How the SMUT particle experiment set up would work as an interstellar compass

It is possible to use the SMUT particle as a navigation aid

This is an idea that will make any anime fan squeal with joy, particularly if they are into outer spaced themed anime. In many space opera anime there are devices that works as interstellar compasses. No matter where they are in space they always points in the same direction. They serve as a navigation aid. Even if the starship they are installed within had to undertake extreme maneuvers, the device would always point the same way. One could argue a gyroscopic compass could do that, but it is also possible to use the SMUT particle experiment in the same way. When a SMUT particle is generated it always appears to “travel” in the same direction. It will appear to move in the opposite direction to the expansion of the universe. Therefore if the experiment was set up on a starship it would appear that the SMUT particle would always be moving in the same direction, so it could be used in the same way as a compass. This would be achieved by comparing where the SMUT particle was generated in the experiment (a known fixed point) apparatus to where it is detected in the apparatus (again, a known fixed point). This would give a measurable line that works just like the needle of a compass, that is, always pointing in the same direction.