The SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle discussion, an all embracing presentation

The SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle experiment and related material thereto Note to readers:

Here are the blogs related to the SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle, the theory behind the SMUT particle itself, the experiment involving the SMUT particle and some adjunct uses relating to the SMUT particle experiment apparatus. All material surrounding the SMUT particle and the ideas related can be found in the blogs below. All blogs are self descriptive and as a whole are self contained.

Readers should note that neither Freeman nor Grant has the mathematical knowledge and training to develop the necessary mathematical formulas to establish the veracity of the SMUT particle concept. If you are seeking maths equations relating to the SMUT particle they do not exist.

The blogs that follow are in order of ease of understanding. One blog is not more pertinent than another and are mutually complimentary to each other.

What is a SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle? What are its characteristics? How is the SMUT particle created?:

What is the SMUT particle?

Important note about the formation of the virtual version of the SMUT particle

A closer look at the SMUT particle

Likely questions about the SMUT particle

The SMUT particle’s relationship with gravity and time

The theory [plus information related to the theory] that the SMUT particle experiment is designed to established:

The inherent nature and qualities of the All Seasons Particle

My opinion about imaginary mass

The relationship between the Awareness model of physics and a supporting experiment

The dynamic feature of the Awareness physics model is the SMUT particle

Concluding the SMUT particle discussion

The following three blogs provide details about the SMUT particle experiment. The first blog is a compact version of the experiment that has been designed for the benefit of laypersons. The second blog is a more comprehensive description of the same experiment. The third blog relates to the special equipment required to conduct the experiment.

SMUT particle experiment – a short explanation

The Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle experiment

Customised Casimir plates for the SMUT particle experiment – a short explanation

An adjunct experiment to the primary SMUT particle experiment and associated alternative uses for the SMUT particle experiment apparatus:

A secondary experiment to the SMUT particle experiment

How to use of the SMUT particle experiment as an energy generator

How the SMUT particle experiment set up would work as an interstellar compass

Morphogenic field theory, the great mystery in physics

It is important that you view the contents of this blog in relationship to my new blog entitled: “The fundamental universe revisited“. This new blog is designed to be the master science referential blog for all my science blog postings in my website.

The magic of morphogenic field theory. Is Rupert Sheldrake a genius or not?

A video about Sheldrake’s beliefs [I will return to this item and write further ideas about it]:

Profiles of scientists that I respect and sometimes quote

Below you will find two sets of references that have also played an important role in how I have gone about writing much of my scientific work

6.1 Prof. Roger Penrose

6.2 Prof. Karl H. Pribram

6.3 Prof. David Bohm

6.4 Prof. Rupert Sheldrake

6.5 Prof. Antony Valentini

6.6 Prof. Reg Cahill

6.7 Prof. Richard Amoroso

6.8 Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot

6.9 Prof. Richard Feynman

6.10 Prof. Benjamin Walker

6.11 Prof. Basil Hiley

Reference one:

Important primary material that I have referred to as I have been developing my Primordial Awareness model of reality

Reference two:

Important secondary material that I have incorporated into my science writings

Essays written by scientists

1.1 This highly important physics paper is suggesting that consciousness is outside of us and if this is the case this has military implications as well. My belief is that our personal consciousness is not outside of us but that our personal (implicit) awareness is. In this sense I believe the ideas of this author.

1.2 Ecosystem Services and Beyond: Using Multiple Metaphors to Understand Human Environment Relationships

1.3 Non-commutative Geometry, the Bohm Interpretation and the Mind-Matter Relationship


1.4 When Reality is Real: An Interview with Antony Valentini

1.5 Some Personal Reflections on Quantum Non-locality and the Contributions of John Bell

Personal Reflections on Quantum Non-locality and the Contributions

1.6 Process, Distinction, Groupoids and Clifford Algebras: an Alternative View of the Quantum Formalism. [Note certain items in pages 1 to 6 of this pdf file have been loosely embraced in my work]

Clifford algebra Basil Hiley.pdf

This is the reality of war!

Is the younger generation becoming complacent about the possibility of another major world war?

There was a time not long ago when the distress of a domestic cat ranked higher in a prestigious American Journal than the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers being used as ornaments on battle tanks and office paper weights in American businesses and homes. I point out the title of this blog is appropriate to all other material you will find herein. The title is derived from an extract of an article in Reference 1. Further material relating to the Pacific war against the Japanese in the 1940’s is cited in an url I have nominated as being Reference 2. Similar atrocities on the Vietnam war are cited in Reference 3. I think a follow on Wikipedia article provides a fairly good summary of what my blog is all about and why I elected to write it in the first place. Following the Wikipedia file is a pdf file that pictorially depicts the worst and the best of war at the front line.

As a young teenager in the immediate post World War Two (WW2) period, like many other young men of my time I was fascinated by the stories of war. Whilst it is true that we saw movies about war that showed military equipment in action and soldiers being killed and wounded, I now appreciate how sanitized the material was. I have found it is only in more recent times that some of the more grisly truths of the period are beginning to come forward out of military archives. It is now clear to me that there were extensive cover-ups by all combatants. The big difference between that war and the more localized wars of today was that war correspondents today have the ability to produce film footage that can almost immediately be shown on television. In political circles, it is well known that the Vietnam war might have come to a close much earlier than it did if it had not been for television news relentlessly reminding Americans of the horrors of war as they watched the evening news. They became progressively tired of and frustrated by it. However, just as war footage was sanitized during WW2, so also was that from the Vietnam conflict by the military establishment before it was allowed to be made public on international TV. In other words, in both wars we saw what we were allowed to see.

In this blog it is my intention to demonstrate to my readers the fuller nature and extent of the filtering of the military news that took place during and after the WW2. I have attached a separate paper relating the needless atrocities that took place in the Vietnam War. I believe there is a strong message in these words for those in contemporary society who may feel that whilst war is pretty horrible and ugly, the future will quickly transcend the full depth of such horrors, and life will eventually return to being relatively normal again. From my reading and life long experiences it does not work this way at all. For example, my grandfather was peppered with shrapnel during the Gallipoli campaign. Our family was compelled to share his inner psychological grief and physical suffering until his 70th year. I still periodically think about our experience with him and I retained his old walking stick after he died as a memento of the times. It was not an easy experience for any or us, more especially as he was in and out of hospital at regular intervals, and we were never sure if he would return home or not.

A talk about the indescribable horrors of war and the associated political cover ups thereof.pdf

American mutilation of Japanese war dead.pdf

German child soldiers ww2.pdf

‘It scares me’: Permafrost thaw in Canadian Arctic sign of global trend

This is a very important story that I feel the whole world should know about right now!

I will leave this story to talk for itself.

“ …”It scares me,” said Kumari Karunaratne, a permafrost expert who works for the Northwest Territories Geological Survey. “This methane that’s being released is being released over huge areas across the north. And it’s continually seeping out.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. So, as climate change speeds up the permafrost melt, the permafrost melt will exacerbate climate change. By exactly how much, it’s impossible to say. Karunaratne won’t even try to guess, because measuring it is difficult and imprecise. The area where it’s happening is vast and much of it remains uninhabited and unexplored. But there are dramatic examples that show just how much methane is bubbling up from underground. Some lakes in the Arctic are so full of it, if you punch a hole in the ice you can light the escaping gas on fire. YouTube has videos of researchers and others doing it in Alaska and Siberia. But the same thing is happening in the Northwest Territories.

There are other problems, too.

Last summer in Siberia, the unusually intense summer heat melted the permafrost, exposing a reindeer carcass that had been embedded in it. That carcass was infected with anthrax, a deadly bacteria that had been locked in the ice. A 12-year-old boy died after being infected and at least eight others were sickened. It opens up the possibility that other dangers could be unleashed. Siberian researchers say a gravesite in one town contains bodies of people who died of smallpox in the 1890s. They were buried in the soil just above the permafrost, which is now melting. That’s raising fears that smallpox, which was eradicated globally in 1977, could make a comeback. A woman stands with reindeer in the Yamal-Nenets region of Siberia, Russia, where a 12-year-old boy died and 20 people were infected in 2016 after an anthrax outbreak. An unusually intense summer had melted the permafrost, exposing a reindeer carcass containing anthrax.

Sergey Netesov, chief of the virology laboratory at Novosibirsk State University, told the Siberian Times newspaper that there are thousands of graves in the region — some human, some cattle. The recent anthrax outbreak, he said, is “reason enough to finance research into the diagnostics and prevention of exceptionally dangerous infections.” Whether that happens or not, people in the Northwest Territories know they have no power to stop climate change. Global temperatures are already at record levels and the polar regions are feeling the effects more dramatically than anywhere else. “There are really remarkable changes that are happening in a short amount of time,” said Karunaratne.
And there’s likely more to come.”…”

Did you know that there is at least 18 different interpretations of Quantum Mechanics?

It is important that you view the contents of this blog in relationship to my new blog entitled: “The fundamental universe revisited“. This new blog is designed to be the master science referential blog for all my science blog postings in my website.

I think that it is important for my readers to appreciate the significance of the contents of this blog

In my science writings I attempt to keep in mind the de Broglie-Bohm model of quantum theory. You will find this theory in listed on pages 3-4 of the pdf document below.

Eighteen interpretations of QM.pdf