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The All Seasons particle can be derivative of a process whereby particles with imaginary properties can interrelate to form new particles. The particles with new imaginary properties can include particles such as tachyons, dybbuks, and the proposed SMUT (Static Mass Universe Tracking) particle. The process through which this interaction occurs is as illustrated on Fig. 1. The process in which the SMUT particle can be seen to be derivative of the all seasons particle is shown on Fig. 2, this includes how both particles come together to interact within my concept of a timeless primordial dimension. Fig. 2 is self explanatory. The process by which the SMUT particle is created can be via the All Seasons particle splitting is also as demonstrated in Fig. 1. The All Seasons particle can to choose to split into two particles with opposite attributes, this does not mean they are anti-particles of each other.

The SMUT particle has positive mass and imaginary (zero) momentum. A tachyon has negative mass and faster than light momentum. Mathematically the SMUT and the tachyon have many opposite attributes. This does not mean they are anti-particles to each other. That only applies to matter and anti-matter.

The process of an All Seasons particle splitting into a SMUT particle and a tachyon particle conforms to Quantum Mechanics (QM) laws as it is a reversible process. A tachyon particle and SMUT particle merging will recreate an All Seasons particle, in part because the SMUT and tachyon have opposite attributes.

We have classified the All Seasons, SMUT, tachyon and dybbuk as all in the same family of particles as they all have imaginary properties. The SMUT particle relates to the All Seasons particle in two ways: One is that the SMUT particle can be derived from the All Seasons particle, either with a tachyon or without. Two, the SMUT particle and the All Seasons particle are both particles that have imaginary properties. The SMUT particles has imaginary momentum, the All Seasons particle has other properties that are imaginary except that of momentum.

It has to be noted that the SMUT particle appears to move because it is static and the universe moves around it. If you were to detect a SMUT particle you would see it in motion because you are in motion due to the Earth’s movement through space. Because of this effect, from the point of an observer the SMUT the particle appears as a moving particle, but this is an illusion. The SMUT particle gives the illusion that it is in motion, but it is truly static.

SMUT particle and its relationship to the uncertainty principle:

This part of the blog is for those who may be skeptics of the SMUT particle concept in relationship to the uncertainty principle. The uncertainty principle only applies to particles with real momentum. The SMUT particle has imaginary momentum and this changes its relationship to the uncertainty principle. The SMUT particle does not speed up or slow down, this would cause it to lose energy and convert into cosmic rays. Its wavelength would not get larger as it slows down because it cannot change speed without potentially being destroyed.

In the experiment to detect the SMUT particle we do not know exactly where it was formed. After it has formed it becomes a wave as would any other quantum particle and appears to move towards the detectors surrounding the SMUT particle’s point of origin. The size of the wave is irrelevant as it still collapses as it appears to travel through the detectors, just as any other particle would. This negates the De Broglie wavelength theory. For more details of the SMUT particle experiment follow the link to the website. For more information see the weblink here:

We have discovered online works done in relation to researching tachyons. The articles we refer to for this as Bilaniuk_Metarelativity, and Fig 3. In these articles we found that the error committed in finding tachyons was trying to observe their effects, such as Cherenkov radiation. These experiments failed and the research was abandoned. The difference between the SMUT particle experiment and the experiments done decades ago is that my experiment tries to observe the SMUT particle directly as opposed to observing the effects given off by a particle. Trying to observe only the effects of a tachyon may be why the older experiments failed.

The same articles also refer to the mathematics involved in static particles. Admittedly the equations shown were not proof that static particles can be mathematically proven to possibly exist, as is the situation with the equations relating to the tachyon. It has to be said that the mathematics referred to in the articles lends weight to the idea that static particles, such as the SMUT particle could be proven to exist mathematically by someone versed in creating physics related equations.

The Casimir effect has an important role to play in the SMUT particle experiment as it is the way to access, i.e. create SMUT particles. The details of how the Casimir effect works are described in the audio provided below and in this Youtube link: By the process of the Casimir effect on virtual particles in the space foam we can bring SMUT particles into our existence. From there we can measure them in the SMUT particle experiment.

The reason for the importance of the SMUT particle in the Awareness model of physics is that if you can prove the existence of the SMUT particle, as described in the SMUT particle experiment, then it proves that the All Seasons particle can exist. The All Seasons Particle is the backbone of the Awareness physics model.

The link to the SMUT particle experiment is here:

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Fig. 1:

SMUT tachyon split

Fig. 2:

CP and SMUT particles new

Fig 3.

SMUT mod chart

Extracts (part 1) from George T. Rado online article:

Note: This shows mathematics relating to static particles.

Extracts (part 2) from George T. Rado online article:

Note: This loosely describes attempts to detect tachyons via the Cherenkov radiation they leave behind.