Profiles of scientists that I respect and sometimes quote

Below you will find two sets of references that have also played an important role in how I have gone about writing much of my scientific work

6.1 Prof. Roger Penrose

6.2 Prof. Karl H. Pribram

6.3 Prof. David Bohm

6.4 Prof. Rupert Sheldrake

6.5 Prof. Antony Valentini

6.6 Prof. Reg Cahill

6.7 Prof. Richard Amoroso

6.8 Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot

6.9 Prof. Richard Feynman

6.10 Prof. Benjamin Walker

6.11 Prof. Basil Hiley

Reference one:

Important primary material that I have referred to as I have been developing my Primordial Awareness model of reality

Reference two:

Important secondary material that I have incorporated into my science writings