Metaphysical support for mental health improvement

The metaphysical science connection in addressing mental health problems

Mental health is a complex realm of medicine. I have learned it is generally thought by mental health practitioners that it is difficult to raise with their clients whether or not they have religious or spiritual beliefs. It is supposed this area of medicine is outside their training and wider cultural experience. It is more likely than not when persons make contact with professionals for assistance with their emotional problems they are nearly all treated by practitioners as being merely depressed. This label then becomes a permanent part of a patients clinical records. However, I have formed an opinion it is not unreasonable for mental health practitioners to subtly ask patients if they have any formal beliefs in metaphysical phenomena such as a deity, ghosts, heaven and the like. I feel if such questions were asked of patients it would help mental health therapists to more rapidly determine the more pertinent nature of their patients health problem. I am suggesting here simple meditation may be the first appropriate level of corrective therapy in lieu of an anti-depressant. If readers have an interest in the possible connection between mental health and metaphysical type phenomena two articles written by Dr. Andrew Powel may assist in their investigative efforts.