The relationship between the Awareness model of physics and a supporting experiment

A descriptive experiment that supports the Awareness model of physics.

This experiment between Freeman and Grant. The experiment is a sub-atomic particle testing project that supports the Awareness model of physics hypothesis which two-dimensionally described herein. The Awareness model is an all embracing theory that attempts to explain and describe the inherent nature of reality.

The Awareness model of physics is akin to the Bohm [holographic] implicate model and it can be shown that there is only technical differences between each model. The Bohm model has been favourably tested. The attached file provides evidence as to how the experiment may be conducted.

The graphics below describe the essential nature of the experiment


Static particle experiment 1 new


Static particle experiment 2 new


If you care to learn more about the SMUT particle experiment click here.

The dualistic nature of reality

I believe that these states are phenomena that are implicit and phenomena that are explicit

I believe that these two states are dual implicit and explicit, and they exist in a concurrent relationship with each other.

I describe phenomena that are materialistic as being explicit. I see sub-quantum phenomena such as consciousness as being implicit. I also see thoughts, decision making and the generation of subsequent behaviour as being implicitly driven phenomena [such as via the hidden laws of nature which include quantum entanglement, non-locality and morphogenic field theory).

In other words I am suggesting that this consistent interchanging between explicit and explicit states is the essential nature of reality and that these characteristics occur against a two-dimensional backdrop of cosmic Primordial Awareness. I also suggest that we have both implicit and explicit consciousness and that implicit consciousness is outside of our heads.