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I see this blog as being an important statement for both my existing readers as well as my readers of the future

Welcome again to my website. I have decided to simplify the opening words to my website. I feel that the following words need to be said in context to my wider welcome message. You will find that over a five year period I have written several hundred blogs that are a reflection of my ideas regarding a wide range of subjects that I have felt the need to talk about at different times throughout this period. Most of these older blogs remain in my website for posterity reasons for the benefit of later generations of my family. This is so that they may better appreciate not only the types of topics I like to talk about most, but also how my views about certain topics have changed as I have grown older.  In this sense my website, in its present form, can be seen as an instrument for recording my views about different topics over different time frames. This includes the contents of any associated web links that may be attached.

A few things about my website

My website has grown under its own weight since it was created in 2013. Because of my attempt to retain most of my original blogs for posterity reasons this has meant that my website at different points has become disjointed in its presentation. Over recent times I have made significant inroads into correcting this but there is still room for improvement. This will occur over time. Hopefully, a recently established improved category index will help you to more effectively navigate around my blog posts.

My website is my retirement hobby. Notwithstanding my words above, I do my best to keep my blog creation techniques and administration as professionally presented as I can. I am a man in my mid-seventies who does not enjoy good health, so having outside help with my website work is especially important to me. I am not naturally computer friendly, so this does not help either. Fortunately I have three great friends who help me along the way. Without their assistance this website would not exist. My two sons help me as well. The function I like most about my retirement hobby is conducting online research and the bringing together of new ideas and unusual posts. I do my best to approach my work conscientiously and fair-mindedly with all blog topics.

My employment history and a few other things about me.

This may help you to better understand the back drop around which many of my ideas have been framed.

There are four principal areas of employment that have dominated most of my working life and that may interest you. These are my managerial association within the retail industry for fifteen years from the early 1970s; my creation of a new building maintenance business that I managed and operated for five years; a new corporate business I created that acted on behalf of prospective new home buyers seeking assistance to develop floor plans; and then assistance for them to locate reliable builders to build their new homes which were principally within country areas. In my latter years I enrolled in tertiary training for a professional mental health analyst and therapist. (I completed this study, as well as undertaking additional post- graduate studies to further enhance my specialised area of mental health expertise). My new profession in mental health practice was cut short because of intrusive neuro-surgery through which I completely lost sight in one eye. My remaining eye remains potentially compromised for failure as well. My vision tends to fluctuate from time to time.

My relationship with reality science

I love studying and writing about reality science. By reality science I mean not only the ideas and beliefs of contemporary mainstream physicists, but also the works and ideas of trained, widely known and respected ‘fringe’ physicists as well. I refer to myself as being a Concept Scientist. It is my opinion that there is room for both temporal as well as serious atemporal ontological research in science. I see myself as being prepared to look at reality science from a wide perspective and then attempting to make some sort of sense of it all. Hence, over time I have developed my own theoretical scientific model that I feel is representative of science-reality as I now conceive it to be. I have developed and embryonic foundational structure that might be seen as as a descriptive form upon which to build a wider science model. My structural model can be likened to process physics modelling. However, I feel that my model may extend deeper than process physics modelling. My reading suggests to me that my model is more akin to the deep foundational roots of the Bohm-Hiley Holomovement theory of physics.  In other words I like thinking about and writing about what maybe the deepest level of physics. I have nominated my model as being the (sub-quantum) Awareness-Model. There is no relative or mechanical physics in my sub-quantum Awareness-Model. It can only be predicted and understood by means of complex Grassman’s algebraic equations.

My grief with the contemporary scientific community.

In the light of my words above I ask my readers to consider the following criticism that I make about main stream physics. I see reality science as being what it is. This is representational of all the life forces, conditions, influences and effects relating to nature and all ‘things’ around us. Contemporary main stream physics does not do this. It seems to me it sets aside nearly all elements of experiential reality. It is inconsistent. For example in General Relativity theory Einstein built into his model the point of invariance of his model as being ether. However, in his Special Relativity model he says that there is no such point of invariance. The reason for this is that his theory of motion would not work with the absoluteness of Newton’s concept of ether. It seems that for sake of convenience Einstein  made the speed of light his point of invariance but Einstein never formally said this in any of his journals or writings. The speed of light is a condition of light. Why is it that Einstein did not use the earths gravitational field or the earths surface as points of invariance if he did not like the classical notion of Newtonian ether in his models. Why did Einstein not use the isotropic radiation effect of light as a point of invariance instead of its condition of speed? I think the reason for this is that Einstein needed his two Relativity theories to be relative to movement and time, when taken separately do not make individual sense. Both time and motion have no meaning whatsoever unless they are considered to be a single condition of relativity.

I believe that all ‘things’ in the universe are somehow connected to each other. I believe that the point of invariance for this universal connection is the well known quantum effect of entanglement in physics. This mysterious field of entanglement is absolute. I see entanglement as being the effect of an unknowable conditionless-void. It simply ‘IS’. In my mind this is an example of what reality-science should be placing far greater effort into understanding. This is even if scientists cannot test it. In this instance I ask the question, so what? The physics entanglement theory demonstrates that a particle on one side of the universe can influence a particle on the other side of the universe instantly by altering its spin. This means that somehow, every part of the universe is connected to every other part and all parts know what each other is doing. This implies processes, energy types, conditions, influences and associated effects relating thereto. This is why I have nominated my sub quantum (non – mechanical) model the Awareness-Model. We, too, are part of this inter-connection and it is conceivable that we can indirectly influence each other at a distance as well. These words support my idea that all things are connected in the absoluteness of time and space. This A-B-C reference  provides a pointer to the veracity of the ideas  that I am debating with you at the moment.

My website is never going to be up to the standard I desire it to be. It is impossible for me to achieve this goal. This is more especially so that I am reliant on three other parties to help me to administer and control the site. However, I always do my best to ensure all content type that I introduce into my website is not only entertaining and interesting but also contextually fair and reasonable as well.

Thank you.


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My regular readers will appreciate that the restructuring of my webpage is now well underway. I apologise for any inconvenience that I may caused along the way. Some hyperlinks remain inactive. However, the majority have been found to remain operational. I hope that my new readers will enjoy my efforts to entertain and please. For readers who have a keen interest in physics you may be interested in a new blog that I have just posted. All my science related blogs will eventually raised to a standard of this type.