The Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle experiment

A scientific experiment to validate the Awareness model of physics

In other areas of this website we have mentioned scientific theories and ideas that are groundbreaking or unconventional. What is described below is a scientific experiment to support the concepts we have put forward. This experiment has practical applications beyond our theories. These applications will also be discussed here-under.

Premise: We believe that if particles with imaginary properties, i.e. (imaginary charge, imaginary spin, imaginary mass) and so-on exist, then particles with imaginary momentum must exist, as it can be an attribute of a particle. The most famous particles with imaginary properties are tachyon particles.

If a particle has imaginary momentum (which is imaginary motion) it cannot have real momentum (real motion). It therefore must be static because imaginary motion would completely exclude real motion. We call this particle the Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle. “Static mass,” because it is a static mass and “Universe tracking” because it tracks through the universe in relation to a side experiment that can be done in addition to the main experiment we are proposing.

We should state here that our experiment is not related to proving relativity physics concepts. Our work is more akin to the holographic model of cosmology (Bohm).

This is a concept statement of a hypothesis we support

Preamble: If the SMUT particle can be measured it proves that other particles, like the all seasons type particle of our theory can exist. We further believe that it is possible to measure the SMUT particle via conventional scientific apparatus, we will further describe the experiment in this document. For those that are not familiar with cosmology and physics what we are saying is that this new particle we are talking about does not move with the expanding universe, but remains static at its point of creation. We believe if our hypothesis has merit, the implications for science are significant.

For now we will go on to describe some key concepts that must be known about the experiment. A vitally important piece of information is that we ourselves are not static in the universe. We are moving with the universe, by this I mean the Earth is rotating beneath us, it also orbits the Sun, the Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy travels through the universe. We are always moving along with the Earth. What you have to remember is that the SMUT particle is not moving with the Earth or any other astronomical body. It remains dormant at the point it was created. The SMUT particle gives a very convincing illusion that it is moving, but this is only an illusion. What is really happening is that the Earth and therefore we, because we are on the Earth, are moving away from where the SMUT particle was created. Furthermore the speed the SMUT particle travels at is the sum of the motions we and the Earth are experiencing. When we create a SMUT particle in the lab, the lab is pulled along with the rotation and orbit of the Earth and the SMUT particle is left behind where the lab and ourselves once were.

The SMUT particle does not break the laws of science

Another key concept of our ideas is that the SMUT particle does not break the laws of science, including causation or conservation of energy. It is not indestructible, it can be converted into energy and it behaves for the most part like any other particle. It stays in a wave form until observed and becomes a particle like any other atomic particle/wave would. This is important when it gets detected in the experiment as described below. Another important facet of the SMUT particle is that it cannot have zero rest mass as a photon has, because zero rest mass particles dissolve into energy if they are stopped or are static. The SMUT particle has to have a measurable mass in order to exist. This will help in its detection in the experiment. Its other attributes, apart from magnetic charge and imaginary motion/momentum are not relevant to our endeavor.

The experiment described in this document utilizes existing technologies and theories which we will mention here but not go into detail as it would be redundant, as such information is publicly available for those who search for it. However, for the benefit of laypeople it is appropriate for you to appreciate that energy exists in any forum whatsoever including in a vacuum. This effectively means if a universe was a vacuum there would be energy inherent in it anyway. This can be demonstrated by the well known Casimir effect. The process uses two mirror like metallic plates with no electric charge put close together. They interact with the virtual energy of a vacuum in a way that draws such energies, and their related particles, into our reality. The Casimir effect is a way of turning virtual particles that make up a vacuum of space into real (material) particles. When a virtual particle is drawn into real space (our reality) it becomes a real particle that we are familiar with like an electron, photon, quark, lepton and so-on. Sometimes the type of particle drawn into real space has a very short lifespan, but that does not invalidate the fact it was drawn into real space.

The relevance of the Casimir effect to the experiment

We will now talk further about how the Casimir effect must play a part in the main experiment. The Casimir effect is used in the experiment to bring into reality the SMUT particle, along with the other virtual particles and energies. SMUT particles, like other virtual particles, would already be in virtual form in a vacuum. In this case we are using the Casimir effect to draw the virtual version of the SMUT particle into reality. We need to do this in order to measure them with conventional scientific measuring devices. In the graphics below, the device employing the Casimir effect would be at point D in the topmost part of the experiment diagram. A secondary diagram describes a customized version of Casimir plates that the experiment needs in order to work.

The arrangement and type of atomic particle detectors use in the experiment

Points B and C in the diagram of the SMUT particle experiment (first diagram below) are spherical arrangements of atomic particle detectors. The detectors needed in the main version of this experiment would be ones that the SMUT particle could travel through and be detected on its journey. On the other hand, if you want to use the SMUT particle experiment as a generator, which is possible, you would use a detector that absorbs the SMUT particle and other particles created in the experiment. For this you would use a very simple detector made of a dense metal (like lead) plate that the SMUT particle would crash into on its journey. This would reduce the particle to energy. This type of detector is called a Microchannel plate detector and is already used in scientific research. Scientists measure the radiations emitted when particles strike the metal plate. This gives them information about the quantum particles they are studying.

For the main experiment you would use detectors that the SMUT particle would travel through and not absorb the SMUT particle. These are much more complicated devices than a simple dense metal plate. These are run on the premise that there is something that the particle being observed interacts with as it passes through the area where it is recorded. Usually the substance being interacted with is gaseous, hence the name Gaseous ionization detector. The neutrino detector is an example of this concept. It sometimes uses chlorine as the substance that the neutrino particle interacts with, however the chlorine is in a liquid form in this type of detector.

Use of an atomic clock in the experiment

It is important to note is that we are using two layers of detectors. This is to detect if there is any change in “perceived motion” of the SMUT particle. We do not know at this time what direction or speed the SMUT particle will travel in, or at what speed. We may detect a variable speed in the SMUT particle’s journey, and that would give us clues about the Earth’s, Sun’s and Milky Way’s movement in the universe. The same goes for using an atomic clock (ultra accurate clock) in the experiment. The atomic clock represented by point A in the upper part of the experiment diagram is set off when the first SMUT particle is produced. We measure the time it takes to get through the detectors. This tells us the “perceived speed” of the SMUT particle. This can also tell us about the movement in the universe of the Earth, Sun and Milky Way, because it would tell us what kinds of speeds those astronomical bodies are traveling.

The relevance of Earth’s motion in the experiment

In the experiment our goal is to produce a stream of SMUT particles for a single day. The idea is to track where they land in the spheres of detectors around point D, where the SMUT particles originate in the experiment. As mentioned earlier, the Earth is moving and we are on the Earth. So is the lab the SMUT particles are generated in. The idea is that as the Earth rotates the lab and the sphere of detectors rotate with it. The result would be that the SMUT particles would always “move away” in one direction only – that being the opposite direction to where the Earth is moving to. Thus, as the Earth rotates and because the SMUT particles always “move away” in the same direction, a circular pattern would appear in the spheres of detectors. This is described in a diagram below. It would look like a circle drawn around the edge of the detection spheres. It is like rotating a roll of cardboard and putting pen on it. The pen stays static in your hand while the roll of cardboard is moving. This is what is happening with the SMUT particles, they are static while the detectors are moving. We see the SMUT particle as “moving” and the detectors as static because we are moving at the same rate as the detectors. The detectors are static on the Earth’s surface, as we would be standing near them. That gives the illusion that the SMUT particle is moving and we are not.

The ring pattern is important, it proves the SMUT particle exists. If the particle did not exist there would be no ring pattern in the detectors, all you would see in the results are a random assortment of other particles hitting the detectors. You would still get those particles in this experiment, but you would see amongst the random hits a circle pattern going around the sphere of detectors. The ring pattern would look something like an equator around a globe of Earth model, but a bit more offset.

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