I care to talk about entanglement

In physics quantum entanglement suggests that phenomena are somehow connected to each other, and furthermore, under certain conditions influence each other

My purpose in writing this blog is to attempt to more clearly identify and describe what quantum entanglement may be. I present you with the following information in an attempt to demonstrate to my readers what I consider to be the different interpretations of entanglement in science. It is my opinion that the most popular scientific definitions of entanglement are incomplete. For my readers I will outline what I think are the most common interpretations of quantum entanglement.

1] A simple explanation of quantum entanglement

2] Wikipedia definition

3] Proof that entanglement a is valid hypothesis

4] A video pertinent to entanglement

5] My views about quantum non-locality and entanglement are as follows. I believe that both these scientific concepts cannot be effectively separated:

I think that the answer to this question of separateness of both depends on what science feels the nature of entanglement itself is. Entanglement implies that information is either shared between two particles or communicated between them in such a way as to cause observations of one particle to be correlated with observations of the other.

Such correlations have been predicted and observed for many years, but it has been difficult to determine if the correlations were caused by information being shared [in hidden variables such as metaphysically within ether or gravity].

Non-locality implies the existence of direct connections between one point in space and another, without going through intervening points. Such direct connections would allow communication faster than the speed of light.

Evidence from recent experiments suggest [as cited in item 3 above] that entanglement involves not only communication, but communication faster than the speed of light so this implies that entanglement involves non-locality.

As I suggested above there can be different kinds of non-locality. One of these is Newton’s force of gravity is theoretically non-local because it theoretically propagates at infinite speed. This is what I believe is happening via the Reality with a matrix model that I have described in another blog.

From these words I suggest that both quantum non-locality and entanglement are metaphysical phenomena, and in many respects can be seen to be nearly the same as each other.

[Item 5 was written with the assistance of MPF]