What is the SMUT particle?

The SMUT [Static Mass Universe Tracking] particle is the defining particle that validates the Awareness model of physics.

The extract that follows is a brief summary of the SMUT particles properties and its associated potential value in the creation of potentially new cosmological insights.


“…We believe that if particles with imaginary properties, i.e. (imaginary charge, imaginary spin, imaginary mass) and so-on exist, then particles with imaginary momentum must exist, as it can be an attribute of a particle. The most famous particles with imaginary properties are tachyon particles.

If a particle has imaginary momentum (which is imaginary motion) it cannot have real momentum (real motion). It therefore must be static because imaginary motion would completely exclude real motion. We call this particle the Static Mass Universe Tracking [SMUT] particle. “Static mass,” because it is a static mass and “Universe tracking” because it tracks through the universe in relation to a side experiment that can be done in addition to the main experiment we are proposing.”

The static mass universe tracking SMUT particle experiment

A re-written summary of the SMUT particle phenomena can be found on this link:

A closer look at the SMUT particle