Is there something that we are missing?

A fanciful little presentation about nothing

In early 2013 I wrote a pocket-sized booklet entitled “Big-Picture Reality – Is there something we are missing?” I referred to the work as being a fanciful presentation about nothing. The booklet was 48 pages in length and its contents were about reality as I “sensed” it might be at that time. There were very few references in the presentation and it was written in a rambling undisciplined style.

When I recently rediscovered this work on my computer, I noticed that I had made it clear at the time that I saw it as being pseudo-scientific and that I just make guesses with my ideas. Furthermore I was not a scientist. In other words there was no pretence on my part that the document was any more than a story and it should be read accordingly. I also made it clear that I was not seeking to prove anything. I never circulated the booklet because I belatedly decided it was a bit of a joke and therefore it was worthless.

Today, however I think that I was a little too harsh on myself for making such an arbitrary decision. With the benefit of hindsight I see my effort at that time contained many of the beginnings of my science related line of thinking and activities today. This includes what I believe in about science.

I am posting the original text in a blog today exactly as I wrote it. This is because I feel that it might contain material and ideas that could provoke students of science to look beyond [over the horizon] the content type and style of science that they might be commonly exposed to in educational institutions today. Other readers may find it to have interesting content as well. The link to a refined PDF version with the same information of the document immediately follows:

Big-picture reality

The dualistic nature of reality

I believe that these states are phenomena that are implicit and phenomena that are explicit

I believe that these two states are dual implicit and explicit, and they exist in a concurrent relationship with each other.

I describe phenomena that are materialistic as being explicit. I see sub-quantum phenomena such as consciousness as being implicit. I also see thoughts, decision making and the generation of subsequent behaviour as being implicitly driven phenomena [such as via the hidden laws of nature which include quantum entanglement, non-locality and morphogenic field theory).

In other words I am suggesting that this consistent interchanging between explicit and explicit states is the essential nature of reality and that these characteristics occur against a two-dimensional backdrop of cosmic Primordial Awareness. I also suggest that we have both implicit and explicit consciousness and that implicit consciousness is outside of our heads.

Maxwell’s Demon converts information into energy

A laboratory conducted experiment in has established that a 150 year old scientific belief is valid

The background to this Japanese experiment is that, using real time feed back control, it is possible to to make particles climb a spiral stair-case like potential exerted by an electric field and gain free energy larger than the amount of work done on it. You will find the original experiment is presented in Nature Physics 6, 988-922 (2010)

It is my opinion that this experiment has enormous relevance to all divisions of science. I include in these words science relating to sub-quantum phenomena such as I that am promoting with my sub quantum Awareness model of physics.

Maxwell’s Demon Converts Information into Energy

Is it possible to make matter from nothing?

The answer to this question is both yes and no

Particles perpetually moving backwards and forwards through the sheet that creates scientifically measurable activity.

It seems that matter does not emerge from nothing at all. It comes from cosmic activity that is invisible to most of us.

This is an older blog that I first posted in late 2014. I firmly believe that the contents of my older text immediately below will be of interest to you. I have emboldened the section that I feel will interest you most.

Most readers may not know that the universe is full of hidden activity. In physics this activity is referred to as being virtual particle activity. This means that the vacuum of the universe is not really full of nothing at all. It is these virtual particles that are responsible for creating matter. These particles are very active and they move through the thickness of a metaphorical bed sheet all the time. This means on one side of the sheet they are scientifically identifiable and measurable and on the other side they are not.

It is these particles perpetually moving backwards and forwards through the sheet that creates scientifically measurable activity. This activity is influenced by gravity. This is called the Hawking process, which involves high levels of gravity drawing virtual particles into the cosmic universe. It follows from these words that matter does not emerge from nothing at all. It comes from cosmic activity that is invisible to most of us. The attached audio is a segment of a video recording to the topic. It is discussed by the eminent cosmologist Dr. Lawrence Krauss in attendance with Dr. Richard Dawkins. Virtual particle activity has been discovered to exist at the time of the Big Bang and have been photographed as such.

The particular segment of the Youtube video can be found at the time frame of 1:51 hours:


The minimum speed of the entanglement influence is just the one divided by the other, or 144,500 times the speed of light

This blog will help you to understand why it is that “things” can travel at 10,000 times the speed of light


It is generally believed in physics that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. A  quantum effect known as the EPR paradox has strongly suggested that this seems correct. It has been scientifically demonstrated  by experiment that a particle on one side of the universe can instantly influence one on the opposite side of the universe. In my Awareness model I postulate that such phenomena is possible.This is because instant communication is occurring outside Relativity space time (quantum space foam) and is travelling in an adjacent (concurrent) reference frame of absolute time (without time). I have nominated this reference frame as being Primordial-Awareness. The quote below has been extracted from an on line article that describes this phenomenon and furthermore a supporting laboratory experiment has been cited


“The minimum speed of the entanglement influence is just the one divided by the other, or 144,500 times the speed of light. However, a number of factors go into the interpretation of the results, which reduce the lower limit of the speed of entanglement influence to about 10,000 times the speed of light.

Notice that this result does not eliminate the possibility that the influence of entanglement actually is instantaneous – it merely sets a limit saying how close the influence must be to infinitely fast. Another possibility that is gaining credence is that entanglement dynamics may operate external to time, or at least may ignore time as it ignores distance”. The experiment that supports this hypothesis can be found here:

Have you ever wondered what keeps you in organic and cosmic balance in tune with the wider universe?

Welcome to the wonderful world of fractals

Have you ever wondered what keeps you in organic and cosmic balance in tune with the wider universe? You may feel this is a fanciful story but it is not. This blog is about fractals, Fractal theories are not likely to be taught in schools because I have read it is impossible to reconcile phenomena of this type within Albert Einstein’s equations relating to the distribution of space matter. However, regardless of this possible difficulty I will discuss with you what I feel is the phenomena that not only holds us together but helps set directions in our lives as well. I am not ignoring the role gravity plays in organically stabilizing us but I am ignoring this phenomena for now as well. I think you will find the fractal story a fascinating one. It is far too big a story to relate in a few words but I will do my best by means of metaphors. The well illustrated file attached has been inserted to assist you in this respect.

I think it is true to say without fractals there would be no such thing as cosmic balance. This means all things appear to be fragmented and chaotic. This includes within and around you and me as well. Fractals are like a system of identifiable inward-order of all things, an order that is staring us all in the face if we care to look for it. This includes flowers in our garden, my lungs, the shapes of ram’s horns, the shape of a shell fish and nearly all phenomena that is imaginable, including behavioral aspects of the cosmos itself. I believe all things in life, including a mere thought are different in some way, however subtly. However, amongst these differences are entwined an invisible system that brings some sort of degree of similarity of these differences which eventually grows into patterns of differences. It could be said these differences make a difference to differences which in turn can be seen to be like a neural network in our body. Furthermore these patterns both change and are infinitesimal in size and you will see this in the complexity of all of nature which includes the head of a simple rose. Have a close look at a rose flower. The patterns of the petals are not random. There is a distinct pattern within their organization from the heart of the rose. This is a non-liner process, a process that needs merely a minute amount of energy to both kick start it and keep it functional. Every petal of the rose that grows is resultant from a tiny puff of new energy and it is the inherit fractal guided energy within the cosmos that brings with it the same inherit fractal patterns that this rose petal is guided by as well (see illustration within the associated file). This same process manifests itself in all things and it is because a famous mathematician by the name of Mandelbrot we have been privileged to better understand these things and it is also the result thereof I was able to develop the blob-physics idea in my efforts to help understand reality at every conceivable level.

Mandelbrot has identified and described the amazing world of fractals in nature and furthermore has been able to show how computers can be programmed to replicate every facet of nature in a manner that is nearly impossible to visually differentiate from original images emanating from nature. He has identified the role of a fourth dimension in relationship to our fractural connection with wider consciousness. He has identified curves in cross sections of magnetic fields that he suggests implies there is a 3D link to electromagnetism and it is therefore a deeply structural and fundamental part of life. Mandelbrot’s idea are akin to Bohm’s Implicit order model and also underpins my own beliefs in relationship to me linking blobs (patterns) of information and knowledge to each other. This in turn lead me to attempt to better understand all that we commonly perceive to be reality.

I feel that you will enjoy the following url links relating to fractals.

Arthur C Clarke talks about fractals

Fibonacci Fractals and Inorganic Teleology

The incredible nature of morphic resonance and morphic fields

Are morphic fields dominating our lives? I think that there are good reasons to believe that they are.

The interesting feature about morphic field theory is that it relates to biology, more particularly to the development of plants, their morphogenesis genes and their associated relationship to the development of animals, which includes us. Morphic fields can be seen as biological fields, or developmental fields which can be directly linked back to quantum field theory in conventional physics.

I feel the important thing you should appreciate in that morphic field theory is that all cells in our body (and all life forms as well) are derived from other cells and that all cells exhibit fields of organization. Genes are part of this organization but they do not explain the organization itself which is where I think my Awareness model comes into play with its concept of blobs, links; weak links, strong links and dead links with scientifically determinable values. This is in accordance with Quantum Homotopic Field Theory relating to space quantum foam.

I have attached an article from Nexus Magazine, volume 12, number 3 (April – May 2005). Despite its age I believe it is a credible article that is supported by ideas derived from a number of respectable scientists including Miller, Hameroff and Penrose.

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories.pdf