The dynamic feature of the Awareness physics model is the SMUT particle

A practical experiment that supports the Awareness physics model

The following sub-atomic particle testing project is a joint experiment between Freeman and Grant. This preamble introduces the presentation that describes a physical experiment that supports the Awareness model hypothesis.

We demonstrate a test to authenticate the Awareness model as well as its perceived, diverse benefits to science. The Awareness model of physics is an all embracing theory that attempts to explain and describe all important facets of reality as we understand it to be. This includes the primordial beginnings of all existence. The Awareness model is akin to the Bohm holographic (implicit order) model which is well known in science circles, but there are technical differences and one of these is that the Awareness model defines and describes as specific (secular) commencement point for all of reality. The Bohm model does not.

The Bohm mode has been favorably tested whereas the Awareness model has not. The attached file provides evidence as to how a single type of physics particle can not only be tested but also provide some important complimentary benefits for physics as well. These include finding the centre of the universe and energy generation. There are other benefits as well which are discussed in a separate question and answer forum. The experiment sets forth to demonstrate the existence of a particle which has imaginary momentum. We have nominated the particle as being named the Static Mass Universe Tracking (SMUT) particle. The manner in which the experiment is created is also described.

The testing model is incorporated within the single pdf file that follows. This file provides all information in relationship to the experiment project. This includes a Q & A answer sheet that we feel is relevant for readers to be aware of. A series of separate blogs have been set aside for easier reader understanding. It is the same information as in the pdf file which is in a complete form.

The SMUT particle experiment master copy