn can be seen to be like a neural network in our body. Furthermore these patterns both change and are infinitesimal in size and you will see this in the complexity of all of nature which includes the head of a simple rose. Have a close look at a rose flower. The patterns of the petals are not random. There is a distinct pattern within their organization from the heart of the rose. This is a non-liner process, a process that needs merely a minute amount of energy to both kick start it and keep it functional. Every petal of the rose that grows is resultant from a tiny puff of new energy and it is the inherit fractal guided energy within the cosmos that brings with it the same inherit fractal patterns that this rose petal is guided by as well (see illustration within the associated file). This same process manifests itself in all things and it is because a famous mathematician by the name of Mandelbrot we have been privileged to better understand these things and it is also the result thereof I was able to develop the blob-physics idea in my efforts to help understand reality at every conceivable level.

Mandelbrot has identified and described the amazing world of fractals in nature and furthermore has been able to show how computers can be programmed to replicate every facet of nature in a manner that is nearly impossible to visually differentiate from original images emanating from nature. He has identified the role of a fourth dimension in relationship to our fractural connection with wider consciousness. He has identified curves in cross sections of magnetic fields that he suggests implies there is a 3D link to electromagnetism and it is therefore a deeply structural and fundamental part of life. Mandelbrot’s idea are akin to Bohm’s Implicit order model and also underpins my own beliefs in relationship to me linking blobs (patterns) of information and knowledge to each other. This in turn lead me to attempt to better understand all that we commonly perceive to be reality.

I feel that you will enjoy the following url links relating to fractals.

Arthur C Clarke talks about fractals

Fibonacci Fractals and Inorganic Teleology

My friend Fred

Fred and I worked in a retail store

I first met Fred around 1971. We worked together at a large regional retail store in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. We regularly ate lunch together and over time we began to socialize with each other; this continued even after we both left the company. During this period we got to know quite a bit about each other, including our respective life values, hopes and life-long aspirations. However, more importantly than this, we shared our views about there being the possibility of a bigger picture pertaining to reality. In other words, the meaning of all things and what life is all about.

I entered university as a mature age student and Fred did similarly around two years later. We saw very little of each other from that period onwards as our lives went in different directions because of our respective marriages. I had a young family and  Fred was determined to reach the pinnacle of his academic career. I had always felt that Fred was highly intelligent, and I believe that his Catholic upbringing played a large part in his progress. His impeccable sense of honesty and dedication to any task  set him apart from most others. Fred completed a Ph. D. in Biology and later IT studies. As far as I know he now works for a large interstate bureaucracy

The reason I created this blog is because one day around 2000 I received a note from Fred suggesting we get together to once again chat about all things between birth and death. We did eventually meet but our busy life styles at the time were not conducive to meaningfully connecting in the way I had hoped it would. It was apparent to me that our educational differences also probably played a part in this failure to communicate.

Because Fred and I are both living around the fringes of permanent retirement. I will periodically insert material into this blog that I feel may be of interest to him with the hope we may one day resume old times chatter about all things between birth, death and perhaps more speculatively, even beyond that.

The dynamic feature of the Awareness physics model is the SMUT particle

A practical experiment that supports the Awareness physics model

The following sub-atomic particle testing project is a joint experiment between Freeman and Grant. This preamble introduces the presentation that describes a physical experiment that supports the Awareness model hypothesis.

We demonstrate a test to authenticate the Awareness model as well as its perceived, diverse benefits to science. The Awareness model of physics is an all embracing theory that attempts to explain and describe all important facets of reality as we understand it to be. This includes the primordial beginnings of all existence. The Awareness model is akin to the Bohm holographic (implicit order) model which is well known in science circles, but there are technical differences and one of these is that the Awareness model defines and describes as specific (secular) commencement point for all of reality. The Bohm model does not.

The Bohm mode has been favorably tested whereas the Awareness model has not. The attached file provides evidence as to how a single type of physics particle can not only be tested but also provide some important complimentary benefits for physics as well. These include finding the centre of the universe and energy generation. There are other benefits as well which are discussed in a separate question and answer forum. The experiment sets forth to demonstrate the existence of a particle which has imaginary momentum. We have nominated the particle as being named the Static Mass Universe Tracking (SMUT) particle. The manner in which the experiment is created is also described.

The testing model is incorporated within the single pdf file that follows. This file provides all information in relationship to the experiment project. This includes a Q & A answer sheet that we feel is relevant for readers to be aware of. A series of separate blogs have been set aside for easier reader understanding. It is the same information as in the pdf file which is in a complete form.

The SMUT particle experiment master copy

The Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle experiment

A scientific experiment to validate the Awareness model of physics

In other areas of this website we have mentioned scientific theories and ideas that are groundbreaking or unconventional. What is described below is a scientific experiment to support the concepts we have put forward. This experiment has practical applications beyond our theories. These applications will also be discussed here-under.

Premise: We believe that if particles with imaginary properties, i.e. (imaginary charge, imaginary spin, imaginary mass) and so-on exist, then particles with imaginary momentum must exist, as it can be an attribute of a particle. The most famous particles with imaginary properties are tachyon particles.

If a particle has imaginary momentum (which is imaginary motion) it cannot have real momentum (real motion). It therefore must be static because imaginary motion would completely exclude real motion. We call this particle the Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle. “Static mass,” because it is a static mass and “Universe tracking” because it tracks through the universe in relation to a side experiment that can be done in addition to the main experiment we are proposing.

We should state here that our experiment is not related to proving relativity physics concepts. Our work is more akin to the holographic model of cosmology (Bohm).

This is a concept statement of a hypothesis we support

Preamble: If the SMUT particle can be measured it proves that other particles, like the all seasons type particle of our theory can exist. We further believe that it is possible to measure the SMUT particle via conventional scientific apparatus, we will further describe the experiment in this document. For those that are not familiar with cosmology and physics what we are saying is that this new particle we are talking about does not move with the expanding universe, but remains static at its point of creation. We believe if our hypothesis has merit, the implications for science are significant.

For now we will go on to describe some key concepts that must be known about the experiment. A vitally important piece of information is that we ourselves are not static in the universe. We are moving with the universe, by this I mean the Earth is rotating beneath us, it also orbits the Sun, the Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy travels through the universe. We are always moving along with the Earth. What you have to remember is that the SMUT particle is not moving with the Earth or any other astronomical body. It remains dormant at the point it was created. The SMUT particle gives a very convincing illusion that it is moving, but this is only an illusion. What is really happening is that the Earth and therefore we, because we are on the Earth, are moving away from where the SMUT particle was created. Furthermore the speed the SMUT particle travels at is the sum of the motions we and the Earth are experiencing. When we create a SMUT particle in the lab, the lab is pulled along with the rotation and orbit of the Earth and the SMUT particle is left behind where the lab and ourselves once were.

The SMUT particle does not break the laws of science

Another key concept of our ideas is that the SMUT particle does not break the laws of science, including causation or conservation of energy. It is not indestructible, it can be converted into energy and it behaves for the most part like any other particle. It stays in a wave form until observed and becomes a particle like any other atomic particle/wave would. This is important when it gets detected in the experiment as described below. Another important facet of the SMUT particle is that it cannot have zero rest mass as a photon has, because zero rest mass particles dissolve into energy if they are stopped or are static. The SMUT particle has to have a measurable mass in order to exist. This will help in its detection in the experiment. Its other attributes, apart from magnetic charge and imaginary motion/momentum are not relevant to our endeavor.

The experiment described in this document utilizes existing technologies and theories which we will mention here but not go into detail as it would be redundant, as such information is publicly available for those who search for it. However, for the benefit of laypeople it is appropriate for you to appreciate that energy exists in any forum whatsoever including in a vacuum. This effectively means if a universe was a vacuum there would be energy inherent in it anyway. This can be demonstrated by the well known Casimir effect. The process uses two mirror like metallic plates with no electric charge put close together. They interact with the virtual energy of a vacuum in a way that draws such energies, and their related particles, into our reality. The Casimir effect is a way of turning virtual particles that make up a vacuum of space into real (material) particles. When a virtual particle is drawn into real space (our reality) it becomes a real particle that we are familiar with like an electron, photon, quark, lepton and so-on. Sometimes the type of particle drawn into real space has a very short lifespan, but that does not invalidate the fact it was drawn into real space.

The relevance of the Casimir effect to the experiment

We will now talk further about how the Casimir effect must play a part in the main experiment. The Casimir effect is used in the experiment to bring into reality the SMUT particle, along with the other virtual particles and energies. SMUT particles, like other virtual particles, would already be in virtual form in a vacuum. In this case we are using the Casimir effect to draw the virtual version of the SMUT particle into reality. We need to do this in order to measure them with conventional scientific measuring devices. In the graphics below, the device employing the Casimir effect would be at point D in the topmost part of the experiment diagram. A secondary diagram describes a customized version of Casimir plates that the experiment needs in order to work.

The arrangement and type of atomic particle detectors use in the experiment

Points B and C in the diagram of the SMUT particle experiment (first diagram below) are spherical arrangements of atomic particle detectors. The detectors needed in the main version of this experiment would be ones that the SMUT particle could travel through and be detected on its journey. On the other hand, if you want to use the SMUT particle experiment as a generator, which is possible, you would use a detector that absorbs the SMUT particle and other particles created in the experiment. For this you would use a very simple detector made of a dense metal (like lead) plate that the SMUT particle would crash into on its journey. This would reduce the particle to energy. This type of detector is called a Microchannel plate detector and is already used in scientific research. Scientists measure the radiations emitted when particles strike the metal plate. This gives them information about the quantum particles they are studying.

For the main experiment you would use detectors that the SMUT particle would travel through and not absorb the SMUT particle. These are much more complicated devices than a simple dense metal plate. These are run on the premise that there is something that the particle being observed interacts with as it passes through the area where it is recorded. Usually the substance being interacted with is gaseous, hence the name Gaseous ionization detector. The neutrino detector is an example of this concept. It sometimes uses chlorine as the substance that the neutrino particle interacts with, however the chlorine is in a liquid form in this type of detector.

Use of an atomic clock in the experiment

It is important to note is that we are using two layers of detectors. This is to detect if there is any change in “perceived motion” of the SMUT particle. We do not know at this time what direction or speed the SMUT particle will travel in, or at what speed. We may detect a variable speed in the SMUT particle’s journey, and that would give us clues about the Earth’s, Sun’s and Milky Way’s movement in the universe. The same goes for using an atomic clock (ultra accurate clock) in the experiment. The atomic clock represented by point A in the upper part of the experiment diagram is set off when the first SMUT particle is produced. We measure the time it takes to get through the detectors. This tells us the “perceived speed” of the SMUT particle. This can also tell us about the movement in the universe of the Earth, Sun and Milky Way, because it would tell us what kinds of speeds those astronomical bodies are traveling.

The relevance of Earth’s motion in the experiment

In the experiment our goal is to produce a stream of SMUT particles for a single day. The idea is to track where they land in the spheres of detectors around point D, where the SMUT particles originate in the experiment. As mentioned earlier, the Earth is moving and we are on the Earth. So is the lab the SMUT particles are generated in. The idea is that as the Earth rotates the lab and the sphere of detectors rotate with it. The result would be that the SMUT particles would always “move away” in one direction only – that being the opposite direction to where the Earth is moving to. Thus, as the Earth rotates and because the SMUT particles always “move away” in the same direction, a circular pattern would appear in the spheres of detectors. This is described in a diagram below. It would look like a circle drawn around the edge of the detection spheres. It is like rotating a roll of cardboard and putting pen on it. The pen stays static in your hand while the roll of cardboard is moving. This is what is happening with the SMUT particles, they are static while the detectors are moving. We see the SMUT particle as “moving” and the detectors as static because we are moving at the same rate as the detectors. The detectors are static on the Earth’s surface, as we would be standing near them. That gives the illusion that the SMUT particle is moving and we are not.

The ring pattern is important, it proves the SMUT particle exists. If the particle did not exist there would be no ring pattern in the detectors, all you would see in the results are a random assortment of other particles hitting the detectors. You would still get those particles in this experiment, but you would see amongst the random hits a circle pattern going around the sphere of detectors. The ring pattern would look something like an equator around a globe of Earth model, but a bit more offset.

For further information about the Awareness model of physics click the link below:


A PDF containing the important parts of the SMUT particle experiment can be found here:

The SMUT particle experiment master copy

Main diagram referred to in text above:

Static particle experiment 1 new

Other supporting diagrams:

Static particle experiment 2 new


custom casimir plates with text

A secondary experiment to the SMUT particle experiment

A side experiment that could yield important data for the science of cosmology

One thing that can be done as a secondary experiment is to set off the SMUT particle generator once every six months. You would compare the direction of the SMUT particles “motion” in to the position of the Sun as seen from Earth at six month intervals. You would measure the difference in angles every six months and use them to triangulate the centre of the universe as the SMUT particle is perceived to always be “traveling” in the opposite direction to the motion of the universe. This would mean a stream of SMUT particles would always point to the area the Big Bang took place in.  Having said that, modern theories about cosmology state that the universe has no centre, thus the most likely outcome would be that there would be no difference in the direction the SMUT particles. They would “travel” in the same direction without any any deviation no matter what time of year they were generated.

If there is some measurable difference in the direction of the SMUT particles, and we say there would not be any change, the information the side experiment gives could be used to help calculate the size of the universe and thus it’s mass, and also calculate Earth’s position in relation to the centre of the universe. Also in this side experiment having two layers of detectors is important because it would let us know if the SMUT particles appear to be accelerating or decelerating. This would tell us about the motion of Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the acceleration rate and current speed of the expanding universe. All of these phenomena would be immensely useful in cosmology.

The expected “intuitive” outcome many people would expect this experiment to have:

find centre of the universe incorrect

The result the experiment would most likely actually have:

find centre of the universe likely outcome

How to use of the SMUT particle experiment as an energy generator

It is possible to use SMUT particle as a free energy source

If the SMUT particle experiment were done using Microchannel plate detectors that absorb the SMUT particles and other particles that would be created instead of just detecting them, then the experiment would become an energy source. In conventional atomic experiments if a particle is created the energy you get back is always equal to the amount of energy used to create the particle in the first place. This conforms to the laws of energy conservation. With the SMUT particle experiment this is not the case. You would create the particles [SMUT or otherwise], but no energy is used to create it or make them “move.” By that I mean draw the virtual SMUT particle and other particles into our reality and the universe moves past them while it stays still. What would happen is that the particle are reduced back to energy when they hit the detectors in this variation of the experiment. The energy of the particle’s journey is added to the Microchannel plate detectors. The energy that the Microchannel plate detectors accumulate could be harvested and put to use. To summarize: The energy of the impact on the detectors was not part of the creation of SMUT particle and other particles or their “motion”, thus you are getting more energy out of the process than you put into it. Therefore it could be used as an energy source. We entitle this configuration of the apparatus of the SMUT experiment a Static mass reactor.

How the SMUT particle experiment set up would work as an interstellar compass

It is possible to use the SMUT particle as a navigation aid

This is an idea that will make any anime fan squeal with joy, particularly if they are into outer spaced themed anime. In many space opera anime there are devices that works as interstellar compasses. No matter where they are in space they always points in the same direction. They serve as a navigation aid. Even if the starship they are installed within had to undertake extreme maneuvers, the device would always point the same way. One could argue a gyroscopic compass could do that, but it is also possible to use the SMUT particle experiment in the same way. When a SMUT particle is generated it always appears to “travel” in the same direction. It will appear to move in the opposite direction to the expansion of the universe. Therefore if the experiment was set up on a starship it would appear that the SMUT particle would always be moving in the same direction, so it could be used in the same way as a compass. This would be achieved by comparing where the SMUT particle was generated in the experiment (a known fixed point) apparatus to where it is detected in the apparatus (again, a known fixed point). This would give a measurable line that works just like the needle of a compass, that is, always pointing in the same direction.

Likely questions about the SMUT particle

Note: Written in the first person as a Q & A session, my associate in the SMUT particle project agrees with my answers below.

Could SMUT particles act as a stabilizer to the universe?

This is a question that is worth exploring, but I do not have an answer to it. If SMUT particles exist in the universe, and are motionless within it, they might act as some kind of support structure to the universe. Possibly even contribute to dark matter? I don’t know. Although this is an idea I do not have anyway to prove, I think it is worth further investigation. SMUT particles as dark matter and the universe’s support structure are not concepts I want to commit to one way or the other.

Could the SMUT particle be used as an anti-gravity device?

No, I am talking about sub-atomic particles, they would not have the mass to lift anything at a level that scales with our macroscopic world, even if it were used in vast numbers. Also, I clearly say it is not indestructible. If it were to go through a powerful gravitational field, but not fall into it, then it would lose energy just like any other particle, this process can get to a point where any particle could lose enough energy to become nothing but energy, and the SMUT particle is no exception.

Could the SMUT particle be used as a drilling device?

No, for the same reasons as it not being able to be used as an anti-gravity device. It is too small and has too lower mass to act as a drill, even if used in large numbers, and the process would convert the SMUT particles to energy it anyway. It would be like drilling with a flashlight, it doesn’t work because the photons from a flashlight beam would not interact with matter in a way that would drill through it like a power tool.

Could the SMUT particle be used as a laser?

No, laser beams are made from photons, SMUT particles and photons are not the same thing. A photon has a zero rest mass, meaning no mass while it is motionless. A SMUT particle must have a rest mass, being motionless it has to have a definable measurable mass while it is motionless or it would dissipate before it could ever form.

What causes the creation of virtual SMUT particles before they were bought to the “real” universe in the SMUT particle experiment?

I would say the Big Bang, or atomic and sub-atomic reactions would do this. Energies captured in the Casimir effect could also become SMUT particles. There is much about these sorts of sub-atomic and atomic reactions we are yet to discover. I would be willing to say that the SMUT particle could be created in some of those reactions, and created as virtual particles in the quantum foam in the vacuum of space.

Why did you come up with the SMUT particle experiment?

To be taken seriously a scientific hypothesis needs an experiment or mathematical formulae (preferably both). I came up with a hypothesis – particles with imaginary attributes exist. The SMUT particle experiment is a way of proving the hypothesis by putting a particle with imaginary attributes into a position where it can be observed and measured by detection technology that exists today.

Could the SMUT particle and SMUT particle experiment be use as a clock?

Yes, the SMUT particle could be used to measure time, by measuring the time it takes from when it was generated at the Casimir plates to when it gets to the detectors. However, this is totally redundant as the SMUT particle experiment apparatus already contains an atomic clock.

Can the SMUT particle experiment be used to detect cosmic motions we do not know about?

Yes, when the SMUT particles are measured in the main experiment calculations can be made that can factor in known motions like the Earth’s rotation, any ground movements, the motion of the Earth’s orbit, the gravitational effects of the moon and planets on the Earth and various other influences that may affect the experiment’s results. After deducting all the known influences, motion effects may be found that we currently do not know about. This information would be useful in the field of cosmology.

Are SMUT particles, or at least virtual SMUT particles, part of the quantum foam that makes up the vacuum of space?

Yes, virtual SMUT particles, and virtual All Seasons particles, are like all other types of virtual particles are part of the quantum foam. However, they are most likely not a significant part of the quantum foam.

Almost miraculous photographs survive picturing of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941

Graphic photos of the bombing taken by a simple Kodak Brownie Box Camera

Recently a friend sent me an email which had some interesting photographs attached to it of the bombing that took place on Hawaii just prior to America’s entrance into World War Two. It is alleged that the photographs were taken by a sailor on a ship adjacent to the bombing by a Kodak Brownie camera. The camera was found fairly recently (2014?) and it was found that the film remained in excellent condition and the photographs that were developed from them were both of a very high quality and extremely unique. It is for these reasons I have elected to share them with you today.




















The incredible nature of morphic resonance and morphic fields

Are morphic fields dominating our lives? I think that there are good reasons to believe that they are.

The interesting feature about morphic field theory is that it relates to biology, more particularly to the development of plants, their morphogenesis genes and their associated relationship to the development of animals, which includes us. Morphic fields can be seen as biological fields, or developmental fields which can be directly linked back to quantum field theory in conventional physics.

I feel the important thing you should appreciate in that morphic field theory is that all cells in our body (and all life forms as well) are derived from other cells and that all cells exhibit fields of organization. Genes are part of this organization but they do not explain the organization itself which is where I think my Awareness model comes into play with its concept of blobs, links; weak links, strong links and dead links with scientifically determinable values. This is in accordance with Quantum Homotopic Field Theory relating to space quantum foam.

I have attached an article from Nexus Magazine, volume 12, number 3 (April – May 2005). Despite its age I believe it is a credible article that is supported by ideas derived from a number of respectable scientists including Miller, Hameroff and Penrose.

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories.pdf