How to use of the SMUT particle experiment as an energy generator

It is possible to use SMUT particle as a free energy source

If the SMUT particle experiment were done using Microchannel plate detectors that absorb the SMUT particles and other particles that would be created instead of just detecting them, then the experiment would become an energy source. In conventional atomic experiments if a particle is created the energy you get back is always equal to the amount of energy used to create the particle in the first place. This conforms to the laws of energy conservation. With the SMUT particle experiment this is not the case. You would create the particles [SMUT or otherwise], but no energy is used to create it or make them “move.” By that I mean draw the virtual SMUT particle and other particles into our reality and the universe moves past them while it stays still. What would happen is that the particle are reduced back to energy when they hit the detectors in this variation of the experiment. The energy of the particle’s journey is added to the Microchannel plate detectors. The energy that the Microchannel plate detectors accumulate could be harvested and put to use. To summarize: The energy of the impact on the detectors was not part of the creation of SMUT particle and other particles or their “motion”, thus you are getting more energy out of the process than you put into it. Therefore it could be used as an energy source. We entitle this configuration of the apparatus of the SMUT experiment a Static mass reactor.