My opinion about imaginary mass

This article relates to the origins of the SMUT particle that is talked about in different blogs.

I wrote this short paper in early 2013. In those times I nominated the SMUT particle as being related to the Chameleon [CP] particle which was then renamed the All Seasons particle. Whilst I may not write an article of this type in a similar fashion today, however, I do feel it provides an interesting insight as to how my mind was working at that time. I have also posted because in my opinion it contains interesting and valuable information within it that my readers may care to speculate about as well. It seems likely that I had secondary material on standby in order to string my argument together in the manner that I did. Because the SMUT particle plays a very important role in establishing the validity of the Awareness model of physics that I created I urge you to take the time to read what I consider to be the most relevant SMUT particle blog.

My original work relating to imaginative mass


“I referred to the contents of the tachyon field as being Browning dispersed coordinated framework of its own that in turn is embraced in my instantaneous fourth dimension. Dispersed Brownian means in clumps of diverse particles that are more adjacent to gravitational fields. I have referred to this imaginative mass as being phenomena that is in as imaginative state, a state observed by an imaginary now-observer from either a state within or external to an additional fifth dimension (not space time except from a two dimensional perspective). As I suggested earlier my CP particle (chameleon) has imaginary mass, energy and velocity. I have already shared the energy and velocity components. My debate proceeds along the following lines. I build an argument that generally points to the fact that although tachyon fields are important for movement and behavior of individual strings of mass (possibilities), tachyon particles themselves are stand alone particles with each one having both properties of the CP particle. This is thought (individual particle energy and driver as well as mass that is derivative of the fourth dimensional field of most possibilities (not including thought itself that remains as a standard item). I argue whilst tachyons have a space ether (foam type) speed ordinary particles have a more restricted dimensional momentum less than the speed of light. In other words they remain mere strings of information with the capacity to link up with another string altogether to become a full blown sub atomic particle.

I have referred to the tachyons in my fourth dimension as having both imaginary particle and field properties at the same time (because of imaginary mass). I argue because my CP particle has both imaginary and real mass and velocity (we know both thought and awareness are both space time real) it seems to make sense to meld the imaginative tachyon particle (with all possibility mass entwined therein) to the CP particle so as to become a single unit whilst the transfer occurs (through inter dimensional black holes I refer to as being tornado tunnels) into a space time format. At this point both are in imaginary supposition with dual properties of dissimilar mass possibilities. When in tandem they both proportionately expand as their combined speed moves from being instantaneous to just below the speed of light and grow mass accordingly. At the near speed of light the enormous (infinitesimal) energy behind the process creates the conditions where (in a combined state of temporary state superstition) they explode and once again become separated. The tachyon particle (with its own virtual mass but retains imaginary velocity and energy), surrounded by its own tachyon field then becomes like a driver to do something such as a cosmic embryo of all future observable phenomena and in itself promotes the conditions for the fore runner of the Higgs particles that in turn converts the already existing imaginative tachyon mass into broad space time matter, devoid of driver energy (dark matter). In the meantime the CP particle has in its own right moved from being imaginary to virtual. This means both driver and mass (most possibilities) start here and revert to becoming a unit of realness (something we can all identify with), with all of its own QM properties. These properties can then be embraced within the (changed) tachyon Higgs particle to become its indeterminable driver and eventually the essential conditions for the creation of atoms and molecules that in turn eventually evolve into the space time conditions we refer to as reality. I acknowledge these few words do not do justice to the enormity of this area of my beliefs and associated scientific challenges arising there from. I close this section by restating if the unmeasurable energy of my fourth dimension (through the medium of thought) was bought to bare at a single focus point like a giant black hole, the unlimited energy needed to convert faster than light (instantaneous) speed tachyons into space time (observable) reality is readily available to complete the task of creating the suitable conditions for not only one Big Bang but infinitesimal numbers of big bangs throughout infinitesimal (absolute) time.”