Is it possible to make matter from nothing?

The answer to this question is mostly yes. This depends upon your frame of reference to start with such as unknowable (testable)  ether theory

Most readers may not know that the universe is full of hidden activity. In physics this activity is referred to as being virtual particle activity. This means that the vacuum of the universe is not really full of nothing at all. It is these virtual particles that are responsible for creating matter. These particles are very active and they move through the thickness of a metaphorical bed sheet all the time. This means on one side of the sheet they are scientifically identifiable and measurable and on the other side they are not.

It is these particles perpetually moving backwards and forwards through the sheet that creates scientifically measurable activity. This activity is influenced by gravity. This is called the Hawking process, which involves high levels of gravity drawing virtual particles into the cosmic universe. It follows from these words that matter does not emerge from nothing at all. It comes from cosmic activity that is invisible to most of us. The attached audio is a segment of a video recording to the topic. It is discussed by the eminent cosmologist Dr. Lawrence Krauss in attendance with Dr. Richard Dawkins. Virtual particle activity has been discovered to exist before the Big Bang and has been photographed as such.

The particular segment of the Youtube video can be found at the time frame of 1:51 hours:

Here is a audio extract of the debate that is of the time frame mentioned above:

What travels at 10,000 times the speed of light?

It is important that you view the contents of this blog in relationship to my new blog entitled: “The fundamental universe revisited“. This new blog is designed to be the master science referential blog for all my science blog postings in my website.

It is demonstrated such an idea is not inconceivable

It is generally believed in physics that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Physics is now beginning to be challenged by this point of view. A cosmic phenomena known as the EPR paradox has strongly suggestion this is exactly what is happening. It has been scientifically proven by experiment that a particle on one side of the universe can instantly influence another on the opposite side of the universe. In my Awareness model I am postulating that such phenomena is possible because instant communication is occurring outside Relativity space time and is in fact travelling in an adjacent dimension in Absolute time. I have nominated this dimension as being a timeless fourth dimension, a dimension that is concurrent to space time but at the same time there is incessant interaction between both via the medium of virtual activity. The quote below has been extracted from an on line article that explains what is happening quite well and furthermore a laboratory experiment has been cited in order to add additional merit to the claim that I am postulating.


“The minimum speed of the entanglement influence is just the one divided by the other, or 144,500 times the speed of light. However, a number of factors go into the interpretation of the results, which reduce the lower limit of the speed of entanglement influence to about 10,000 times the speed of light.

Notice that this result does not eliminate the possibility that the influence of entanglement actually is instantaneous – it merely sets a limit saying how close the influence must be to infinitely fast. Another possibility that is gaining credence is that entanglement dynamics may operate external to time, or at least may ignore time as it ignores distance”. The experiment that supports this hypothesis can be found here:

A closer look at the SMUT particle

Excepts from this website that describe the SMUT particle in detail

This section contains various excerpts from other blogs posted in this website. The material, with the relevant links provided, detail all useful information about the SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle.

It is felt that writing a new article about the SMUT particle is redundant as all the necessary details of its properties are already cited in various blogs posted on this website.

We have presented the excepts in various sub-sections as follows.


What is the SMUT particle?

“…We believe that if particles with imaginary properties, i.e. (imaginary charge, imaginary spin, imaginary mass) and so-on exist, then particles with imaginary momentum must exist, as it can be an attribute of a particle. The most famous particles with imaginary properties are tachyon particles.

If a particle has imaginary momentum (which is imaginary motion) it cannot have real momentum (real motion). It therefore must be static because imaginary motion would completely exclude real motion. We call this particle the Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle. “Static mass,” because it is a static mass and “Universe tracking” because it tracks through the universe in relation to a side experiment that can be done in addition to the main experiment we are proposing.”

“Could the SMUT particle be used as a laser?

No, laser beams are made from photons, SMUT particles and photons are not the same thing. A photon has a zero rest mass, meaning no mass while it is motionless. A SMUT particle must have a rest mass, being motionless it has to have a definable measurable mass while it is motionless or it would dissipate before it could ever form.”


How does the SMUT particle work?

“For now we will go on to describe some key concepts that must be known about the experiment. A vitally important piece of information is that we ourselves are not static in the universe. We are moving with the universe, by this I mean the Earth is rotating beneath us, it also orbits the Sun, the Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy travels through the universe. We are always moving along with the Earth. What you have to remember is that the SMUT particle is not moving with the Earth or any other astronomical body. It remains dormant at the point it was created. The SMUT particle gives a very convincing illusion that it is moving, but this is only an illusion. What is really happening is that the Earth and therefore we, because we are on the Earth, are moving away from where the SMUT particle was created. Furthermore the speed the SMUT particle travels at is the sum of the motions we and the Earth are experiencing. When we create a SMUT particle in the lab, the lab is pulled along with the rotation and orbit of the Earth and the SMUT particle is left behind where the lab and ourselves once were.”

“It has to be noted that the SMUT particle appears to move because it is static and the universe moves around it. If you were to detect a SMUT particle you would see it in motion because you are in motion due to the Earth’s movement through space. Because of this effect, from the point of an observer the SMUT the particle appears as a moving particle, but this is an illusion. The SMUT particle gives the illusion that it is in motion, but it is truly static.”

“…We have discovered online works done in relation to researching tachyons. The articles we refer to for this as Bilaniuk_Metarelativity, and…”

“…In these articles we found that the error committed in finding tachyons was trying to observe their effects, such as Cherenkov radiation. These experiments failed and the research was abandoned. The difference between the SMUT particle experiment and the experiments done decades ago is that my experiment tries to observe the SMUT particle directly as opposed to observing the effects given off by a particle. Trying to observe only the effects of a tachyon may be why the older experiments failed.

The same articles also refer to the mathematics involved in static particles. Admittedly the equations shown were not proof that static particles can be mathematically proven to possibly exist, as is the situation with the equations relating to the tachyon. It has to be said that the mathematics referred to in the articles lends weight to the idea that static particles, such as the SMUT particle could be proven to exist mathematically by someone versed in creating physics related equations.”


Creation of the SMUT particle

“The Casimir effect has an important ole to play in the SMUT particle experiment as it is the way to access, i.e. create SMUT particles. The details of how the Casimir effect works are described in the audio provided below and in this Youtube link: By the process of the Casimir effect on virtual particles in the space foam we can bring SMUT particles into our existence. From there we can measure them in the SMUT particle experiment.”

“What causes the creation of virtual SMUT particles before they were bought to the ‘real’ universe in the SMUT particle experiment?

I would say the Big Bang, or atomic and sub-atomic reactions would do this. Energies captured in the Casimir effect could also become SMUT particles. There is much about these sorts of sub-atomic and atomic reactions we are yet to discover. I would be willing to say that the SMUT particle could be created in some of those reactions.”

“The experiment described in this document utilizes existing technologies and theories which we will mention here but not go into detail as it would be redundant, as such information is publicly available for those who search for it. However, for the benefit of laypeople it is appropriate for you to appreciate that energy exists in any forum whatsoever including in a vacuum. This effectively means if a universe was a vacuum there would be energy inherent in it anyway. This can be demonstrated by the well known Casimir effect. The process uses two mirror like metallic plates with no electric charge put close together. They interact with the virtual energy of a vacuum in a way that draws such energies, and their related particles, into our reality. The Casimir effect is a way of turning virtual particles that make up a vacuum of space into real (material) particles. When a virtual particle is drawn into real space (our reality) it becomes a real particle that we are familiar with like an electron, photon, quark, lepton and so-on. Sometimes the type of particle drawn into real space has a very short lifespan, but that does not invalidate the fact it was drawn into real space.”


The SMUT particle is observable and measurable

“…If the SMUT particle can be measured it proves that other particles, like the all seasons type particle of our theory can exist. We further believe that it is possible to measure the SMUT particle via conventional scientific apparatus, we will further describe the experiment in this document. It is our opinion if the characteristics of this particle can be demonstrated and observed this would lead to it being possible to determine where the centre of the universe is, that would be a secondary effect of the experiment. For those that are not familiar with cosmology and physics what we are saying is that this new particle we are talking about does not move with the expanding universe, but remains static at its point of creation. We believe if our hypothesis has merit, the implications for science are significant.”


The SMUT particle conforms to laws of science

“Another key concept of our ideas is that the SMUT particle does not break the laws of science, including causation or conservation of energy. It is not indestructible, it can be converted into energy and it behaves for the most part like any other particle. It stays in a wave form until observed and becomes a particle like any other atomic particle/wave would. This is important when it gets detected in the experiment as described below. Another important facet of the SMUT particle is that it cannot have zero rest mass as a photon has, because zero rest mass particles dissolve into energy if they are stopped or are static. The SMUT particle has to have a measurable mass in order to exist. This will help in its detection in the experiment. Its other attributes, apart from magnetic charge and imaginary motion/momentum are not relevant to our endeavor.”


An important exemption to the above paragraph:

“For those who may be skeptics of the SMUT particle concept in relationship to the uncertainty principle. The uncertainty principle only applies to particles with real momentum. The SMUT particle has imaginary momentum and this changes its relationship to the uncertainty principle. The SMUT particle does not speed up or slow down, this would cause it to lose energy and convert into cosmic rays. Its wavelength would not get larger as it slows down because it cannot change speed without potentially being destroyed.

In the experiment to detect the SMUT particle we do not know exactly where it was formed. After it has formed it becomes a wave as would any other quantum particle and appears to move towards the detectors surrounding the SMUT particle’s point of origin. The size of the wave is irrelevant as it still collapses as it appears to travel through the detectors, just as any other particle would. This negates the De Broglie wavelength theory.”

“…For more information see the weblink here:


Relationship with the All Seasons particle

“To be taken seriously a scientific hypothesis needs an experiment or mathematical formulae (preferably both). I came up with a hypothesis – particles with imaginary attributes exist. The SMUT particle experiment is a way of proving the hypothesis by putting a particle with imaginary attributes into a position where it can be observed and measured by detection technology that exists today.”

“The reason for the importance of the SMUT particle in the Awareness model of physics is that if you can prove the existence of the SMUT particle, as described in the SMUT particle experiment, then it proves that the All Seasons particle can exist. The All Seasons Particle is the backbone of the Awareness physics model.”

“We have classified the All Seasons, SMUT, tachyon and dybbuk as all in the same family of particles as they all have imaginary properties. The SMUT particle relates to the All Seasons particle in two ways: One is that the SMUT particle can be derived from the All Seasons particle, either with a tachyon or without. Two, the SMUT particle and the All Seasons particle are both particles that have imaginary properties. The SMUT particles has imaginary momentum, the All Seasons particle has other properties that are imaginary except that of momentum.”


For the full details of the SMUT particle experiment follow the link below:

Grant 25/11/14

The parallel nature of the Bohm-Hiley and Awareness models of physics

I believe both models have great similarity to each other. Keep in mind that this blog was originally posted in 2014. As of April 2017 a few of my ideas have marginally changed since then.

The Bohm-Hiley model of physics relates to the holographic nature of the universe and beyond. This model is more commonly known as the Implicit Order model. The model was originally developed by David Bohm. It was after Bohm’s death in 1992 that Hiley fine tuned the mathematics of Bohm’s ideas to demonstrate that it had relativity physics compatibility. Hiley bought forward highly abstract Grassmere algebra to bring this about.

Within the attached PowerPoint file you will find I have selected sixteen different extracts from an article about the life, times and scientific beliefs of David Bohm written by Beatrix Murrell. The article is titled “The Cosmic Plenum: Bohm’s Gnosis”. I have made comments about each of these extracts in relationship as to how similar the characteristics and processes of the Hiley-Bohm and Awareness models of physics are.

The major difference between both models is that the Hiley-Bohm model of physics has been mathematically constructed to be compatible with the Relativity model of physics whereas the Awareness model is validated by a described experiment. The Bohm-Hiley model also embraces all phenomena whatsoever in a single reality-frame. The Process physics model does this as well. This includes paranormal phenomena. The Process, Hiley-Bohm and Awareness models of physics are all seeded in a realm of physics that is about as deep as any physics model could ever reach. All three models describe the origins of reality from an abstract corner of nothing.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation relating to this blog:

Comparisons between Bohm’s Implicit Order model and the Awareness model

Arthur C Clarke talks about fractals

I think most scientists would agree that the Mandelbrot set is one of the most important scientific discoveries in history

In my blog titled Why I think we are all order within chaos you will find why I think fractals are the most important feature of both cosmological science and everyday nature as we understand and perceive it to be. I strongly urge you to view the Youtube video titled The Colors of Infinity that is attached hereto. I think you will find it fascinating. If you have not already perused my Why I think we are all order within chaos blog I think you should both view the video as well as peruse this particular site. The information about fractals, and more importantly, the inherent characteristics of the Mandelbrot set itself contained herein is enormous. However, if you do not have this luxury, you will find timeframes 8:10 to 17:36 and 48:41 to 49:45 as a reasonable overview of the video as a whole. This includes the important things I think you should know about Mandelbrot himself, his hypothesis of the Mandelbrot set as well as the high esteem Arthur C Clarke places upon Mandelbrot’s ideas.

There are two other areas I feel you should acquaint yourself within this video as well. Both these areas relate to my wider views about physics in relationship to my Awareness model. If you look at timeframe 29:50 to 31:08 you will see where the famous scientist Stephen Hawking suggests that the universe probably ends at the Planck length. I have regularly suggested it is at this same point my concept of the fourth dimension kicks in and it is at this junction all cosmic phenomena becomes virtual. In other words I agree with him.

The second timeframe I think you should be aware of is the timeframe between 46:10 and 48:51. This area relates to Jung patterns and consciousness theory. Jung believed that there are primordial images we all share. Fractal awareness provides new insight into how our minds work. I argue that because all of nature is fractal, our brains and minds consider all information in a fractal manner as well. If this is the case then I think my blog titled Your sense of “I” is different to your physical body is a useful instrument in helping to understand how we connect with nature at all conceivable levels, levels that include how we not only think but also behave. This is consistent with my original barcode hypothesis contained within my 2011 thesis.