A rapid fire look at Australian history

I present to you film images that I feel are bound to engender a sense of great interest and nostalgia

Australia captured in time, Part 1 – A re-look at old war photographs. Snippets of the Gough Whitlam and the Vietnam war years

Australia captured in time, Part 2 – Whitlam, the origins of the Snowy mountains scheme and historical Australian nature’s fury

Australia captured in time, Part 3 – Unusual film extracts from Cyclon Tracy and the Azaria Chamberlain affair

The dynamic nature of Australian football – Historical photographs of Australian footballers at their best

Australian portraits from yesteryear – Guess these famous faces if you can

From HMAS Sydney to Queen Elizabeth II – Out of the ordinary film snippets relating to the sinking of HMAS Sydney in World war two  and Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Australia in 1954

The information in the six videos above have been derived from the resources of Fairfax Media and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.