Understanding 5G Unraveling some mysteries


I present an article written by Anthony Rutkowski. Rutkowski’s credentials are cited further down. I believe that very few of us are aware of the greater story quietly lurking behind the contemporary international 5G debate.  It seems to me that the author has done a sound job in composing this article. I have emboldened text that I feel that might most interest my readers


“The initial, essential step toward understanding 5G is to perform an intellectual body purge of the endless disgorging of cluelessness and disinformation that emerges from the Washington White House and radiates out around that city and then to the outside world that it infects. The institutes, pundits, self-professed experts, summits, and even the U.S. press all pretty much feed out of the same trough of 5G political slop that gets passed around as incantations of ignorance, spin, and K-street lobbying.

The next essential step is the difficult one. Unfortunately, it requires the hard work and a knowledge base obtained from following and analyzing the only authoritative collective sources of 5G information — and that is the multiple global industry bodies where hundreds of technical experts constantly collaborate at diverse locations contributing thousands of input documents per month developing and specifying in great detail, the architectures, services, interfaces, radio links, and capabilities that constitute 5G. These bodies have been working on this effort for the past five years, and publish the resulting documents in a series of releases that resemble computer operating system versions. Release 16 — which is true 5G SA with network core virtualization (as opposed to transitional precursors) — is being accomplished this year. Subsequent releases promise ever more advanced applications and features. The bottom line: 5G is a constantly evolving continuum.

These bodies are usually layered and have endless strings of acronyms like the 3GPP (SA, CT, RAN) core, which is then surrounded by NFV ISG, MEC ISG, ETSI TCs, MEF, ITU-R, ITU-T, OASIS, TCG, IETF, OMA, GSMA, IEEE802. You can search on the acronyms for meanings, access portals, meetings, participants, and input and output materials. Additionally, large swaths of 5G work never make it into the global industry fora, and only appear in patent filings, research literature, and product announcements that require continuous monitoring and assessment. Given the enormous complexity and continuously evolving technical and institutional complexities spread across all these venues, anything approaching a complete understanding is not possible. All 5G knowledge is an approximation at a point in time.

Principal 5G features

A number of basic features can be distilled out of the enormous swirling 5G maelstrom that go far beyond the focus on political trivializations, lobbying, trolling for spectrum, and marketing in the popular press. These features represent a tectonic change far exceeding anything seen in the history of electronic communications – in the way networks and services are instantiated and provided.

  • Virtualization of everything from data centres and local Mobile Edge Computing facilities
  • Partitioned architectures & services on demand transparently across all media using network slicing
  • Shifting away from DARPA internet protocols to low-latency Virtual Carrier Ethernet
  • Prolific ephemeral encryption
  • High-speed mobility support combined with constant dynamic portability to mobile platforms and IOT
  • Commoditized hardware and orchestration of everything else
  • Ubiquitous, high bandwidth radio access capabilities
  • Shift to global “content distribution networks” on demand where discoverable endpoint and traffic intelligence become highly valuable
  • Intelligence shifts from endpoints to middleboxes and data centres
  • Trusted platforms, middlebox based traffic analysis, and auditing become security essentials

Explaining these features and conclusions are beyond the scope of a basic primer, but readers can do their own homework using authoritative source materials.

Threaded through this array of capabilities is a need for security that is best summed up as constant “cyber hygiene” representing a virtualization reapplication of today’s 20 CIS Critical Security Controls. Unilateral actions undermining public international law like banning a vendor’s hardware because of its place of incorporation are not only unlawful but utterly delusional and counterproductive toward addressing the necessary capabilities. The 5G security capabilities have for several years been developed and evolved continuously in global industry bodies.

The problem here is that understanding all of the above requires a comprehensive level of knowledge and available resources to distill from a broad array of activities — and those resources only exist in a few companies and institutions. As a result, the purveyors of jingoistic 5G snake oil political analysis are left to pursue their trade. Simplistic portrayals of 5G are low-hanging fruit for a world challenged by understanding even the basics of how a smartphone works.

Emerging 5G markets, strategies, and participants

There are arguably four classes of winners in the 5G world. In the near term, they include a few companies and their component suppliers who can exist in the global 5G mass commodity physical “box” game that has a finite market period and extends into developing countries. Their success is synergistic and important to the derivative markets. The three additional, larger, persistent, and even more lucrative market winners in this massive tectonic shift to a tailored, on-demand, content delivery global architecture, are: 1) those who provide the low latency, trusted network slice orchestrations out of cloud data centre/MEC facilities and middleboxes, 2) those who collect and maintain the mobile endpoint identifiers and intelligence to provide resolver services, and 3) those who can maintain and provide content for specific classes of customers.

The providers who fall into all of the above categories are very actively engaged in the real 5G/NFV work. They encompass product vendors and service providers at multiple levels across the globe — in many instances, orchestrating different subsidiaries across multiple countries. Some industry consortiums in the cable, railway, and automobile fields have become prominent. The metrics of the huge commitments of personnel and contributions of intellectual property in submissions are available in all the venues. In the 5G security arena, by any metric, there is only one clear global leader — the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Principal 5G Challenges

Although the challenges are certain to evolve over time, those that are obvious at this point fall into three categories: 1) effective, inclusive global arrangements for extraterritorial orchestrations of 5G architectures and services including access to forensics, 2) concentration of 5G orchestration, resolver and end-point intelligence services in the hands of a few commercial providers, and 3) an inability of government institutions to understand the previous two challenges and their own strategic interests. The last challenge is largely resident in only one nation at the moment.

The first challenge can be potentially satisfied by further extending the many global intergovernmental arrangements developed a century ago for the first global radio-based networks and a quarter-century ago for public internets. To the extent solutions cannot be found, costs will simply be driven up and market access limited by building more national-based facilities that operate within a confined jurisdiction. The second challenge is similar to the first with complex antitrust, privacy, law enforcement, and national security overlays. Nations will similarly insist on geographic jurisdictional compartmentalization. The third challenge will hopefully be solved in the near future.

About the author:


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Tony Rutkowski is a Distinguished Senior Research Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (CISTP) at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.  As Executive Vice President for Yaana Technologies, he has served as rapporteur for cybersecurity in ITU-T since 2009 and served as the counselor for two ITU Secretaries-General between 1988 and 1992, co-authored a published ITU history, and led development and authored many regulatory provisions, laws, briefs, treaties, standards, books, and articles as an engineer-lawyer over many years in multiple positions in industry, government and academic institutions.  At one time, he did real engineering – being responsible for the communications and command & control systems as part of the Apollo Launch Teams at KSC Launch Complex 39″  http://www.circleid.com/members/6809/

If you have found this post of interest you may find that this one is too.

Different slants of scientific research

From my general  investigations I consider that there are four such slants.

All four seem to be in accordance with the British Science Council’s definition of science. These are:-

1] Positivist Science

Positivist science as promoted by mainstream science advocates that observed phenomena is the only phenomena that deserves scientific discussion and analysis, It ignores any underlying mechanism that is needed to support its position as being of no value or worth. This is more especially so phenomena that is commonly referred to as being metaphysical (not discovered or understood by science yet). This means that positivist science does not seek to prove abstract ideas, laws or principles that may exist beyond observable ‘facts’. Nature,  consciousness, telepathy and visually observable fractal patterns that exist in many things that surround us fall into this category too. They  also include many of our body organs. Positivist science does not attempt to give any significance to the human condition because it is a methodology of absolutism. What positivist scientists are really saying is that such phenomena cannot be incorporated into any scientific structure and as such is without value or worth and is therefore scientifically meaningless.

2] Instrumentalist Science

Instrumentalist science uses research methodologies that regard scientific theories as merely tools to interpret research experimental results with metaphysical phenomena being regarded as being of a limited value and therefore disposable. This means that instrumentalist science does not attempt to seriously consider the nature and workings of holistic reality as we might commonly understand and perceive it to be.

3] Realistic Science

Realistic science can be likened to positivist science but unlike in the case of  positive science with realistic science the act of observation exists independently of any individualised (narrow) form of observation i.e. such as observing an apple. This means that realistic science is postulating that we human beings are merely one type of phenomenon that is part of (say immeasurably entangled with) some sort of  wider holistic reality phenomena and therefore we are inseparable from this whole. This is holistic phenomena  that we cannot stand aside from in order to understand unless we incorporate ourselves within the research methodology (including associated experiments relating thereto ) as well.

4] Noetic Science

Noetic Science research regards scientific theories as tools to help identify and describe the inert metaphysical mysteries of holistic reality and therefore such research is led by imagination and intuition. Noetic science allows for a 4D tesseract (hypercube) construct that can cater for the more accurate description of how holistic reality works and what the mechanisms are that produce all things. * This means phenomena that cause the creation of a holistic network of all things that are implicit (experientially metaphysical and mechanically unknowable or measurable) as well as phenomena that is mechanically knowable and measurable. These include materialistic and mechanically related things and events that we take for granted as we go about our daily lives.

  • Broadly along the lines of my thought blog entitled ‘Consider this idea about thoughts’

I prefer to work with the Noetic model for reasons cited within this blog

It seems that we may have two states of conscious awareness in our memories

Although this science document is now somewhat outdated I feel that this does not detract from the interesting and seeming compelling nature of its contents. From my life experience I can identify with the  conclusions of the article. You will also find that this replicable physics experiment conducted on behalf of the United States Navy supports this theory as well.

The link

The scientific arguments in favour of us understanding Transpersonalism

The little appreciated (indivisible) properties of important ‘things’ and events that play important roles both in our universe and in our daily lives

I believe that all ‘things’ in the universe are either irreducible (implicit) or reducible (explicit). I also believe that it is the irreducible properties (characteristics) of the universe that ‘dominate’ the universe as a whole.

It is for this reason that I postulate that the concept of Transpersonalism should be more widely known about and understood by the wider community. I suggest that if this were to happen then people might be able to better appreciate and understand their mental health status at any given time and from this point more effectively manage it accordingly. Especially trained Transpersonal Psychiatrists and Psychologist exist in the mental health community to help patients to better understand many of these types of mysterious universal concepts as well as to provide beneficial Transpersonal (mental health) Therapy.

(Also see the three points cited in the note below)

The scientific matters you might elect to consider with respect to my alleged (dominant) irreducible ‘things’ in the universe are:-

Quarks. Quarks are a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. They can be changed into other particles but not destroyed. In this sense as a particular energy condition (energy) they are indivisible. #

Gluons. Gluons bind quarks. They are indivisible #

# Tiny particles called quarks and gluons are the building blocks for larger particles such as protons and neutrons, which in turn form atoms. Gluon particles can be seen to be like some sort of analogical ‘glue’ which holds the universe together.

Electrons. Free electrons moving through space are fundamental and indivisible. Electrons are elementary particles that cannot be split into anything smaller.

Gravity. Gravity is an interaction force that changes an object’s motion. It is indivisible.

Universal Energy. ##

## Universal energy is a type of movement (say it is universal waves) or potential to move and change and is indivisible. It is the separate influences and effects of this universal energy that can be divisibly (explicitly) transformed or transferred in parts (these parts are also energy) but not the universal energy itself. All parts of this combined energy act as though they were one

Nature. Nature’s laws can change but nature itself remains indivisible.

Consciousness. Consciousness is without clock time so it is indivisible ^.

Instinct (awareness). Instinct is without clock time and is indivisible ^.

A single thought. A single thought is without time is indivisible ^.

A package of thoughts. A package of thoughts are without time and are indivisible^.

^ Also relates to non-locality described below that is indivisible.


Non-locality in quantum physics (entanglement theory) can be likened to there being an analogically indivisible field of ‘metaphysical-nothing’ (is non materialist) in the universe. Non-locality in quantum physics has been demonstrated by repeated experiments* that there is some sort of universal entanglement of all ‘things’ and events in the universe. This universal entanglement means that all things and events are somehow connected to each other as though the universe has its own neural network. Also many physicist believe that the universe has its own consciousness.

Indivisible ‘things’ (influences) exist in their own (unknowable and without clock time) reference frame. The energy types, influences and effects (things and events) somehow emanating from such indivisible things do relate to clock time.


What do these words all mean? Do they mean that divisible things and events in the universe (including our lives) are all somehow related to (without time) indivisible things and events? Is there a dependency relationship between all that is divisible to all that is indivisible in the universe?

How do we fit into this holistic picture and how best can we comprehend it? Is it this complex arrangement of all the different parts of the wider world around us tell us that Transpersonalism should be seen as being part and parcel of the every day norms of our lives? Does Transpersonal mental health teachings and therapy have a role to play in this complex and mysterious world in order to help us to better understand and context such complex and mysterious relationships? These include our lives and sometimes make the types of decisions that we do.

* Three replicateable non-local physics experiments that demonstrate my physics science related position.

Experiment one

Experiment two

Experiment three

As you read this blog you  may also care to consider the following five supporting blogs below as well (I suggest that you treat them as supporting references). In one way or another they all relate to non-locality in the wider universe around us ie as they have been demonstrated by quantum entanglement theory as I cited in the three experiments above. They also demonstrate that our non-local (irreducible-metaphysical) selves are also part and parcel of the wider non-local conditions and properties of the universe. My readers may also care to consider that the all the indivisible influences (for convenience today say things) that exist in the universe might be the universal cosmic-life-energy-means that somehow influence all things and events in the universe to act in the implicit manner that they do. Furthermore explicit material ‘things’ always seem to remain ‘obedient’ to such implicit things. The highly regarded physicist David Bohm thinks along these similar (in my case conceptually) lines as well.

It is for these reasons that I postulate that the concept of Transpersonalism should be more widely known about and understood by the wider community. I also suggest that the medical profession should consider Transpersonal mental health therapy as being an important tool (amongst other theories they may elect to employ) in assisting people to be able to better cope with the rigors of every day life and be happier, more contented and meaningful with their lives in the process.

Blogs  one, two, three, four and five


1. Quote:

Transpersonalism is defined as “…experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos…”


2. My definition of indivisibility is defined as not being able to be divided into parts.

3. Classical philosophy has historically embraced quantum non-local theory in physics (entanglement) but  it has never historically been entitled in these contemporary terms.

February 21st 2019

It seems that a city can be bought to its knees by “nothing”

Can a city be brought to its knees by an invisible and (from a ground level perspective) noiseless bomb explosion?

The evidence below seems to confirm that this is a frightening possibility.

The weird thing seems to be that very few people seem to know about the existence of this sinister type of weapon. Such a device could be detonated around 100ks into the earths upper atmosphere and from my reading the technology to do this need not be unduly sophisticated. The weapon’s explosion would be noiseless at ground level and unless someone was specifically looking into the atmosphere to see a short lived flash they would never know such a detonation had occurred. There would be no associated building structural damage but otherwise the adverse ramifications from such an hostile act would be catastrophic.

For example every computer within the affected zone would immediately be taken out of commission and these would include those relating to public instrumentality’s  such as computer managed power generation and water supply plants. Unless especially protected the computers of banks would be similarly disabled. Furthermore all motor vehicles that have computer managed engines would (unless they were protected) no longer function. Computer managed domestic appliances would fail as well. All affected computers would have to be either replaced or repaired. Buildings would not be structurally damaged.

In other words my summation of these words is that if such an explosion/s took place over any country (including Australia) the targeted country and its citizens would suddenly find themselves being compelled to live in what may have been eighteenth century living conditions. Furthermore such adverse living conditions could persist for many years.

If you are a casual reader I believe that the following two url references provide elementary evidence that supports much of what I have said. I believe I have not exaggerated the contents of this blog. For readers seeking more detailed information about this topic I have copied and pasted extracts from a 2008 US Govt commissioned report regarding this type of potential military threat to the the United States of America. I am not certain if there is a later report than this or not.

This wikipedia article demonstrates the frightening characteristics of this stealthy weapon.

It seems that the Japanese government is beginning to treat this matter seriously.

Quote from the very important link above [I emboldened]:

“In Sunday’s announcement, Pyongyang claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb and said it had the ability to detonate one at high altitude to generate an EMP — an electromagnetic wave that would fry electronic devices and disrupt communications for hundreds of kilometers around.

A nuclear device detonated 30 km to 400 km above ground could disrupt nearly all types of electronics within range, including computers, power grids and communication systems, experts say. Recovery could take years.

Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

I have also emboldened certain sections in the text below.


Preface vi

……Electronics are used to control, communicate, compute, store, manage, and implement nearly every aspect of United States (U.S.) civilian systems. When a nuclear explosion occurs at high altitude, the EMP signal it produces will cover the wide geographic region within the line of sight of the detonation. [1]   This broad band, high amplitude EMP, when coupled into sensitive electronics, has the capability  to  produce  widespread  and  long  lasting  disruption  and  damage  to  the  critical infrastructures that underpin the fabric of U.S. society….

[1] For example, a nuclear explosion at an altitude of 100 kilometers would expose 4 million square kilometers, about 1.5 million square miles, of Earth surface beneath the burst to a range of EMP field intensities.

…. Some critical  electrical  power  infrastructure  components  are  no  longer  manufactured  in  the United States, and their acquisition ordinarily requires up to a year of lead time in routine circumstances. Damage to or loss of these components could leave significant parts of the electrical infrastructure out of service for periods measured in months to a year or more…

Preface vii
….Electrical power is necessary to support other critical infrastructures, including supply and  distribution  of  water,  food,  fuel,  communications,  transport,  financial  transactions, emergency  services,  government  services,  and  all  other  infrastructures  supporting  the national  economy  and  welfare.  Should  significant  parts  of  the  electrical  power  infra-structure be lost for any substantial period of time, the Commission believes that the consequences are likely to be catastrophic, and many people may ultimately die for lack of the basic elements necessary to sustain life in dense urban and suburban communities….

Page 18
….The Commission has concluded that even a relatively modest-to-small yield weapon of particular characteristics, using design and fabrication information already disseminated through licit and illicit means, can produce a potentially devastating E1 field strength over very large geographical regions….

…..the Commission determined that such weapon devices not only could  be  readily  built  and  delivered,  but  also the  specifics  of  these  devices  have  been illicitly trafficked for the past quarter-century. The field strengths of such weapons may be much higher than those used by the Commission for testing threshold failure levels of electrical system components and subsystems

…..A  key  issue  for  the  Commission  in  assessing  the  impact  of  such  a  disruption  to  the Nation’s electrical system was not only the unprecedented widespread nature of the outage (e.g., the cascading effects from even one or two relatively small weapons exploded in optimum location in space at present would almost certainly shut down an entire interconnected electrical power system, perhaps affecting as much as 70 percent or possibly more of the United States, all in an instant) but more significantly widespread damage may well adversely impact the time to recover and thus have a potentially catastrophic impact….

Page 130

…..an  EMP  attack potentially could disrupt or collapse the food infrastructure over a large region encompassing many cities for a protracted period of weeks, months, or even longer. Widespread damage of the infrastructures would impede the ability of undamaged fringe areas to aid in recovery. Therefore, it is highly possible that the recovery time would be very slow and the amount of human suffering great, including loss of life….

Page 134

….Pulse-current injection and free-field illumination testing on a limited number of refrigerators and freezers indicate that some units will fail from low to moderate EMP levels. This testing indicates that substantial numbers of people would have to survive without benefit of refrigerated foods for an extended period, until repairs or replacement refrigerators and freezers could be obtained. Massive food spoilage at stores and regional warehouses is implied….


….Food  processing  of  vegetables,  fruits,  and  all  kind  of  meats  is  a  highly automated, assembly-line operation, largely driven by electric power. An EMP attack that damages this machinery or blacks out the power grid would stop food processing. The work force in the food processing industry is sized and trained to run a largely automated system. In the event of an attack that stops the machines from running, personnel would not be sufficiently numerous or knowledgeable to process food the old-fashioned way, by hand….

Page 139

….Electrically driven pumps, valves, filters, and a wide variety of other electrical machinery are indispensable for the purification of water for drinking and industrial purposes and for delivering water to consumers. An EMP attack could degrade or damage these systems, affecting the delivery of water to a very large geographic region.  Electrical machinery is also indispensable to the removal and treatment of wastewater. An EMP attack that degraded the processes for removing and treating wastewater could quickly cause public health problems over a wide area….

Page 143

…..Boiling water for purification would be difficult in the absence of electricity. Even most modern gas stoves require electricity for ignition and cannot be lighted by match. In any event, gas also may not be available to light the stoves (see Chapter 5)…


….A  prolonged  water  shortage  may  quickly  lead  to  serious  consequences.  People preoccupied with finding  or  producing enough drinking water to sustain life would be unavailable to work at normal jobs. Most industrial processes require large quantities of water and would cease if the water infrastructure were to fail….

Page 144
… Federal,  state,  and  local governments do not have the collective capability, if the water infrastructure fails over a large area, to supply enough water to the civilian population to preserve life…

Page 150
…Based upon results of the Commission-sponsored analysis, an EMP attack would disrupt or damage a functionally significant fraction of the electronic circuits in the Nation’s civilian telecommunications systems in the region exposed to EMP

Page 151

Hurricane Katrina in August  2005  damaged  cell  phone  towers  and  radio  antennas  that  were  crucial  to  the operation of emergency communications. Protracted blackout of the power grid caused generators supporting emergency communications to  exhaust  their  fuel supplies or fail from overuse. Consequently, government, police, and emergency services were severely impacted in their ability to communicate with the public and with each other… Looting, violence, and other criminal activities were serious problems in the aftermath of Katrina….

….An EMP attack is likely to incapacitate the same nodes—cell phone towers and radio antennas—and  overtax  generators  supporting  emergency  communications  for  a  protracted  period, creating the same conditions that incited lawless behavior in the aftermath of Katrina….

Do you consider yourself to be simply garbage?

Guess what? Undertakers do!

I share an interesting true story.

A number of years ago, I met an ex-R.A.F. bomber crew member. He had many tales to tell about not only his wartime career in England, but his Australian experiences as well. He was married and had one daughter. He had not seen either wife or daughter for many years and had lived somewhat of a hermit’s life in a small country town in South Australia, writing his memoirs. Towards the end of his life, he requested me to be the trustee of his modest estate when he died. Because I did not really know the man very well I declined; however, I kept in touch with him from time to time. This included phoning him when he was in hospital during the last days of his life. It was during this period that he requested me to take care of his funeral arrangements, despite the fact I was not his trustee. He stated that he had a prepaid funeral plan.

This man, Tom, duly died. The hospital phoned me to say that the funeral business of XXX had agreed to take custody of Tom’s remains and arrange for him to be cremated in Gawler, South Australia. I confirmed this arrangement with the undertaker, and arranged to meet him, with Tom’s remains; at the Gawler crematorium at such and such a time on such and such a date. As far as I knew, Tom had only three close friends and he saw me as being one of them. The three of us agreed to meet at my home in the Adelaide Hills and then travel to Gawler together, to attend a simple pre-cremation service at the time I had arranged with the undertaker.

The day before the scheduled cremation I had cause to phone the undertaker. He was not available. He was attending another funeral and his son informed me that his father had bought forward Tom’s cremation by one day. This effectively meant that Tom’s three friends in life were to be cut off from the cremation process completely. I was extremely angry and verbally protested. The son suggested I phone his dad on his mobile at the cemetery where he was attending another person’s funeral. I did this. He confirmed that what his son had told me was correct. I became even further outraged because he had broken his agreement with me, and furthermore Tom’s three friends were being denied the opportunity to grieve appropriately. I stated that I was a professional counsellor and for this reason as well I felt my request to delay the cremation until we could all attend was fair and proper. The undertaker became similarly angry with me. He said: “Mr. Freeman, if you are a professional counsellor, you should know that I am in the garbage disposal business and as Mr. [Tom] did not appoint you as his trustee I can handle the deceased’s remains in any manner I see fit.” This made me even more furious and I told him so.

I rang around the Funeral Directors’ Association, the State Department of Consumer Affairs as well as the media, to tell them what was happening. Some one hour or so later I had a telephone call from another funeral parlour, this time in Gawler. The undertaker there said Tom’s remains would not go to the crematorium that day, but would be transferred to his parlour and be kept overnight, so we could pay our respects to Tom in the undertaker’s private chapel the next day. In other words the cremation was delayed by twenty-four hours. I expressed appreciation to the Gawler undertaker. I never heard from the original country undertaker again. We three friends of Tom attended the chapel the next day, paid our respects to the coffin allegedly containing Tom’s remains and left. I was tempted to lift a corner of the coffin to check if it was empty or not. I felt it was better not to know and leave it at that. I wanted no more trouble.

Tom’s wife and his daughter were not interested in Tom’s affairs and declined to attend the funeral service. It was not lost on me at the time just what a human tragedy was unfolding. On one hand here was a man who had lived such a rich and colourful life and on the other hand, after his death, was treated as if he had a contagious disease and was a criminal as well. It hit me that once Tom had been cremated there would be little more than Government records to show that he had ever existed in the first place. Furthermore he was not being given the common courtesy of the traditional committal words of “dust to dust”. Rather more it was “dust to garbage” I think no more needs to be said.

Readers can make up their own minds as to whether we have a cultural right to openly grieve beside the remains of a deceased person.

Did you know that somehow we might all be biologically connected to each other?

It is now believed in science that all cells in our body (and all life forms as well) are derived from other cells and that all of these cells exhibit their own fields of organization. This means that if this theory is correct we are all somehow biologically connected to each other. I support this theory.

Morphic field theory points to this hypothesis as being a valid one. This means that human beings are also linked to all other life forms by means of biological fields of organization of some type.

The interesting feature about morphic field theory is that it relates to biology, more particularly to the development of plants, their morphogenesis genes and their associated relationship to the development of animals, which includes us. Morphic fields can be seen as biological fields, or developmental fields which can be directly linked back to Quantum field theory in conventional physics.

I feel the important thing you should appreciate in that morphic field theory is that all cells in our body (and all life forms as well) are derived from other cells and that all cells exhibit fields of organization. Genes are part of this organization but they do not explain the organization itself. However, I do think they might be explained by the contents of my blog Consider this idea about thoughts. (I emboldened text above)

My thought blog generally talks about the concept of blobs, links; weak links, strong links and dead links with scientifically determinable values. This is in accordance with Quantum Homotopic Field Theory relating to space quantum foam.

I have attached an article from Nexus Magazine, volume 12, number 3 (April – May 2005). Despite its age I believe it is a credible article that is supported by ideas derived from a number of respectable scientists including Miller, Hameroff and Penrose. Notwithstanding the complex scientific ideas I have cited on your behalf above I feel that this nexus story might help you to better understand what the science is all about and what it may mean in our daily lives.

Gnostic Scriptures and Fragments. Is this the real story about the alleged sinner Mary Magdalene?

Perhaps the biblical Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute after all?

If you are interested in biblical history you may find this Gnostic Society Library article of interest. It quotes the remnants of the original gospel of Mary Magdalene that has never been widely published by the Roman Church.

This link introduces you to the Gnostic Society Library website that includes all of the discovered remnants of the Mary Magdalene gospel that are allegedly written by her.