Were the rules of motion in our 3D universe predetermined?

There seems to be mounting evidence that the rules of motion within our 3D universe have been predetermined.

The universe is quantum space foam (space foam). This is in accordance with my Awareness model of reality. This concept of reality has been tested and is supported by an experiment.The Awareness model is an informational process model that is both pre-geometric as well as a describable matrix of process information. This holistic reality process is patterns and structures of self referential information that mean something. This is as though reality is both aware of itself as well as has its own inherent energy processes  to influence itself to expand in the manner that it continually does. It can be seen as though it were a neural network. In other words reality (embracing our universe) can think and influence itself. In this sense reality is a network from which patterns of waves emerge that mean something not only unto itself but also our universe and all ‘things’ and events entangled within it. This is as though reality has its own mind. For these reasons the geometric rules of motion (rules of nature) in respect to our 3D reality universe  were predetermined before the Big Bang and these rules will continue to be influence until the end of clock time. The Cahill Process and Hiley-Bohm Holomovement physics models are also informational process models.

The following quote from a Quanta magazine article seems to confirm my conceptual science position.


“…Either we close the loophole more and more, and we’re more confident in quantum theory, or we see something that could point toward new physics…” [This means new science modelling that formally embraces entanglement such as my Awareness model.]

“…But given the choice between quantum entanglement and superdeterminism, most scientists favour entanglement — and with it, freedom. “If the correlations are indeed set, everything is preordained,” Larsson said. “I find it a boring worldview. I cannot believe this would be true…” It is my opinion that the geometric rules of nature as we understand them today were probably determined at that time of the Big Bang and that waves of information (virtual particles) from outside the universe ‘feed’ and influence these rules.

A supporting Dutch experiment can be assessed here


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