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My regular readers will appreciate that the restructuring of my webpage is now well underway. I apologise for any inconvenience that I may caused along the way. Some hyperlinks remain inactive. However, the majority have been found to remain operational. I have trashed quite a few blogs and have transferred around fifty to private. It is my intention to update or rewrite those blogs in private. I will do this as my energy and wider health allows (unfortunately I am beginning to feel my ‘maturity’ these days). I have come to the conclusion that my website will never be up to the high standard of presentation I would like it to be. Two new science related blogs will be posted soon. They relate to my Awareness-Model as well as a statement regarding the highly contentious 1887 Michelson and Morely physics experiment in the United States. I hope that both my traditional and newer readers will continue to be interested in and enjoy my ongoing efforts to entertain and please.  Thank you for visiting my website!